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I'm so different from her,I don't want to be.....what i am i just wanna be with her...Nami -Zero Kiryuu

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Name:   Nami Kiryuu
Birthday:   1993-06-09
Joined:   2008-06-29
Location:   CANDY LAND!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
A different Life
(My Vampire Knight story)(Me=Nami)
It was early in the morning when I awoke.I got up and out of bed and grabbed my
clothes off my dresser and ran to the bathroom.I quickly got into the shower washing
my hair and body.I got out as fast as I could I dry my body off and puts my Team Edward
shirt on and a black skirt on also. I quckily brushed my me teeth and brushed my hair.
I ran into my room thorwing all my clothes into my suitcase.I puts my little nic-naks in
a different bag.I hear a nock on my door I turn around and run up and hug my brother.
Yoshiki:*Hugs me back* Hey Nami ready?
Me:As ready as i'll ever be..Is mom still mad at me?
Yoshiki:she acting like your not her daughter
Me:Wow...she must really hate me
Yoshiki:She's always hated you
Me:thanks Yoshiki
Yoshiki:Com'on now cheer up! Your going to live with dad be happy
Yoshiki:I wish I could go and live with dad
Me:Why don't you?
Yoshiki:I'm staying here for Senri
Me:Yeah..I want to stay here with him to
Yoshiki:You need to get out of her as soon as you can
*looks down at his wrist watch* Lets go your going to miss you flight
Me:Wheres Senri?
Yoshiki:Yo Senri come here!
Senrii:Nami! Yoshiki! *hugs my leg*I don't want you to leave
Me:Hey little guy *picks him up* I don't want to leave either but
I have too...I'll wright you everday and take pictures for you
Yoshiki:Nami we gotta go
Me:okay...*hugs Senri*I love you litte guy
Senri:I love you to
Yoshiki:Nami now
Me:Okay Okay...*puts him down*I'll miss you very much
Senri:I'll miss you to,Nami
Yoshiki then grabs my hand and walks me out to the car.He puts my
bags in the trunk and I got in the passerger seat and I put on my
seat belt.Yoshiki gets in and starts the car and pulls out the
drive way and drives off.We didn't talk much in the car just
played some music.Nothing nither of us liked though. We finally made
it to the air port after a 45 minute drive of bad music.Yoshiki
helped me get my bags out of the trunk.We told our goodbyes to
each other and I walked off.I knew I should have talked to Yoshiki
more in the car but it was going to hurt to much I felt like I was
loseing my best firend.I then went through the scarcity and got on
the plane.I took my seat and pulled out my notepad and started to
draw random things.The flight was eight hours long.Since the plane
didn't take off till 7am anyway.After a few hours I fell asleep.
Then I woke up when the plane was landing.It was diffuclt to get
out of the air port but I made it.I got my bags and waited on a
taxi for 10 minutes.The Taxi finally came and I hurried and got in.
The taxi diver looked atleast 23.He had light brown.Thats all I
could see.He drove me to my Cross academy I got out,paid the
driver, and got my bags out and stared at the huge brozes gate.
I knew I wasn't going to fit in here.This is a fancy school and I
only went to a trashy public school.I gently push on the gate it
opened for me.I walked through,And down a long path way to a large
glass door and opened it and walked in I look at different signs
on different doors not fineing my dad's office.I kept walking down
the hall till I found a sign that said 'Head Master'I nocked on
the door and heard someone from inside say "Come in" I walked in
and I saw my dad sitting in a large red chair.He jumped up and out
of his chair and huged me.I droped my bags and hugged him back.
Kaien:Nami! your finally here!!! I missed you so much!
Kaien:*lets go* Sorry, How was your flight?
Kaien:That figures...Well you great! Its been years since i've seen you
Me:I know its been like forever..
Kaien:So are you brothers still doing good??
Me:Well Yoshiki is provideing for Senri now
Kaien:How about your mom?
Me:Still hateing me
Kaien:She dosen't hate you Nami
Me:Yes she dose!*sighs* Dad she's never liked me..and she never will
Kaien:Don't say that
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