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Name:   Destiny Hatake
Birthday:   1994-06-18
Joined:   2008-06-08
Location:   Mine and Kakashi's House!
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Continuing on from my other user- XxKakashi's_WifexX and XxKakashi's_Wife2xX this is however my third user. You may still add me if you please, but only my story and a select few pics will be posted on this page as well. So please before adding this page add my first and second one!! Thanx so much!
-Destiny Hatake.

>>>>>>>>>>>>>Part XIII<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<
*Waking up with Kakashi's arm around me, made me feel different, not like how i was i felt more like a..........a woman! I'm not sure if it was last night(?????), or just in my head(?????), but i definitely felt different, i was certian! I look up at Kakashi, and he was still asleep, he had his arm over his eyes, i look around the room and see his pants lying on the end of the bed, and my nightgown on my side of the bed. Then Kakashi took a deep breath and i looked back at him.*
Kakashi:......Did you sleep well?
me: *gasp* OH!......i thought you were asleep.....
Kakashi:..Did you sleep well?? *he looked down at me*
me: *nodd*
Kakashi: Im sorry i didnt mean to frighten you! *He turned toward me and with hand he took the crease of my leg, scooted closer, and wrapped it around his waist.*
me: *i start to blush*
Kakashi: I think your cute when you blush like that! *he smiles at me, then kisses me neck.*'ve said that already! *i push him away*
Kakashi: Yes, but i said that last night, right before we made love actually!
me: Kakashi please do not speak like that!
Kakashi: Why not?? It's only the truth.
me: I realize that but please, not out loud.
Kakashi: Fine, im sorry. *he scoots closer and tries to grab my leg again, but i sit up and turn away from Kakashi. I reach over and grab my nightgown, then i looked over my shoulder and see Kakashi looking at me and chuckling, so i trew my nightgown on, stood up, and crossed my arms.*
me: What is so funny?!?
Kakashi: Nothin really, just the way you're so conservative around me even when i've already seen you naked!
me: *i glare at him*
Kakashi: Actually i find it quite intreging and very attractive!!
*He crawls toward me on the bed, sits up and wrapp his arms around my waist, then looks up at me. I lay my arms on his shoulders, smile at him then i give him a kiss. But as i went to turn around Kakashi held me still and stood up, he pulled me closer and bent down to kiss me, but then he picked me up and twirled me around in the middle of the room...i held on with my hands around his shoulders. He lowered me and made our foreheads touch, then he gentaly kissed me and set my feet back on the floor, but he still held me close to him. Then with a free hand he brushed my cheek and then kissed me again, but it was passionate, so i wrapped my arms around his neck and kissed him passionately back. Just then Sana comes busting through the bedroom door.*
Sana: Hey you guys!!! *sees us kissing* Woah sorry!
Kakashi: Damn it Sana, what the hell!!?? Do you not know how to f*cking knock??? *he grabbs his pants off the end of the bed and covers himself*
me: Kakashi please, no profanity!
Kakashi: Sorry, but she needs to know how to....Fu..*i glare at him*......knock.
Sana: Well I did! but no one answered, so i just let myself in!
Kakashi: Yea well next time, scream if you have to, so i would at least have enough time to put something on!
me: Please, your wearing boxers Kakashi!
Kakashi: Yes i know but its my sister!
Sana: Oh please it's not like i wanna look at you!...i'd much rather look at Sasuke in his sexy boxers!! ^-^
Kakashi: That's gross Sana!
Sana: Oh your not perverted!! In here with Destiny....alone!
Kakashi: As a matter of fact im not!, Now if you'll excuse me i have to put something on! *he walks to the bathroom and put his pants on just behind the door.*
Sana: So Destiny!?!?! You and my brother, sick!!, but so how...........was it?? *whispers to herself*--Ewwww i cant believe i just asked that?
me: well....ummmm.......*Kakashi walks out of the bathroom*
Kakashi: It was Wonderful!! I definitely enjoyed myself!
Sana: Yea well i wasnt asking you perv! I was asking Destiny!!
Kakashi: My bad! *raises a hand in defense*
me: was.....alright.
Kakashi: Alright!! I put all i had into last night!...and all i get it am 'Alright'!!???
me: Well it kinda felt wierd....
