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Name:   Destiny Hatake
Birthday:   1991-06-18
Joined:   2007-12-29
Location:   The Village Hidden in the Leaves
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((yes i am married to Kakashi Sensei)).

~My Profile:
Name: Destiny Inazuka(Hatake)
nickname: Memiko
age: 18
Birthdate: June 18
hair color: blonde
eye color: blue
power: ribbon-illusion
husband: Kakashi Hatake
nickname: copy ninja
age: 26
birthday: September 15
hair color: gray/white

Me and Kakashi sharing our first Christmas together!

^^^^^^^^Made By: Narutochick ^^^^^^^^
My Father- Raseo Inazuka(deceased)
nickname: Razz
age: 50
birthday:September 14
hair color: Brown

My Mother- Kino Inazuka(deceased)
nickname: KiKi
age: 49
birthday:April 11
hair color: Blonde

My Brother- Kiba Inazuka
pet: Akamaru
nickname: Fang
age: 13
birthday: July 7
hair color: Brown

teacher: Shizune-sensei
Hair Color- Black

team mates:
Name- Shaji Nekoyama
Nickname- Jinx Ninja
Age- 20
Hair Color- Black w/ White
Birthdate: February 12

Name- Rentake Masuda
Nickname- Chain Ninja
Age- 19
Hair Color- White
Birthdate: October 14

Destiny(Memiko)Inazuka, was born in Konoha in the Village Hidden in the Leaves. She's 17 and has a powerful justu(ribbon-illusion)which she developed with the help of her teacher Shizune. She also is the older sister of Kiba Inazuka. Her future was shattered by the snake, Orochimaru, who had poisoned the root of her clan tearing them apart, and forcing them to kill each other.
The only two people not ensnared into his evil plot were Memiko and Kiba. Ever since she's always had a deep and passionate hatred towards Orochimaru for the calamity in her life.
Living in the Hidden Leaf Village has helped her through the hard ships her brother and herself had to deal with, by the loss of their family and friends, but that snake Orochimaru planted the seed of hatred which would be the destruction of her own life, so HE thought.
But one afternoon she couldnt stand to see her own brother live through what she had gone through, so she set off in search for HIM. Orochimaru!
Hearing about this drastic movement the Hokage got together a lead team of Jonin, the leader Kakashi Hatake- Dasgred Mato, Kikari Masuda(Rentake Masuda's Father), and Itada Comiyaru to take off after her.
Fighting one of Orochimaru's men, she fell short and became weary and half dead........until the leader of the Jonin squad, Kakashi Hatake, came to her rescue, from the darkness and poison of hatred, which would had led to her death if it wasnt for Kakashi who had cared for her, and she became endebted to him for saving her life. Thus leads them into the relationship they would have together in the future that lay ahead.


*Kakashi in the living room, sitting on the couch being relxed and casual as usual*
me: ummmm...Kakashi! *i walk into the room* We sortof need to talk.....
*Kakashi looks, sits up and pats the seat next to him on the couch*
Kakashi: Well......come. Let's talk.
*I walk over and sit next to him. He looks at me then puts his arm around me*
me: ummmm.....Kakashi *blushes* see....about the mission tomorrow.....
Kakashi: yes. The mission!?......what about it?....
me: Well...i...sortof....
Kakashi: mmmmmmm??? yes?
me: well i sortof.....don't....ummm.....
Kakashi: Don't what???
*I look at him, then drop my glance*
Kakashi: Destiny....dont what?
me: I don't want you to go. *i said shyly*
Kakashi: ............. uuh........
*I looked back at him and saw a surpirised and stunded face.I put my head down in shame.*
me: I hope you don't hate me for feeling this's just......
Kakashi: No. I could never hate you. But please Destiny try to understand that missions....
me: ....i understand.....i do.....i understand how hard and danerous these missions can be......
and well........i dont want..........i don't want to lose you Kakashi!! You mean so much to me!!!!
Kakashi: OH!Well then.....i guess that kinda changes the whole point of this situation and not to menchion the mission....but Destiny....i dont want you to worry about!
me:....i know.....but i dont know what i would do if you never returned to me....
im not sure if i could handle it......Kakashi please forgive me for being so selfish......i just dont know if i can...
*Kakashi wraps both arms around me, as i start it cry a little.*
Kakashi: Destiny, dont cry, dont need to waste tears on me.
me: but i just cant help it! you have any idea what could happen to you!?? i dont even want to think about it!!!.... Kakashi this is an A-rank MISSION!!
