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Axel thinks that the thing Nobodies can't bear to lose is our pasts,because that's all we have to remember that pain of losing something

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Name:   Hyper Nobody NabikiRanking:   --
Birthday:   1995-09-23Country:   
Joined:   2008-10-17Location:   The World That Never Was
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Name:   Hyper Nobody Nabiki
Birthday:   1995-09-23
Joined:   2008-10-17
Location:   The World That Never Was
Uploads:   22 graphics 
I havn't been on sense Halloween o_o'

Name: Lexy
Nabiki is My real Name and I dont mind which u call me ^-^
Age: I dont know
Organization #: 14
Likes: Annoying the Orgnaization,Helping Demyx try pranking people,
SODA,Being hyper,Playing videogames,Being stupid,and Halloween
Hates: The Organization being mean to me,EMO PEOPLE,Hospitals,
Being alone,and Strip Poker

The ID Theif

My crazy British Boyfriend Luxord <3

Name: Xander
Age: 6 but I don't look like it
Organization #: Do I even have a number?
Likes: Likes: Training,Hanging out with Demyx,Cupcakes,and Eating Sea Salt Icecream
Hates: Hates: Tenchi being annoying and Kiwi attacking me
Crush: I don't love anything or anybody

Heartless Child

"It's true we don't have hearts but we remember what its like" -Saix
Yeah you guys do. I was born without one

Name: Xylia
My real name was Liya
Age: I forgot..maybe like 15?
Organization #: NONE!

Likes: Listoning to music,Hanging out with the Organization guys,
Being lazy,and skate boarding
Hates: Larxene,People waking me up,Getting lost,Kids,and Getting my picture taken
Crush: Right now it's Marluxia and Zexion <3

Her skateboard Sammy

"Heart or no heart, at least he still has a conscience. You might not hear it, but right now it's loud and clear. And it's telling me you're on the wrong side!" -Sora


Me in my Organization XIII coat thing

Cute innocent little Xander

I wanna know the rest of the Organizations' names T^T

DiZ = Darkness in Zero
The Superior of the Organization, Xemnas = Ansem
The Freeshooter, Xigbar = Braig
The Whirlwind Lancer, Xaldin = Dilan
The Chilly Academic, Vexen = Even
The Silent Hero, Lexaeus = Elaeus
The Cloaked Schemer, Zexion = Ienzo
The Luna Diviner, Sai'x =
The Flurry of Dancing Flames, Axel = Lea
The Melodious Nocturne, Demyx =
The Gambler of Fate, Luxord =
The Graceful Assassin, Marluxia =
The Savage Nymph, Larxene =
The Key of Destiny, Roxas = Sora
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