Kakashi: It was your first time! Of course it was going to feel wierd!
me: im sorry Kakashi i didnt know it would hurt your feelings that much.
Kakashi: Yea well it did........*turns away then turns back toward me* do you wanna try again???
Sana: Gross PERV!! IM still in the room!!! *picks up the pillow by the window and trows it at Kakashi, when it hit him a photo fell out of the pillow case. i bend down and pick it up.*
me: Kakashi??????
Kakashi: Yes?? *he says rubbing his head, looks at the picture in my hand* *whispers* Shit!Shit!Shit!!
me: What was this doing in a pillow case??
Kakashi: Good question!?!?!! didnt put it there??
me: *i look at him* Now why would i put a photo in a pillow case?? That's just bizzar!!
Kakashi: Your absolutely right, i dont know how it got in there then!!! ummmm....nope no ideas what so ever!!*he scratches his head*
Sana: Oh really Kakashi!!??
Kakashi: Yes Sana no ideas what so ever!!!*glares at Sana then smiles back at me*
me: Kakashi???
Kakashi: Yes lovely dearest??
me: Are you sure you didnt put it there??
Kakashi: Positive! Why would i put it there?? Its not even my photo!
me: Good question!?!?!? *stares at Kakashi with questionable look*
*Kakashi smiles then walk towards me and kisses me on the cheek. I smile back and walk over to the end table a lay the picture down. I walk to the bathroom and close the door behind me and get ready for my shower.*
Sana: *slapps Kakashi* Alright!! What's up???
Kakashi: OOWWW Sana chill!
Sana: NO!! You know something and your not saything nothing, arent you!!??
Kakashi: I dont know what your talking about Sana! *turns and crosses his arms*
Sana: *Wacks him across the head*
Kakashi: SANA!!
Sana: What!?!! You know something!...i can tell!
Kakashi: Okay let's say i 'do' know 'something' i wouldnt tell you anywayys!
Sana: And why not??
Kakashi: Because growing up i've learned not to trust you!
Sana: *gasp* Kakashi!! You dont trust your own sister!!?? That's just horrible!!
Kakashi: Yea well it's the truth!!
Sana: Your the WORST BIG BROTHER EVER!!!!!!!!!!*storms out of the house and slams the door*
Kakashi: Well she took that rather well!*walks over to the bathroom door and knocks lightly* Destiny!? Need something??
me: *i slightly open the door and poke my head out and see Kakashi holding a towel* How did you know??
Kakashi: I took it out when i was in there....sorry.
me: That's fine..thanx for returning it though!
*i reach my hand out to recieve the towel and Kakashi grabbs my hand and pulls me out from behind the bathroom door. I scream and Kakashi just starts laughing lightly, as he pulls me closer to him, then wraps the towel around me, and holds me still.*
Kakashi: There now you have on at least something before i take it off!
me: KAKASHI!!! NO! NOT IN FRONT OF SANA!!!!! *i start to pull away*
Kakashi: *puls me back and whispers in my ear* Sana left, its just you and me now!
me: *i turn around and just stare at him* What..........
Kakashi: Yep its just you and me now *he smiles*
me: *i slapp him* WHAT DID YOU DO!!!??
Kakashi: What???Why the hell are you slapping me for???!!!
me: being 'YOU' that's why!!
Kakashi: I thought you loved 'ME'!!??
me: Kakashi i do love you, but i hate the way you treat your sister!! Your so mean to her!!
Kakashi: Hey! She 's always mean to me first!! *he pulls me closer to him and starts to brush my cheek, then kisses me, and starts to wrapp his arms around me and tries to take the towel off.*
me: *i push him away* Kakashi just stop please!
Kakashi: Why??What for??
me: Because im suppose to be angry with you!!
Kakashi: Yes, but you can make love with me also......!
me: No! *i slapp his hands away and storm to the bathroom, he follows me and i slam the door in his face*
Kakashi: Come now dont be upset!
me: *i scream at him from behind the door* NO! I can if i want! *i walk over and turn the shower on to drown out all the yelling, and on the other side of the door Kakashi sat down in front of it, leaning against it.*
Kakashi: Destiny!!!! *starts to tapp his head against the door with the back of his head*................Destiny!!!
inner me: Why doesnt he just leave me alone!!!?? I dont feel like talking to him, cant he tell im upset at him!!!??