Kakashi: It truly is a horrible thought process, yes. But you know.....someone has to do the job.....and i was given the honnor of being one that was chosen.
me: .....i know but....why you?? there nothing i can do to stop you from changing your mind?
Kakashi: No, i dont think so.....and i dont suppose you should try either!....but knowing you, you just might anyways!
*He said this with a gleem smile on his face. Kakashi unwrapped his arms from around me and then reached for and held my hands.*
Kakashi: know that i care about you, and your weird and wild thoughts,*he laughed lightly* but you know that i have to do this....for the Village.
me: yes. i know....but...
Kakashi: Then why make it more difficult than it already is?......
me: ...wait! is this difficult for you?? the one worried out of my mind!
*Kakashi starts to look sad.*
Kakashi: Destiny..... *he said in a whisper*
me: What is it??? What's the matter??
*Kakashi then looks into my eyes. I can see that he's thinking about something! Remembering a memory, maybe!?*
Kakashi: It was very difficult for me to find out that i had been chosen for an A-rank mission again........
me: Again?...
Kakashi: yes. to be honest i was actually kinda surprised!! There's only been one A-rank misson i've ever been on.......and i was hoping it would have been my last!......but i guess i was wrong.
me: Kakashi......? *i said with a sweet tone in my voice*
Kakashi: huh?....what??.....Destiny why are you looking at me like that??
me: YOU were actually scared?? And even before going on the mission!?
Kakashi: i wans't exactly scared, more surprised. My last A-rank mission........well.....let's just say NOTHING went according to plan!!.....
and in the end i had lost one of my closest friends........
me: Who??...
Kakashi: Obito.....
me: so sorry....
Kakashi: ..But now im not so sure what im going to do!.....If i can put the past beind me, and move on.....
*Kakashi then put on his brave face and his serious voice.*
Kakashi: i HAVE to!! I HAVE to for the VILLGE!!! don't do this.
Kakashi: heh.....Destiny, come now I have to do this you know even said it yourself!
me: i know i did, but Kakashi i am worried......
Kakashi: Worried about what??
me: worried about you! afraid that this will be the last time ill ever have a chance to see you......
*I said as i fell into his arms*
me: Please Kakashi....dont leave me i dont know if i could stand it!.....Kakashi.....I love you!
*Kakashi pulled me back to look into my eyes, but i was crying*
Kakashi: Destiny....*wipes away a tear* .....I love you too.....
*Kakashi then pulls his mask down, and leans his head forward and kisses me gently....then he pulls his mask back to his face and holds me in his arms. Still crying a little, he kisses the top of my head*
Kakashi: please....Destiny I need......i need for you to have faith in me.
me: I do Kakashi......
Kakashi: Then.....I promise I will return to you....if that helps any.!?
me: *i nodded my head* okay, you promise??!
Kakashi: okay,...i love.
*He looks at me, then takes his hand and with his thumb wipes another tear away. I then take a deep breath, ceaseing my tears hoping that Kakashi will keep his promise. I smiled at him and i could tell he was smiling back at me. So he held me again and i fell asleep in his arms.*

>>>>>>>>>>>>>Part II<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<
*I wake up on the couch.....alone.*
me: Kakashi???! Kakashi where are you?!
*I get up and walk towards the kitchen, but then i hear the shower going.*
me: oh good he didnt leave yet....thank goodness!
*I walk towards the bathroom door and I knock lightly.*
me: Kakashi?.....are you in there??...well if you are, just hear me out, dont have to say anything just listen please.Kakashi, I know that i cant change your mind about going on the mission today,
.....but before you leave can we at least have a picnic together!? We need to discuss some things.
*Kakashi then opens the door, he's wearing his pants*
Kakashi: alright then, but after my shower okay......or unless you want to join me!??
me: Ummmmmmmm no thanks id rather not!
Kakashi: Okay suit yourself!
*I start to turn away to go and get the picnic ready, but i felt a tug on my arm.....just then Kakashi twirls me around and kisses me! Holding he against his body.....*
Kakashi: We do need to talk......and this time please dont cry.*He said as he ran his ungloved fingers through my hair*
me: ummmm.....*I nodded my head* okay......i wont.
Kakashi: Good! *He said with a smirky smile*
*Kakashi finishes his shower and heads towards the kitchen where Im at making the lunches.........he's wearing nothing but a towel!!*
Kakashi: Destiny can you make sure that you put some grapes in there for me!?....
me: sure *turns to look at him* OMIGOSH!!!!Kakashi....ummmm i think you need to.....ummmmm put some shorts on or something.
