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Name:   Reina
Birthday:   1998-02-01
Joined:   2008-06-16
This is Minun Girl's Account for her story =D
Red=Pokemon =D
Blue=Kingdom Hearts l_^*
Green=Yugioh =3
Black=Tokyo Mew Mew X3
Pink=Digimon O_O
Gray=Naruto >_<
Story ^_^
Let's Start this thing!!
I just turned 10 and after the new year's day everyone was Knocked out! Not Suprising, but it was 2:00pm and I was supposed to be getting my pokemon that day.. I was worse than Ash!! I woke up around 5:00pm
Me: *Wakes up* ugh my head hurts.. O_O
Naruto: *snoring*
me: =D *puts my hand on his arm*
Naruto: *jumps up* AH!! COLD HAND!!
me: XD
naruto: REINA!! WHY DID YOU DO THAT!?!?!
me: Cause!! Since you convinced me to that party I'm late to get my pokemon!!
Naruto: And?
me: -_- *flicks his forehead and teleports him with me outside professor rowan's lab*
Naruto: *Rubs his forehead* Ow..
Me: :P *Walks in*
Prof. Rowan: Hello! Who might you be?
Me: I'm Reina Peran!
Rowan: Oh! I apologize but you are too late!
Lucas: *Comes in* Hello Professor!

Rowan: Hello Lucas!
Me: *sad*
Lucas: oh! is she reina?
Rowan: yes
Lucas: Oh.. I am sorry you were late
Me: It's ok
naruto: *Snuck out and went back to the leaf village*
Lucas: Here! I found this egg and when you didn't come and everyone took a starter I saved it for you *Takes out an egg and gives it to me*
Me: *Takes it carefully* ^_^ Thanks!
Rowan: Here you go *gives me a pokedex*
Me: What's this? O_O?
Lucas: Don't worry professor I'll explain things to her *grabs my hand and runs out*
Me: O_O BYE!!
Rowan: *Waves* Looks like Lucas found a friend
Me: Um so now what?
Lucas: Explaining! The pokedex is something that tracks pokemon data
Me: ok?
lucas: lol
me: ^_^'
Egg: *Wiggles and cracking*
Us: O_O omg!
Egg: *Cracks open and the pokemon jumps out*
Red Riolu: Mama!!
me: He's so cute!!
lucas: why is he red?
me: idkoc i'll name him dark shadow!
lucas: -__-
dark shadow: *wants me to pick him up*

me: ^_^ sure *picks him up and hugs him*
lucas: lol
me: what so funny
lucas: he is readying a force palm
me: WHAT?!
dark shadow: *uses it and jumps out of my arms* hehe pretty light
me: *gets him into a tree and falls* pretty good hit haha.. *knocks out*
lucas: O_O *picks me up bridal style and runs to a pokemon center with dark shadow*
~A couple of hours pass~
Me: *wakes up* oww..
lucas: ur alive!
me: haha.. >_<
dark shadow: mama u ok? *crying a little*
me: im ok dont cry *wipes his tears*
dark shadow: ok mama
me: *sighs and gets up* you know what?
lucas: what?
me: i wanna see my friends
lucas: who are?
me: ichigo lettuce minto pudding and zakuro
lucas: O_O??
me: ninja power! *grabs lucas and dark shadow and teleports to cafe mew mew*
Pudding: *runs into me* so sowwy- Reina!!
me: yo pudding
lucas: O_O
me: *pushes lucas into a seat and runs to the bathroom*
dark shadow: oooo what this *eat cake* O_O *jumps around* me vewy hyper!!
pudding: XD
me: *comes out* how i look?
lucas: O_O oh wow
me: that good?
lucas: o yea yea!
me: *laughs*
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