*Kakashi puts his face in his hands, then hears the shower stop running so he leans his head back against the door. I pull the door open and Kakashi falls in on the bathroom floor, and looks up at me and smiles.*
Kakashi: Sorry.
me: Whatever........*i step around Kakashi and go to the closet and grabb something to wear, Kakashi follows me and starts to apologise.*
Kakashi: Destiny I'm sorry!! I really am........please dont be mad at me!!!!! Please!!!!!!!
me: Why?
Kakashi: Why!?!?!?!......Because i cant stand you being upset ecspecially at for something 'I' did!!
me: Well maybe you need to do something about 'your'self!
Kakashi: What do you want me to do??? Just tell me and I'll do it!! Whatever it is!!! Just please dont be angry with me!
me: Whatever.............just stop talking!
Kakashi: Okay!Okay! I can stop talking!!Anything for you!! I'm gonna stop talking now!......*i glare at him*........Okay!! I'm stoping!! *he lays his hand over his mouth*
me: Thank you!
Kakashi: Your Welcome! *gasp* OOOPS!
me: SEE!!! You cant do anything to keep you from talking!!
Kakashi: Well what do you want me to do be RUDE!!!?? Because i will!!! I'm not afraid to hurt your feelings!!!
me: Really!!?? Your not??
Kakashi: Yes!! I'm NOT!!!
me: Good! *i smile at him and with clothes in my arms i walk to the bathroom and close the door to change*
Kakashi: HEY!!!?? Why is that a 'good' thing???.......*he walks over and sticks his ear to the door, then pulls away and i open the door......I'm wearing a pair of blue jeans with a red half cut sleeve t-shirt.*
Kakashi: Well you look cozy!! Are you??
me: Yes, thanx for asking! *i smile at him and give him a kiss on the cheek, and walk over and start making the bed.*
Kakashi: So........*follows me*.......does this mean your not mad anymore???
me: I guess so....*i hand him a pillow* here.
Kakashi: So all i had *takes the pillow* to say was that i wasnt afraid to hurt your feelings!??
me: Kakashi.......*i turn and take the pillow back* I understood what you meant.......*i put the pillow on the bed, and walk over to the other side and start to make that side*
Kakashi: HUH!???......*follows me*.......what did I mean???
me: Like you dont know....*i hand him a pillow* here again.
Kakashi: *takes the pillow again* What do you mean???
me: *sighs* Kakashi!.........*i turn and take the pillow back* your he one who said it not me.
Kakashi: I know i said it, but i dont know what i meant by it!!!! *i finish making the bed*
me: There! Finished!
Kakashi: *looks at the bed* Hey!! Why did you make the bed??
me: Because it wasnt made.
Kakashi: Well we werent finished using it!!! *wrapps his arms around my waist, and starts to kiss my neck*
me: Kakashi stop! *push him away, and walk to the kitchen, and Kakashi goes to the living room, sits on the couch and watches TV pouty. I get out the ingredients for busciuts: flour, butter, baking powder, salt, and milk, and i started making the dough.*

>>>>>>>>>>>>>Part XIV<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<
*Kakashi gets up from the couch and walks into the kitchen where i'm making busciuts, homemade, he comes up behind me and wrapps his arms around my waist then kisses me on the neck.*
Kakashi: *whispers* What in the world are you doing???
me: *giggle* well Kakashi....i'm making busciuts for us.
Kakashi: *whispers* oh............why? Your just making a mess?!
me: Well you wish to make them yourself????
Kakashi: *whispers* No thanx babe...*kisses my neck again*...i love you so much...*kisses my cheek and starts to rub his hands over my hips*...your so.....
me: *turn towards him* Kakashi please im trying to bake.......
Kakashi: *pulls me close* Well then dont bake now....*kisses my neck*......bake later!
me: *blushes* Kakashi.....*i push him away*....if i bake later then it wouldnt be breakfast, it would be lunch.
Kakashi: *looks at me confused* What does it matter??? Food is food, and the food can wait!
*Kakashi lifts me and sets me on top of the counter, in the flour, and kisses me passionately. He looks at me then at the flour on the counter, he dips is finger in it and puts it on my nose, then starts to laugh.*
me: Oh you think that's funny!?!?!
Kakashi: Yes i do actually!
me: Oh yea!!
