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In What Twisted Universe does Mastering Eddie Van Halen's Two-Handed Arpeggio Technique Count as "Absolutely Nothing"?

Name:   Satoshi KobayashiRanking:   --
Birthday:   1983-10-29Country:   
Joined:   2008-10-14Location:   In Your Mom..Oh Snap!!!!
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Name:   Satoshi Kobayashi
Birthday:   1983-10-29
Joined:   2008-10-14
Location:   In Your Mom..Oh Snap!!!!

Whats Up Losers. I really dont know why I am telling you people anything about me but I am bored..So here it goes. I am Satoshi Kobayashi..Drummer of the Band Life on Hold. Dont know me..I dont care..if you do know me..i still dont care. I also am a Tattoo Artist when not on tour. Dont ask me to do your tattoo..cause i wont..unless i like which cause i still might not do it. I dont live but anybody's rules but my own..number one of which is dont trust anybody but yourself..I am a Metal Sparrowman as well as a demon...I have One Brother..Tanjiro..he is a nerd..a writer or whatever..and a sister who i actually never its not important. I was raised alone by my father left when i was younger..anyway he is head of the police force now. I have a close group of friends..mainly the same from high school, Rayek Inahara and Luca Reiji. We were fucking notorious for being troublemakers..but that made us pretty local celebrities or some shit. Rayek was known as the Romantic, Luca the Master Mind, and I was the Bad Boy. That was long ago though.
Now I live with my band mate Kei Sato..his wife Isabella and his two kids Kamora and well as my twin boys Taro and Ryuu and my daughter Ayame. Taro and Ryuu's Mother is Mia Bay...the love of my life..but I lost her when the twins were one..she died giving birth to our daughter. Our daughter Miki didnt make it either. Ayame's mother is Akira Utada who just left one day without saying a word. Needless to say I have a lot to be bitter about. Dont ask me to be your friend..i wont...Dont ask me why I am an asshole..I just dont like it..i dont care..

Satoshi 聡 Kobayashi
Occupation: Tattoo Artist and Drummer of Life on Hold
Dating: No one
Type of SparrowMan:Metal

Human Form

SparrowMan Form

Demon Form(You Never Want To See Me In This Form)

Likes:Smoking..Smoking and more Smoking. Riding my Bike (Motorcycle..not a Bike Bike) Sword Fighting, Booze, TV, Sketching Tattoo’s, Playing My Drums, Taro and Ryuu, Drinking Games, Torturing Kei, Torturing Jakine, Proving People Wrong, Being an Asshole.
Dislikes: Everything Else
Talent: Bending Metal and Sword Fighting

My Girlfriend/Fiance(I keep forgetting that)

NAME: Canti Yoshikaze

AGE: 23?
POWER: water and ice
SPECIES: Undead/vampire

LIKES: Feeling normal again, water and beaches,
fresh blood, being manipulative and sarcastic, Luca, Bats, cigarettes and booze, when people she hate are dead, and me most of the time.
DISLIKES: Keito trying to kill her, Keito trying to find her, Keito killing people she care about...Locusts.

My Sons

Name: Taro 太郎 Kobayashi
Name: Ryuu 竜 Kobayashi
Birthday: November 24
Age: 19
Type: Ground
Fast Flying(Sky)
Dating: Keiko Yamazaki
Dating: Leesha

Taro Likes: Using his Powers to Show off for Girls, Throwing Things, Bugging Ryuu and Calling Him a Pansy, Stealing My Cigarettes and Kei's Crosses, Playing Pranks, Talking Back to everybody, Watching Cartoons, Going with Me to the Tattoo Parlor, Watching Me Play Shows, CEREAL!!, Video Games, Hanging out with Kaylee and Keito, his "Man cave", Drinking Root Beer and Pretending its Beer, and Me his Dad.
Dislikes: When People Confuse Him as Ryuu, When Ryuu whines, People Liking Ryuu More then Him, When I Yell at him, When Ryuu Tattles on Him, Being told No

Ryuu Likes: Music, Flowers, Helping to Cook, Playing Baseball, Coloring, Shopping, Video Games, Watching Cartoons, Calling Taro a Delinquent, Running Fast, Reading, Leesha, Pretty Things, Watching videos of his Mom Sing, and Mia his Mother
Dislikes: When People Confuse Him as Taro, When Taro Throws Things at Him for Tattling, When Taro Makes Fun of Him, When People Leave him

This is Their Mother, Mia....She was Taken from Us Too Soon

My Daughter

Ayame 菖蒲 Kobayashi
Type of Fairy: Psychic(she is also half demon)

My Brother

Tanjiro Kobayashi
Married to Kiya Kobayashi
Type of SparrowMan: Electric

Human Form

SparrowMan Form

Demon Form

Likes: Reading, Writing, Music, Video Games, Football, Mind Puzzles and Riddles, and Kiya (He Really Loves her)
Dislikes: People who Hurt Kiya
Talent: Stunning People and Controlling Lightning

My Band

Life On Hold

See you on tour bitches

Our First Top Ten Single

More Pictures of Me Cause Im Awesome

Me and My Weapon...and Trust Me I
know How to Use it Fuckers

Me and canti...stop watching us perverts!

How the fuck did they talk me into this...

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