Kakashi: What?....does it bother you that im half naked??
me: well does kinda bother will you please.
Kakashi: Alright, I'll go but before i do......
*he walks towards me, and wrappes his arm around my waist and holds me close to his chest. With his free hand he strokes my cheek and then very lightly he kisses me.*
me: *blushes*ummmm...... Kakashi?
Kakashi: Yes? What is it?..
me: you want anything else?......
Kakashi: Well there is one thing! *Kisses me again*
me: No Kakashi i meant with the lunch??
Kakashi: OH! Well......hummm let me think. *Holds his chin and thinks* i dont think i want anything else, just as long as i can spend the morning with you.
me: *blushes* oh Kakashi stop it! *Pushes free from his chest*can you go find something to wear...please!
Kakashi: But i am wearing something.....*I give him a smirky look* sorry i didnt know it bothered you that much.
me: Yea well......*i turn and start putting together the rest of the lunch.*
Kakashi: I really am sorry if i made you uncomfortable under my half naked sircomstances.....I'll go put some clothes on.
me: Thank you.
Kakashi: Your welcome.*Kisses the top of my head*
*Kakashi walks out of the kitchen and down the hallway to the bedroom to change, and I finish packing our picnic.Kakashi comes out of the room, and im standing by the frontdoor.*
me: Hey! You ready??
Kakashi: Ummmm yes. I think so. *He smiles and adjusts his gloves.* Are you?
me: Well of course I am.
Kakashi: Do you need any help carrying something?
me: ive got it thanks though!. *Smile sweetly at him.*
Kakashi: Oh......well your welcome then. *blushes*
me: Com'on, we dont need to waste time.
Kakashi: Yea your right, lets go....I have to leave at noon.
me: yea that's right *sighs heavily*
Kakashi: *He puts his arm around my shoulders* Hey, let's just think about us...okay!? Let's not think about the mission. How about that?
me: yea, okay.
Kakashi: So......what did you pack??
me: *Smiles* well you'll just have to wait and find out when we get there, now wont you!?!
Kakashi: *Gives a smirky half smile* Alright i'll just wait.
*Kakashi grabs the basket from my hands and holds my hand with his other, and pulls me along.*
me: Hey Kakashi!! Will you stop pulling me!? I can walk on my own ya know!
Kakashi: Yea but my way is faster! *He looks back and winks at me.* and besides i know the perfect spot too!!
me: Okay!?........Where?
Kakashi: You'll see when you get there. It's a spot hardly anyone knows about.
me: So it's sort of a secret place!??
Kakashi: Well.....I guess you can call it that....
me: hummmmmm.
Kakashi: What?
me: Oh it's nothing. *I give him a sweet smile again.*
*Kakashi then stops and just looks at me with a gental-sweet, but serious stare.*
me: What?
Kakashi: I just made up my mind.
me: About what?
Kakashi: Oh just'll find out soon enough!
me: huh?????????
*Kakashi smiles at me, through his mask, and brings my hand to his face and gently kisses it, even without taking his eyes off mine.'What's going on in his mind?' I ask myself.*
>>>>>>>>>>>>>Part III<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<
*Coming upon a clearing in the forest where Kakashi led me, i see a light up ahead, and when i reached the light, the clearing, i thought it was the most beautiful place ive ever seen before. A little river flowed right by it, and it was covered in wild flowers.*
me: Oh Kakashi!
Kakashi: So you like it!?
me: Oh yes! I love it!
Kakashi: Well that's good!Now.....*holds up the basket, and winks* lets eat!
me: *i shake my head* yes. let's eat! *smiles lightly*
*Pulling out a blanket from the top of the basket, Kakashi lays it down, then lays on top of it, and pats the spot next to him.*
Kakashi: Come. Sit and lets enjoy the time we have together. okay.
*i walk over and Kakashi holds my hand while i sit down next to him.*
me: Okay. So......*I pull out his grapes*
Kakashi: So.......? *Kakashi pulles down his mask, takes a grape and eats it* they're juicy, here.....*He picks another one up and puts it to my mouth, i take it and eat it.*
me: mmmmm... they are!
Kakashi: humm *Kakashi strokes my cheek* your so beautiful.
me: *blushes* ummmmm thank you!?