Kakashi: Yea!
me: *i take some flour and shove it in his face* Now how do you like that?!?!?!
Kakashi: *laughs* well it kinda turns me on! *he takes the crease of my legs, jerks me forward then kisses me again, this time with a lot more passion. he wrapps his arms around me and holds me close, so i wrapp my arms around his neck and kiss him back. i start to giggle a little.....then a lot. Kakashi looks at me with a questionable look on his face.*
Kakashi: Whats so funny????
me: *giggly* nothing!.....*giggle some more*
Kakashi: What!!!!!!!!?????
me: *giggly* nothing really!....*i look st him and then start to laugh again*
Kakashi: Destiny!!?? *starts getting frustrated* What in the hell is so funny!?!?!
me: *giggly* sorry but, that kiss was bad.
Kakashi: How is that funny!!!!!!???
me: Because you taste like plain flour! *giggle*
Kakashi: So that's why your laughing???
me: *giggle and nodd* MUHUM!
Kakashi: You know what!?
me: What?!?!
Kakashi: You are sososososososososososo sexy right now! Lets go mess the bed up!!
me: *giggle* Oh Please Kakashi!...I have to make sure these busciuts dont burn.
Kakashi: Who gives a FU.....*i turn and look at him*.....i mean.....a duck.....
me: Thank you.
Kakashi: About the stupid busciuts!?!?!?!?? I dont!! i just want it to be *gets close and kisses my cheek* you and me in the bedroom!
me: *the bell dings for the oven* Oh shoot!! *i push Kakashi away and jump down off the counter and retrieve the busciuts out of the oven. I set them down on the top of the stove. i start to blow to try and cool them down, but then Kakashi comes by picks me up and just, without my say, takes me to the bedroom and lays me on the bed. he's now towering over me, he starts to kiss my neck, and he's starting to unzip my jeans. I slapp Kakashi across the face!, shove him off and run into the bathroom and slam the door*
Kakashi: Destiny!!..................*walks over to the door, starts to rub his face* Love im sorry! *he starts knocking on the door*....Destiny......
me: Go Away!! I was trying to fix us breakfast and then you go and do something like this to me Kakashi!!...why??? *I bust out in tears, and fall on the floor, Kakashi thens starts to knock again.* .....Kakashi just go away! I Hate you! I wish i had never married you!!
Kakashi: *stands in udder shock at what he just heard* wha....t?
*I bust throught the door, and hugg him as tight as i can, crying.*
me: NO!!!Im so sorry Kakashi, i didnt mean it, im sorry, im so so so soooooo sorry, i didnt mean it honest i didnt. please dont leave me, i love you Kakashi, please im so very sorry. please just dont leave me.....*i just keep crying, then Kakashi wrapps his arms around me and kisses the top of my head.*
Kakashi: Destiny.....*looks at me, but i was still crying* hey look at me...*he lifts my chin and i look at him straight in the eyes* I will never leave you.....and i will always love you no matter what you say......alright!?
me: *i nodd and smile at him* I....*sniff* really am.....*sniff*sniff* sorry Kakashi! *sniff* Truely!
Kakashi: I know *he kisses the top of my head* ......i know love im sorry too.
me: For what??? You didnt say those mean and hurtful things! I did! and now i feel horrible,, im a horrible person!
Kakashi: Destiny your not a horrible person, infact your the least horriblest person ive ever known! dont say that. and I was the one who provoked you into doing that.....
me: still you dont deserve me you deserve a lot better than me!
Kakashi: *Looks at me in the eye* Now listen to deserve a whole lot better than me you dont even know how truly unique and special you are to this my life! Destiny if anything you can do a whole lot more better than someone like me.....okay!?!
me: NO!! I love you!! *I kiss him and he kisses me back, i wrapp my arms around his neck and he holds me close to him*
Kakashi: Destiny im sorry....*kisses me*
me: Dont be....*kiss him back* will you.....???
Kakashi: Anything for you! *kisses me and takes me to the bed. and then we make passionate love.*
*That afternoon, Kiba decides to drop by and visit me, to see how i'm doing. Kiba knocks on the front door. Kakashi and i are still in the bedroom lying in the bed, Kakashi hears the knock on the door and grabbs his pants off the edge of the bed, puts them on and goes to check the door. i just roll over and go back to 'sleep'. Kakashi opens the door.*
Kiba: HIYA Kaka-sensei!!!!
