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♪So i'll let you go, I'll set you free, And when you've seen what you what you need to see, When you find you, Come back to Me♪

Name:   Isabella SatoRanking:   --
Birthday:   1990-08-09Country:   United Kingdom
Joined:   2009-01-16Location:   No where
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Name:   Isabella Sato
Birthday:   1990-08-09
Joined:   2009-01-16
Location:   No where
Gotta big day tommorrow!!

Hiya, I'm Isabella Sato. I'm married to the most amazing guy
in the world! His name's Kei.We've been best friends for God
know how long.We have a daughter together her name is
Kamora. She's always happy and loves spiling things.I have
a daughter named Kaylee. Shes to much like me.Kei has
a son named Keito. Hes hard to figure out but i'm trying.
I was raised by my older brothers and my friend Jake.
I lived in london for most of my life.I have a twin sister
who i never knew I had.My brother Jasper is dead hopefully.
Charlie can burn in hell for all I care.I was born a fairy.Then
i was turned into a vampire by Kei.If it wasn't for Kei I
would be dead.Most of my family members are dead.
Well thats all I can really say.

Name: Isabella Sato
Age: 19
Married to Kei Sato
Tyap of fairy:Absorbtion
Means:I can absorb other Fairy's Powers and use them
Likes:My husband Kei,My children,My crazy brother,My almost brother Jake.My Sister,Sleeping,
When Kei sings to me,Movies,Edward Cullen.Auburn football,And Animals
Dislikes:Jasper,Justin,Charile,Zero and Satoshi being jerks,My Mother, and Jake being me to me
Human Form

Fairy Form

Vampire Form

My Husband
Name:Kei Sato
Nickname:Monkey (given to him by Satoshi)
Tyap of fairy:Sound
Means:He can contorl sound waves
Likes:Likes: Me,Crosses, Singing, Working a Crowd, Video Games, Pancakes, Skittles, Mini Corn Doggies, Sleep, Random Dancing, Hanging out With his Friends at Luca's Bar, Human Blood, My Cabin up North, The Outdoors, the Devil Twins Ryuu and Taro, Kaylee and Kamora and Keito, and his Pokemon
Dislikes:Dislikes: Satoshi...Most of The Time, Like When he Breaks Stuff or Throw Stuff at Him, or When he Dont Clean Up After himself, Blood Tablets, Jasper, Mataysuma, When Lee wakes Him up, His parents, Zero, And my obsession with Edward Cullen
Human Form

Sparrow man Form

Vampire Form

Kei and I

My Song For Kei

My Daughter
Name: Kaylee Cullen
Crush: Itaku Rush
Tyap of Fairy: Animal
Means: She can talk to Animals
Likes: Tatum,Kei and I,Hey cats,Gummi Worms,Playing Gamcude,
Going to the Zoo,When Kei reads to her,Watching Movies, and Playing with Ryuu
Dislikes:Keito Being Mean,Zeri,When Kamora messes with her stuff,And clowns
Human Form

Fariy Form

Mine and Kei's Daughter
Name:Kamora Sato
Age:2 (Vampire years)
Tyap of fairy:Pusher
She's a pureblood vampire
Likes:Jucie,Her parents,Messing with Kaylee and Keito,Throwing things,Fruit,Chaseing the cat,Hideing,And sleeping in her mine and Kei's
bed,Play pretend,Makeing people happy
Dislikes:When Kaylee and Keito are mad at her,Rain,Water,Falling,sliping juice on her slef,And when she can't make people happy
Human Form

My Step Son
Name:Keito Sato
Nickname:Doesn't have one
Age:8 (vampires years)
Likes: Being in His Room Alone, Working on his Powers, Fresh Blood, Killing Things that dont obey him, Taking his gloves off, Hanging out with Taro and Zeri, Making plans to rule the world, Leesha
Dislikes:Leesha's Boyfriend Ginta, Wearing his Gloves
Human Form

Sparrowman Form

Vampire Form

My Oldest Brother Zac

Name: Zac Cullen
Age: 24
Married to Jade Siren
Tyap of fairy: Sight
Means: He can see into the future
Likes:His wife,Skatebording,Wrighting songs,Playing video games,Flying,Running,
Watching the X-Games,Performing on stage,Singing,Messing with me,Batman,Fixing cars,Building Molde cars,Watching T.V,Blowing,Basket ball,Baseball,And a good game of Foot ball
Dislikes:Jasper,People,Our Parents,Jake and Makoto being late for band pratics,Snakes,and Zero
Human Form

Sparrowman Form

Vampire Form

My twin Sister
Name: Suki Cullen
Nickname:Doesn't have one
Age: 19
Dating: No one
Type of Fairy: Technology
Means: she can do anything with technology She can even make clones!
Likes: Training, Messing with technology, Music
Hates: Hearing about Jasper
Human Form

Fairy Form

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