Kakashi: ha! you dont know what to say when someone complements you, do you?
me: Well, i never really got complements, so i guess im not use to them. *I smile shyly, and stick another grape into his mouth*
Kakashi: umph!! *he eats it and swallow it* okay thanx!.....Destiny whats the matter? *looks at me, but i dont look at him.* Destiny......? *He strokes my cheek again.*
*I feel hot....i think i might be starting to blush!!Kakashi takes one of my hands and starts caressing it.*
Kakashi: would you feel it i told you i would love you forever?
me: huh!?.....*i look at him. His eyes lost in thought.* well.....ummmmm...
Kakashi: And what if i said i would do anything to make you happy? What if i were to stay with you and protect you from any harm that would come towards you?
me: ummmm....i dont know......
Kakashi: Well...... what if i said i could do all that and more? Also if i would love you until the last sun sets??
me: uhh Kakashi?....What are you talking about?
*Kakashi looks straight into my eyes, pulls me closer to him and then kisses me, very softly, then pulls away.*
Kakashi: Destiny......I truly do love you! and i will always protect you no matter the cost the cause may do to me.
me: Kakashi...........
*Kakashi then reaches into the basket and pulls out a tiny black box with a golden ribbon tied to it.*
Kakashi: Here this is for you.
me: Oh Kakashi!! *'How did he get that in there?' i thought to myself??? 'Oh wait! In the kitchen when he kissed me, his one arm behind my back must have snuck it in there! but what is it??'*
Kakashi: Go ahead and open it!
me: Kakashi you didnt have to get me this....i mean i didnt get you anything!
Kakashi: *holds up his hand, and i silence myself* but you have given me something.........your tinder kindness, and the gentleness of your love! Now lets try this again, shall we!? Go ahead and open it!
me: ummmmm.*i shook my head*
*I open the tiny black box with the golden ribbon on top, and i gasp at the sight of a small ring on the inside! It was sivler and had three tiny dimond stones on it! I took it out and ingraved in the inside of the ring said this,"Until the last sun sets"! I start to cry.*
Kakashi: WHAT!! You dont like it?? ?? ?? ??
me: *i shake my head* no....Kakashi I love it!! Its so beautiful!!
Kakashi: Then why are you crying??? I thought i asked you not to cry!??
me: Sorry im just so happy, that you bought a ring for me!!
Kakashi: Well, isnt just any normal ring.....
me: wWhat?
Kakashi: Well its an engagement ring!
me: WHAT!!!?
Kakashi: *takes my hand* Destiny Inazuka.........will you let me love and protect you forever? until the last sun sets?
me: *My hands start shaking and a tear falls down my cheek* YES!!!YES!!!YES!!!
*Kakashi then takes my left hand and slips the ring on my finger.I then hug him, he pulls me back and kisses me, this time deep and passionate. I felt the wind rustle through my hair and i smelt the wild flowers and the freash water from the flowing river nearby. Kakashi pulls away and looks at the sun. It was over us now.*
me: oh you have to leave now, dont you? *i sighed heavily*
Kakashi: Yes. Well i guess time got away from us then, huh?
me: yea, i guess.
Kakashi: Destiny please dont be sad.
me: Sorry.
Kakashi: *twists his finger in my hair, and then unwrappes it* I'll come back. I promised didnt i?
me: yea but.....
Kakashi: then i'll come back! you have to trust me. okay.
me: Alright.
Kakashi: *He kisses me.* I love you.
me: I love you too.
>>>>>>>>>>>>>Part IV<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<
**Leaving the clearing, Kikari Masuda met us at the edge of the forest already dressed in his ambu uniform for the mission.**
Kikari: Hey Kakashi! **Waves to him**
Kakashi: Hello Kikari!
Kikari: So...what brings you out here??
Kakashi: I was going to ask you that!
Kikari: ....Oh hey there Destiny! Hows things on you team going?
me: Fine. Thanx for asking.....**I look at Kakashi.**
Kikari: Whats going on?
Kakashi: Nothing illegal....We're just spending our time wisely......**Looks at me, and he holds my hand.**
Kikari: Okay... whatever you say! But hey aren't you suppose to start heading for the gates right about now? That's where i was headed!