Kakashi: Oh Hi there Kiba! What brings you here???
Kiba: i just came chill with my big sis, why you asking??? By the way.....*looks around inside* where is she????
Kakashi: She's sleeping right now.....she's kinda wore out....
Kiba: Oh well sorry i dont want to wake her so I'll just.........*dips under Kakashi's arm, runs and jumps on the couch. Kiba grabbs the remote and starts flipping through the channels. Kakashi closes the front door and walks back to the room, closes that door behind him, then sees me on the bed asleep, he smiles. He walks over gets under the sheets and snuggles close to me, i turn over toward him and take a deep breath, it smelt just like him, it was like i was breathing him in. He starts to trail down the side of my body with his hand, then grabbs my leg and wrapps it around his waist. I try to roll away 'pretending' to be asleep, but he just rolls with me and is now on top of me, he bends down and whispers in my ear....*
Kakashi: *whispers* I know your not sleeping......
Kakashi: *Whispers* Sorry love, but you cant fool me......
me: *open my eyes and see Kakashi towering over me* well i guess we cant stay like this if i cant fool you.....
Kakashi: Well we can...if you want....
me: *I wrapp my arms around his neck* yes.......*i pull him down and kiss him then whisper in his ear*.......can we make love again.......?
Kakashi: *raises his head* much as i would definitely love to..........we cant.
me: Why not??
Kakashi: Because your brother is here.......that's why.
me: Kiba!?!?! He's here!!??
Kakashi: Yea. That's why i got up.
me: Oh! I didnt hear any knock at the door.
Kakashi: well that's alright, he's in there on the couch....
me: What??? He's in there??? *points at the door*
Kakashi: Yea...........why??
*Just then Kiba walks through the door, with the tray of busciuts in his hands.*
Kiba: Hey Destiny did you make these busciuts??? Thery're kinda *looks up* col...........d............ *sees Kakashi on top of me*........OHMYGOD!!!!!!!!!!! *the tray of busciuts go flying in the air and the room was filled with Kiba's screaming*
me: Kiba!!!..........ummmmm.........Hi! *Kakashi rolls of me, i grabb the sheets and secure myself.*
Kiba:...Wha!....Wha!......What's this!!??? Kaka-sensei!!??? and sister!!!??? *starts to breath heavily and fast* Heewho-Heewho-Heewho!!!
me: Kiba!!??? Are you alright???
Kakashi: Kiba why dont you just go back out in the living room....
Kiba: *he turns and runs to the living room* I gotta get outta here!!! *runns out the door screaming* AHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!
Kakashi: *looks over at me* I think he took that well!!
me: Kakashi...........*i get up and put on my robe, i walk over and start picking up the busciuts, which where all over the floor.*
Kakashi: Just leave it, and come back in the bed with me........
me: I think that's enough for a days worth....
Kakashi:.........fine.......*getts out of the bed and helps me pick up the busciuts. I take them to the kitchen and throw them away in the trash.*
me: Well those went bad.........
Kakashi: They sure did.....oh well.......nothing to do about it now.
me: I turn and look at Kakashi* Does it not bother you???
Kakashi: What???
me: About people knowing what 'we' do? when we're alone??
Kakashi: Not really........why?? should it??
me: Yes! People knowing about our personal's......
Kakashi: It's there choice to know or why should i care if someone knows!?!?!??
me: Because it's about us!!! I dont want people to think im some kinda.......whore!
Kakashi: *walks over to me and careses my cheek* Why would they think that?????? Why, Because you make love to your Husband??? How is that being a whore???
me: *i sigh* I dont know.....
Kakashi: Well then dont worry so much about what people think.......okay.
me: Alright.......... *he kisses me and i just smile.*

>>>>>>>>>>>>>Part XV<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<
**Me and Kakashi got dressed and decided to go out into to village, to get some freash air and to visit our friends, and thank all the people who came to our so called "wedding", with all the violence and blood splatter!. Any wayys... we are walking and holding hands, we went to Kia Yagamine's, Kyou Mays's, Monto Riuzaki's, Itada Comiyaru's, Dasgred Mato's, Kiaun Gin's, and Kikari Masuda's houses to see how they were doing since the last mission, and they were doing just fine. Kia still had a couple of wounds, Monto had a cast on his left arm, Dasgred was in a wheel chair from where he had broken both of his legs, they would all brag about how Kakashi was the only brave one on their squad to go up against Izeen, then that name just gave a chill up my spine and i shivered, Kakashi noticed and changed the subject to our wedding. We were at Dasgred's house visiting right now.*
Dasgred: So Kakashi how long have you two been married???
