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To many people fight over who Shikamaru should be with.....Temari or Ino? I say neather - Me

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Name:   Absol
Birthday:   1995-09-23
Joined:   2008-08-18
Location:   In your basement playing Kingdom Hearts 2
Uploads:   10 graphics 
Axel almost killed Saix at the fire -_____- But atleast Demyx waz there with his sitar XD
Link to funny comic here
If u dont like Kingdom Hearts OR Axel dont read this story ^-^

Name:Absol Shuu

Info:Well our(me and Matt) parents worked for the Data Squad and tried going through the first Digital Dive. I dont know much besides that cuz my bro wont tell me anything about it. So we live an average life. Matt in charge of course...Sometimes we kinda switch dementions(sp?) to see Sora and the guys.
Crush:Like I would tell u
Likes:Hanging out with Sora and Organization 13,Listening to music,Sleeping in school
Hates:Heartless,Group work!,Axel thinking he's "To cool" to hang out with me
Fav song(s) right now:"Getting away with murder" By Paparoach,"Friend or foe" By Tatu and "Paralizer" By Finger Eleven
Weapon:Ice Chakrams

Brother:Matt Shuu

Likes:Hanging out with Sora and his friends,Being at home
Hates:When I sleep in class,Organization 13
Crush:I dont know!

Some of my friends:
Sora (Fluffy as me and my friends call him XD)

Axel (I call him Kitty)



Ok this was to cute ^^

Random video

Kingdom Hearts One Week

Axel is getting away with murder now

Awwwww cute!

Ok I just LOVE this one! XD

XD lol!

O_O Ok then!
It landed on Axel, the 2 of you walked over to the Closet and i shut and lock the door. You both sat on oppisite sides of the room for about 1 1/2 minutes until you broke the silence. "*clears thought* we dont have to do anything if you dont want to..." you say although you did want to. "Axe-uh" Axels lips crash onto yours and you just sit there dazed on whats happening! we has about to pull away until you pull his coat and kiss him back, he's a bit suprised but kisses you aswell. its now been 6 minutes and ive just warned you of the 1 minute yu have left. you 2 just ignore me and carry on makeing out! i open the door quietly to see you both kissing and i go "AWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW" you 2 break apart and look at me with a death glare and i just run and hide behind hugging him. he hugs me back and says babyishly "dont scare poor ickle Gem Gem!" and takes me to the kitchen to get Lemonade and all you hear is "NO GEMMA DONT DRINK IT ALL AT ONCE!!!!" you Axel and everyone else in the room just laughs and you two sit on the big black beanie bag and kiss again.

~~~~~What the Kingdom Hearts Characters think of me~~~~~
Sora:She scares me sometimes.....she also burned keyblade!
Riku:No comment
Kairi:She kinda scares me but as long as she doesn`t steal Sora from me i`m fine!Buuuut, just in case*sharpens dagger*
Namine:I don`t really know her to well, but, I think Axel really likes her ^^
Axel:We hang out all the time!I think I feel love for her...
Roxas:Shes nice and I always catch her burning something with Axel xD
Organization XIII:They never met you.

Absol's PokePet

Dedo the level 43 Vulpix!

Ok these are cute too ^-^

1. I will shade if u want ^-^
2. Nothin sick O_O
3. If I cant upload it on here I'll put it on Photobucket :O
User: Mew_Mew_Sapphirea
Password to see:EMO Eli
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