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Maybe that's all family really is..... A group of people who miss the same imaginary place.

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Birthday:   1989-04-03Country:   
Joined:   2008-11-15Location:   In your dreams
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Name:   Kei Sato
Birthday:   1989-04-03
Joined:   2008-11-15
Location:   In your dreams
▀▄▀▄▀♫♪So Hungry♪♫▀▄▀▄▀

Whad Up Playas!!! The name is Kei Sato..I am the Lead Singer of Life on Hold. Havent heard of me? What have you been living under a rock?!?! I am the most chill guy you will ever meet..most of the time. Dont cross me or I will cut you so bad wish i didnt cut you so bad!! Anyways I am 19, dropped out of High School, wont say why. I live with Satoshi, he is the drummer of Life on Hold. We hate eachother, but kinda like brothers hate eachother. I also live with his twin sons Taro and Ryuu and his Daughter Ayame. Oh an my wife Isabella Cullen, She is the greastest girl a guy could ask for, totally laid back and beautiful to boot. I love her so much. We have been best friends for a long time..turns out i was in love with her all along. Together we have a daughter named Kamora. She is happy girl who loves her dad.
I have a son Keito from a prevous relationship. He is a confusing kid. Like to be alone a lot. He has a dark power..i just hope he uses it wisely. Izzy also has a daughter, Kaylee from a prevous relationship. She is my little princess.
I also live with my little sister Leesha. We arent actually related but i took her in.
Anyways, I am a sound fairy, or Sparrow man, that means i control sound waves, and if you think that is a useless power then you have never been to a really loud rock concert, sound waves cant rip you in half my friend so dont cross me. I am also part Vampire, a Level E as Zero would call it. So not only can i rip you in half and can suck you dry. Again dont cross me. So i guess that is about it...

Name: Kei Sato
Age: 19
Married to Izzy Sato
Father to: Keito Sato, Kamora Sato, Kaylee Cullen(step father)
Type of Fairy: Sound I am also Half Vampire

Human Form

Fairy Form

Vampire Form

Likes: Izzy, Crosses(I am always wearing one), Singing, Working a Crowd, Video Games, Pancakes, Skittles, Mini Corn Doggies, Sleep, Random Dancing, Hanging out With my Friends at Luca's Bar, Human Blood, My Cabin up North, The Outdoors, the Devil Twins Ryuu and Taro, Kaylee and Kamora and Keito, and my Pokemon
Dislikes: Satoshi...Most of The Time, Like When he Breaks Stuff or Throw Stuff at me, or When he Dont Clean Up After himself, Blood Tablets, Jasper(fucking Hate this Guy!!), Mataysuma, When Lee wakes me up, My parents(but i took care of that), and Zero(most of the time).
Talent: Controlling Sound Waves

♥My Wife♥

Name:Isabella (Izzy) Sato
Type of Fairy: Absorbtion..she can absorb other Fairy's Powers
She is Also Part Vampire Thanks To Me
Married to: Me♥

Human Form

Fairy Form

Vampire Form(Biten by Me)

Likes: Playing Video games, Playing with my daughter Kaylee, ME(thats right..I'm Awesome), Making People happy, Music, Sleeping in, Singing, Watching scary movies, When I Sing to Her, oh and She Loves going on and on about Twilight and Edward Cullen and blah blah blah
Dislikes:Jasper,Charlie,Her mother and Father,The world (most of the time),Jake (some of the time)

♥Izzy and I♥

She is Eating my Lunch!!!

♥And Again♥

♥My Songs for Izzy♥

♥Our Song♥

My Son

Name:Keito Sato
Age: 10(Vampire Years)
Type of Fairy: not let him touch you or
you will die on contact
He is also a PureBlood Vampire
Crush: Leesha

Human Form

Vampire Form

SparrowMan Form

Likes: Being in His Room Alone, Working on his Powers, Fresh Blood, Killing Things that dont obey him, Taking his gloves off, Hanging out with Taro and Zeri, Making plans to rule the world, Leesha
Dislikes:Leesha's Boyfriend Ginta, Wearing his Gloves
Keito's Pokemon