Kakashi: Ummmm yea, we just took a little detour is all, you know to talk about things. **Looks at me and smiles**
**That smile it always melted my soul, i loved that smile so deeply, but i was afraid that was the last time i would see it. All three of us walked to the gates of the village. There, we saw seven other members of the village all dressed in their ambu uniforms. Kia Yagamine, Kyou Mays, Monto Riuzaki, Itada Comiyaru, Dasgred Mato, Kiaun Gin, and Izeen Turoshima(The squad captain) he was the only one who wore a blue triangle on his chest protector(That was one way to spot out a captain), all of them gathered around the gates ready for the last two members of the squad. Kakashi and Kikari, wait i thought there were suppose to be ten members who have to attend an A-rank mission, but there were only nine. The reasons for these ten member teams was to partner each of them up, incase they needed to spread out. So why only nine????**
me: Hey Kakashi?? **i whisper**
Kakashi: Yes my love! what is it?
me: ummmm well i thought there were suppose to be ten members to an A-rank mission?
Kakashi: There are.
me: Well then how come there's only nine of them??
Kakashi: I dont know.
**Just then Izeen Turoshima, the captain, steped forward and spoke**
Izeen: Now as you all are aware of, as of now, that there are only nine of you present for this mission. As me progress forward there will be a village we will meet with and they will provide the final person needed to finish the mission. Now, this mission is very dangerous and life threatening, this may led to some of you being injured badly or may cause you to die, but i am willing to put my life on the line for my village! So.......any one who objects to go forward on this mission, go now!
**I stare at Kakashi. He didnt even blink.**
Izeen: Kakashi Hatake! **he said with a hard tone**
Kakashi: Yes Captain Izeen.
Izeen: You may bid for farewells now. **Looks at me with cold and shocking eyes.**
**Kakashi pulls me aside and stares atinto my eyes.**
Kakashi: Destiny.....
**My eyes start filling with tears. Kakashi wipes a tear away.**
Kakashi: please dont cry.
me: sorry but.......
Kakashi: I know this is hard but have faith, and if i dont return know that ive always loved you!
me: NO! Dont speek like that Kakashi!! You will return, i just know you will!!
Kakashi: Thats not always plauseible.
me: I DONT CARE!! I WONT LET YOU BECOME JUST A MEMORY!! **i break down and cry. Kakashi wrapps his arms around me.**
Kakashi: Destiny remember......**he pulls me back and stares at me**.......until the last sun sets i promise to love you.
me: I know Kakashi.......I know you will......
**The men gathered at the gates and stared at us waiting for Kakashi.**
Kikari: Hey Kakashi lets go already!! We're waiting!
Kakashi: One Sec. Hold on.
**Kakashi stares into my eyes, then kisses me, again deep and passionte but with a sad side to it, like he knew it was the last time or the last kiss we would share together.**
me: Kakashi............please be.....
Kakashi: I will. *huggs me tight, unwrapps his arms, and held my hands, i gripped tightly to his, caressing my hand with the ring on it, he wispered to me.......*
Kakashi: I love you.
**Then i felt his hands slip from my grip and he ran off to meet with the other nine men. Giving the signal they all took off into the outer peremesis of the village, but he looked back over his shoulder and gave me that smile, i could only smile back, hopeing he would return. I stared after them until i didnt see them anymore, then i fell to the ground and started crying, it felt like someone had stabbed me right through my heart. I felt like now all i had left was only hope.**
>>>>>>>>>>>>>Part V<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<
**The morning after kakashi left the village-left me....I knew something wasn't right, like something terrible had gone wrong but i didn't know what this feeling meant, or why i was having this strange feeling. Suddenly I hear a knock at my door. I Sit up in my bed. Then go and answer the door.**
Sana: Hey Destiny!
me: Oh......hi Sana.
Sana: Watcha up to??-Oh did I just wake you up??!-Sorry if i did!
me: Ummmmmm no it's fine.
Sana: Oh good!...Well.....ummm.....Destiny why are you still in your nightgown?????
me: Oh.....i didn't feel like changing, lazy me huh!?
Sana: Oh Well, we'll just wait for you to change, I mean I can't have you go looking like that now can I!?
me: What do you mean?? Where are we going??
Sana: Well......WE are going out by the river. ** She pulls open the door further and Temari, Sierra, Yasuna, Ino, and Hikari are stand there smiling at me**
me: Oh! hey u-guys!, ummm.......why are WE going to the river??
Sana: Oh you get away from the town, the boys, and to just have some girl time!
me: Oh okay then. Hold on and let me go change real quick!
All girls: Alright!!