Kakashi: About a month or so.....*looks at me*......right??
me: *just smile and nodd* ...........yea
Dasgred: Well this would be your like 2nd marraige??? Right Kakashi???! *he said with a chuckle in his voice*
Kakashi: Yea, so how long are you going to be stuck in a wheel chair like that??? *he said with a chuckle in his voice*
Dasgred: Oh Kakashi You know me......i dont stay in it all the time like the doctor tells me to, i do my own thing.
Kakashi: Yea, i know you wont let anyone help you do nothing.
Dasgred: Damn right I wont! I'm an indepentant soul!! I dont need help from no one!
Kakashi: Yea sure Dasgred.....but once you fall down, dont expect me to pick you up.
Dasgred: Oh I wont need your help i'll get up myself!
Kakashi: Let's hope so.
Dasgred: Dont fret Kakashi! I got this under control!! *he smiles a sly grin*
Kakashi: Okay well.............*looks at me*.......ready to go???
me: *smile and nodd* Yes i am.
Kakashi: Okay.......well *looks back at Dasgred* it was good to see you again Dasgred....come visit know once you can walk! *chuckles*
Dasgred: Deal! *chuckles too*
*We walk to the door and Dasgred rolls beside us, i walk outside waiting on Kakashi, while he was talking to Dasgred inside.*
Dasgred: So Kakashi.....Destiny!?!
Kakashi: Yes?? What about her??
Dasgred: She's a cutie! But isnt she you know??
Kakashi: What??
Dasgred: To young for you???
Kakashi: HAHAHA!! Your so funny Dasgred!! And what about Mimi??? She's kinda young for you isnt she??
Dasgred: Hey I'm only 27 and she's 22. Kakashi your 26 and destiny's what? 15?
Kakashi: She's 18 actually! and Dasgred what's it to you how old my wife is anywayys??
Dasgred: Nothing i was just asking.........but Kakashi i heard something.
Kakashi: Heard what??
Dasgred: I heard that kid Kiba screaming through the village. Do you know why?? It looked like he was coming from your's and Destiny's house........?
Kakashi: Yea, he saw me and Destiny in bed together that's all, then he started freaking out and acting like he was having a heart attack!
Dasgred: Well it is his big sister isnt it??
Kakashi: Yea, but that shouldnt have anything to do with it.
Dasgred: Kakashi that has everything to do with......
Kakashi: What do you mean???
Dasgred: Wouldnt you scream if you saw Sana and that Wochiki kid in bed together...........???
Kakashi: mean Uchiha??
Dasgred: Yea whatever his name is.
Kakashi: Dasgred, Sana would never do something like that!!!
Dasgred: Really?? How do you know??
Kakashi: I think i would know my own sister.....
Dasgred: Okay.
Kakashi: So....? What?
Dasgred: So you and Destiny!?
Kakashi: Yes. Why???
Dasgred: Was it good???
Kakashi: I'm gonna tell you my personal life!! That's just weird!
Dasgred: Fine dont tell me.......but Kakashi the Hokage came by and told me something about.......'him'
Kakashi: What was it??
Dasgred: That he was planning to come back for something to finish his plans for a certain experiment.
Kakashi: What kind of experiment??
Dasgred: Something about a human cocoon, for changing chakra from man to woman...
Kakashi: Do you think he's trying to change sexes for ruling purposes??
Dasgred: Im not sure, but keep a close eye on her *looks out the door at me*.....i mean he's sneaky Kakashi, so be sharp!
Kakashi: Yea i know how sneaky he makes me sick!
Dasgred: Well Kakashi...take care. And i'll see you around! *chuckles*
Kakashi: Yea!! *chuckles and gives him a hand shake*
*Kakashi meets up with me outside and wrapps his arm around my waist instead of holding my hand....i wonder what's wrong with him???*
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