My Daughter

Name:Kamora Sato
Age: 2(Vampire Years)
Type of Fairy: Dont Know Yet..But she is a PureBlood Vampire
Crush: Too young to know

Likes: Playing with Her Keito and Kaylee, Juice, Me and her Mom, Chasing Alice around the House, Spilling things, the color yellow, rainbows, her Foofy Bunny, Pretending to be a Princess, Laying in our bed, Hide and seek, Playing outside.
Dislikes:When she cant make someone smile, Her Uncle Satoshi being mean

My Crazy Room Mates

Satoshi Kobayashi
Occupation: Tattoo Artist and Drummer of Life on Hold
Type of Fairy:Metal

Human Form

SparrowMan Form

Demon Form

Likes:Smoking..Smoking and more Smoking. Riding his Bike (Motorcycle..not a Bike Bike) Comic Books, Fencing, TV, Sketching, Playing His Drums, Writing Songs for Life on Hold, Drinking, and Hanging out with Rayek and Kahvi, Causing Me Pain
Dislikes: Everything Else
Talent: Bending Metal and Sword Fighting

Satoshi's Sons

Name: Taro Kobayashi
Name: Ryuu Kobayashi
Birthday: November 24
Age: 11
Type: Well We Don't know What Their Talents
will be but They are Half-Demon
Like Dear ol' Dad

Taro Likes: Throwing Things, Bugging Ryuu and Calling Him a Pansy, Stealing Satoshi's Cigerettes and MY Crosses, Playing Pranks, Talking Back to everybody, Watching Cartoons,Going with Satoshi to the Tattoo Parlor, Watching Life on Hold Play Shows, CEREAL!!, Playing in the Mud, Hanging out with Kaylee and Keito, and Satoshi his Dad.
Dislikes: When People Confuse Him as Ryuu, When Ryuu whines, People Liking Ryuu More then Him, When Satoshi Yell at him, When Ryuu Tattles on Him, Mia's Cooking

Ryuu Likes: Music, Flowers, Helping Mia Cook, Playing Baseball, Coloring, Shopping, Video Games, Watching Cartoons, Calling Taro a Delinqeunt, Running Fast, Reading, Watching his Mom Sing, and Mia his Mother
Dislikes: When People Confuse Him as Taro, When Taro Throws Things at Him for Tattling, When Taro Makes Fun of Him

Satoshi's Daughter

Name:Ayame Kobayashi
Type of Fairy:Psychic(she is also half demon)
Mother: Akira Utada

My Little Sister

Name: Leesha(Lee)
Age: 14
Crush: GENE!!..

Lee isnt really my sister by blood..But ever since I have met her we have acted like such..She is an Orphan..well not so much anymore seeing that I am her Legal Guardian..yeah i know i am i dont care.She is always hyper..and likes to wake me up when i am sleeping..which i hate...Her favorite thing is in Gene Simmons from KISS..I gave her a collectible doll when we first she takes it everywhere she goes.

♪My Band♪

Life On Hold

Lead Vocals
BIO: Kei is 19. Kei is the player of the group and often gets distracted by a pretty girl. Kei is a great showsmen and knows how to work a crowd. He is the only band member who plays in full fairy form. Kei is currently dating Isabella Cullen


BIO: Satoshi is the Oldest of the Group at 25. He is also the most mature. He takes what he does very seriously. Satoshi and Rayek have been best friends since high school. He is very apathetic and a huge ass to most people. Satoshi is dating Mia and they have twin boys Taro and Ryuu
Satoshi's Page


Guitar, Vocals, and Lead Songwriter
Bio: Rayek and Satoshi Started the Band Back in High School. Rayek is pretty opinionated and holds a lot of Grudges. Rayek is the Most Popular in the Band besides Zero and has an Army of Fan girls. He is dating Kahvi.
Rayek's Page


Bass and Vocals
BIO: Zero is the Youngest in the band at 15. He Replaced Yuu after the Band dropped him. Zero is Kinda Apathetic and doesnt Care for Most things except his girlfriend Nami.
Zero's Page

Me and My Bestest Bud, Black Cat..Yes that is His real Name

Black Cat

My Beedrill..Yeah He is Kick Ass

Got this Tattooed on my Wrist

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