**I go and change into something comfortble. As I put on my shirt, I noticed that the glare in my eye was from the ring on my finger, reflecting the sun shine. I take my hand and play with the ring on my finger, then a tear rolls down my cheek. I look out the window, "What a pretty day to go to the river!" I said to myself. As we were off to go to the river, Tasumi Miyastu a jonin working for the Hokage was walking straight for all six of us girls. I could feel a hole burning into my eyes as he only stared my way. He was holding a letter.**
Tasumi: Ummmm.....Excuse me Miss' **he bows** but I have a letter here for Destiny Inazuka!.....
Sana: Oh okay. Destiny.
me: Oh well thank you very much.
Tasumi: Ummm, Miss the Hokage would like to have a word with you. So if you don't mind....**Stretches his arm in the direction on the town building**
me: **I turn to look at Sana** I'm so sorry about this. Please forgive me!
Sana: awww, Don't worry about it maybe some other sunny day we'll hang out by the river. OKay!!
me: yea thanx, and again I'm sorry.
Sana: yea yea just go.
me: C-u guys later then. **Waves to them and walks off with Tasumi.**
Tasumi: I know.....
me: what!? know what....?
Tasumi: I know about you and Kakashi.
me: oh....well how much do you know??
Tasumi: Well.....for one-I know that you two live together. and second-I know about your little engagement too!
me: WHAT!!!! h-h-how do you know about that??? **Only two other people know, not including Kakashi and myslef, how did he know about that??**
**inner me: STALKER!!!!!!!STALKER!!!!!!!!**
Tasumi: Well I do work for the Hokage so I keep a neat and clean profile about everthing and everyone in this Village, and others from different regions as I'm pretty informed about every little thing!
me: WoW! That's pretty amazing!
**inner me: YEA FOR A STALKER!!!!!!!!**
Tasumi: Yea I guess but it sure is a lot of work!
me: yea I is that all you know??
Tasumi: Unfortuanatly.......for you.....yes.
me: wwwooohhh! **Thank goodness!!**
**inner me: I STILL THINK HE'S A STALKER!!**
Tasumi: I hope you don't get the wrong idea or anything- you know about me knowing so much stuff- it's just that the Hokage gives me a job and I do it, I don't ask any questions, I just do it.
me: Oh well I guess I understand that.
Tasumi: Well yea, I do want to keep my job!!
me: yea, I guess- I mean you would do anything if asked, and not even think twice about what was asked of you, but you just did it. Even knowing it was the wrong thing to do but you were asked to do it, and you didn't want to let anyone down, so you went and did it anyways.................
Tasumi: Ummmmm, yea.......i guess.......**looks worried**.....hey Destiny are you alright???
me: oh yes I'm fine thanx.....**I give him a fake but believeable smile.**
**Coming upon the Hokage's door in the town building, Tasumi tells me 'Just listen and don't talk- only when asked a question.'I nodded my head, and steped into the room right behind Tasumi. Tasumi bows and I do the same in respect.**
Tasumi: Lady Hokage, Destiny Inazuka, as you wished madam'.
Lady Hokage: Thank you Tasumi, you may leave now.
Tasumi: Yes mi'Lady. **Tasumi looks at me and winks.**
**inner me: WEIRD STALKER!!!!!!**
**I just smile back. As Tasumi leaves the room.**
Lady Hokage: Destiny Inazuka..........or should I say Destiny Hatake!??
me: yes mi'Lady Hokage.**I say still bowed**
Lady Hokage: Oh please call me Tsunade! We need to have a little chat about something.
me: Yes mi'La.....I mean Tsunade.
Tsunade: Well it has come to my attention that you and Kakashi Hatake are engaged.- is this true?
me: Yes.
Tsunade: I see- and is it true that you two are living together as well?
me: **I stare at the ground** Ummmmm......yes.
Tsunade: Hummmmm-well I think you should have the right to know.
me: Know what!?**I noticed that I had spoken without being asked so I shut my mouth, quickly**- Sorry!
Tsunade: It's fine- I hate it when people are always nice and proper around me.
me: But your the Hokage, we're suppose to honnor and respect you.
Tsunade: Yes I know- but anyways, back to what I was saying before......We haven't recieved word back from the fort in the next Village over about the squad arriving yet, and this concerns me very the fact that the men may not be alive, or they have lost their way.......but in any case we are sending a new squad out to look for the previous squad, and pray to God that they find the others.
me: What!?? So they could be dead or lost???!!!
