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Joined:   2008-08-11Location:   r u seruise come back later wen im dummer until then HECK NO
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Name:   poke_trainer
Birthday:   1994-09-11
Joined:   2008-08-11
Location:   r u seruise come back later wen im dummer until then HECK NO
Uploads:   8 graphics 

fav songs:single bye Natasha Bedingfield

picture of amy

..........i no its not whut u expect sorry
ill see if i can deal with somthin else


my pokemon

my eevee


whut pokemon i am


pokemon eggs/pokeballs

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pokemon story
hello this is my story i am 12 years old
i live in flarma town i work at the flower shop
and i dont have a single pokemon i live
alone my parent died in a battle with team glactic
there name still hounts me to this day eny way ya
thats all

me:another boring day here
boss:wake up sleepy head
me:WAAA *falls*hi
boss:haha closing time
me:FINALY *cleans up*
me:huh *looks around the corner and finds a eevee and a note
and i read it out loud*please take her i cant
take care of her im sorry for this....poor thing
boss:whut ...uh u never had a pokemon ...r u hiding
things from me
me:-_- some 1 abandon it
boss:O.....whut am i going to do with it i all reddy have
6 pokemon
me:can i take it *gives him the puppy face*
boss:O_O....fine here *hands me a pokeball*
me:thanks ...come here im not going to hert u
eevee:uh......*hides evin more and stomic grumbles*
me:ur hungry ^^ hold on *finds a sweet poffin some 1
gave to me*r u hungry *slids it to her*
eevee:uh...*runs and starts to eat it*
me:^^ happy
boss:u stll have to close tho
eevee:*runs to me*
me:uh...^^ *pets it*
eevee:*sees the pokeball and go's in it*
me:^^ all rite ^^ *finshes and go's home*all
rite time to give it a bed ^^ *gets a extra pillow
from my bed and a basket and puts it next to my bed*
me:perfict *takes the eevee out*
eevee:*go's in it and go's to sleep*
me:*same but my bed*

next day

me:*wakes up and the eevee is in my face*O_O hi....
eevee:*stumic grumbles again*......
me:OOoooo o ok hold on *picks her up and go's in the kitchen*
food food...*my stumic now*O_O
me:hehe looks like we r going out
*we go to a local food store*
me:first puffens
eevee:^^ *shes in the cart*
me:awww u r to cute ^^ ok *we go in a pokemon treat il (sp?)*
puffens ^^
eevee:*points at the sweet poffens*
me:ok sweet poffens i is *we grab a pack of it*next ^^ bacon XD
me:*we go and get it and go home*
boss:u left the door unlocked
eevee:*trys opening the poffen case* :P
boss:so ware were u
me:at the mini market -_- i hate it wen u barg in
boss:so how is ur eevee
me:shes...wait...Y DO U CARE
boss:eh its hungry
me:*i open it up for her* -_-'
me:if u dont mind y r u in my house
boss:i wunted to make shore u were alive sents
u r my star worker
me:-_- im ur only 1 suck up
boss:ur in a good mood today
me:-_- can u please stop treating me like a dog
boss:but ur cue wen u r
me:now ur hitting on me
boss:*anime falls*-_-
me:^^ tables tern u no well see u later and dont be bad wen im gone lol
*i pack up the poffns and me and my eevee leave*
boss:very funny

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