Tsunade: I'm afraid so- but I don't want to call it quits....not yet.- do you have any requests of the missioners for the new squad??
me: 'Kakashi' **I whisper to myself.** ummmm. Tsunade, Lady Hokage please let me go out on the search squad! PLEASE!!!
Tsunade: Why??
me: Please!, I need to.
Tsunade: I'm not sure.................**Folds her hands and thinks**
me: Please! I'll even find a squade by sundown if that's what it takes! BUT PLEASE LET ME GO!!!!
Tsunade:.............Alright I've made me decision...........
me: please. please. please. please. **I whisper to myself**
me: OOHH!....Yes mi'Lady by sundown- I promise!
** So I knew exactly who I wanted on my team as team mates. It was perfect! I headed out in search for team mates: Sana Uchiha, Kiba & Akamaru Inazuka, Shikamaru Nara, Yasuna & Naruto Usamaki, Neji Hyuga, and Choji!**
>>>>>>>>>>>>>Part VI<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<
**Standing at the gates of the village I met up with my team- Sana Uchiha, Kiba & Akamaru Inazuka, Shikamaru Nara, Yasuna & Naruto Uzamaki, Neji Hyuga, Ino Yamanaka, and Choji. And we were all ready to head out in search of finding the last squad that was sent out on a mission.**
me: Well...Looks like we're all here. Is every one ready?
All: Yea!
me: Okay then, lets go!
**Running throught the forest, with my brother right beside me, gets a glare in his eye and says something.**
Kiba: Hey Destiny!?.....What's with the ring??
me: It's nothing.
Kiba: Yea right!, Come'on and tell me.
me: Tell you what?? There's nothing to tell.
Kiba: So.......
me: So what??
Kiba: So who is he??
me: Who?
Kiba: Come'on- who's the guy who gave you the ring?? I just want to know.
me: NO!
Sana: Hey Destiny. Where'd you get the ring??
me: OMIGOSH! *Stops running* Okay so that everyone knows........this ring, I got it from Kakashi Hatake. Okay so now everyone is filled in, can we keep going?
Kiba: Kakashi Hatake?- Kakashi Sensei??
me: Yes.
Sana: That's my brother!!!
Kiba: WHAT!? Your brother?
Sana: Yea gotta problem??
Kiba: NO not at' Destiny?
me: What is it Kiba?
Kiba: Why Kakashi Sensei??
me: I don't know.
Kiba: You don't know and you still said YES!??
me: Well yea......I mean I guess I've fallen in love with him!
Kiba: In LOVE????? You can't be serious!
me: I am, Now shut up!
Kiba: But.......I don't wanta be related to Sana.*he whispers*
me: There's nothing wrong with it.
Kiba: Yea other than the fact he's like 10 years older than you!
me: It doesn't really bother me.......I love him for him, not how old he is.
Kiba: Ummmmm Destiny it kinda does matter! He's 26 and your 17!! So it DOES matter!
me: Whatever!
Kiba: So if you look at it from that point of view, he's like a pervert! HAHAHA!
me: It's not funny!
Kiba: Whatever....yes it is! BLAHAHAHAHAHAHA!
me: Shut up!
me: I SAID SHUT UP!!!!!!!
*I turn around and with a huge blow of my fist I sent him into a tree making an imprint outline of his body. Everyone stops and stares at me. I could feel the burn of their stares ripping through my skin and it was like setting my own flesh on fire. I felt my cheeks get hotter, I was so embarassed, what a great leader I turned out to be- punching my own team mate, my own brother. I was so assamed.*
me: Come'on Kiba. We gotta get going!
Kiba: Yea...okay.
*we head off.*
me: Kiba....sorry that i punched you so hard back there.
Kiba: No im sorry.
me: You!? For what??
Kiba: For being a pest and making you look like a fool in front of your team sorry Destiny.
me: Oh Kiba. You know ive already forgiven you.
Kiba: Really!? That fast!?
me: Yep!
Kiba: WoW!...............................So it's Kakashi-Sensei??
me: Yes.
Kiba: oh........really?....Why him?
me: Oh I on't know...maybe because he's so gental around me.....or because he's so caring and sweet.....who knows really!?
Kiba: Yuck! I didn't want to know all that icky-mushy stuff Des.
me: Yea well you did!
Kiba: Great!!!
*Suddenly we meet with four of Orochimaru's sound ninja's Kidoumaru, Jiroubou, Tayuya, Sakon(Ukon)! Sana Uchiha and myself went up against Tayuya, Kiba & Akamaru Inazuka and Neji Hyuga went up against Kidoumaru, Shikamaru Nara and Choji went up against Jirobou, Yasuna & Naruto Usamaki went up against Sakon(Ukon). And fought desperately hard and won............but with really bad injuries!*
Kiba: HEY SIS!!!! SIS!!!!! *Shakes me but i wont wake*
Neji: She's got internal injuries from those critical hits she encountered from Tayuya's deamons.
Kiba: Will she live!????
Neji: Yes. But she need's rest and treatment....
Kiba: Well then let's not waste any time!
Neji: We need to take her back to the village for medical assistance.
Sana: WAIT!!
Kiba: What!????
Sana: She spoke....
me: K---Kaka---------shi..........
Kiba: She spoke!!!!!!!
Sana: Yes Destiny..... what is it??
me: *COUGH*COUGH*COUGH*...K--Ka---Kaka--shi??
Sana: No. Destiny it's me Sana!
me: Where----where's*COUGH*COUGH*-----Kaka------shi??
Kiba: He's not here! Sis Bianca and Akamaru went ahead to sniff him out!
me: --oh--*COUGH*COUGH up comes blood*
Kiba: What's wrong with her???
Neji: She's hurt really badly.
Kiba: Yea, but why is she coughing up blood????
Sana: Because like Neji said before- if you were listening- she has internal injuries!
Kiba: oh.....but she's gonna live right!?? She's not gonna die or nothin??
ALL: NO KIBA!!!!!!
Kiba: Sorry I was just worried about my sis, gahw!
*Just then they all heard a howl and barking......Kiba sprang o his feet!*
Kiba: Akamaru?? Bianca???
*Then they all saw a big shadowy figure.......It was Captain Izeen Turoshima!! and he was transformed....looked like he had one of Orochimaru's marks.*
Kiba: Who's that ugly bastard!??
Sana: It's Izeen Turoshima!
Neji: Yes. I've heard of him before. He's one of the elite ninja's that the leaf village has, but what happened to him?? Why is he this way??
Sana: A curse mark...
Kiba: huh!? A wha?????
Neji: Oh I see.
Sana: Yes. Orochimaru..............My father.
Kiba: YOUR WHAT!!!!!!!!????????
Neji: So he is your father. I've heard some things around the village but i wasn't sure if it was true or not.
Sana: Does that make up happy now that you know the TRUTH!?
Neji: I realy could care less.
Kiba: Well I dont' care!! But what about this Izoozoo guy!?
Sana: It's Izeen.
*Just then Izeen charges toward us, Kiba steps infront of me and tries to protect me but Izeen punches him and he goes flying in the air. Then Yasuna, Naruto, Neji, Shikamaru, and Choji all go at him at once but he was too strong. Yasuna cut him with her cunni knife but it was no good, and Naruto's shadow clones didnt work either! Nor did Neji's trigram 64 palms, Shikamaru's shadow-possesion justu, or even Choji's human bolder!! Then Sana steps in front of me, I tried to move but i just didnt have the strength, so she stands in an attack pose and charges toward him!! I try and tell her to stop but nothing would come out! I couldnt talk! My voice had disapeared!! And before I knew it Sana, too, was thrown into the air, punched, and she hit a tree. I was so terrified as I saw him look toward me with a wild monsterous look in his eyes. He walked toward me, then accelerated at a full run! He was roaring and growling at me, I was petrified!"I will kill you once and for all!!" he yelled and screamed at me. I closed my eyes tight and waited to be killed, probably crushed to death, or maybe ripped in half, but I just layed there waiting.........but then nothing time had stopped! What happened?? Was I already dead?? Did it happen so sudden and quick that I didn't even feel it?? But I then heard him gruntting like he was frustrated. I opened my eyes, only to see Kakashi swatting there in front of me on one knee holding Transformed Izeen's huge claw away from my troat.*
me: Ka.....Kakashi....*COUGH*COUGH*
Kakashi: YOU.......won't take the one good and only true thing away from my LIFE!!!!!!!!!
*Kakashi threw him back and he started laughing.*
T.Izeen: You acually think you can defeat me!!?? MUWAHAHAHA What a are a pothetic excuses for a ninja, for a jonin, and....for a husband!
me: Kaka...*COUGH*COUGH*COUGH* ....shi
*Kakashi turns towards me and holds me im his arms.*
Kakashi: Destiny don't speak. You dont have enough energy for that.
me: Where's....Aka*COUGH*maru and Bianca *COUGH*???
Kakashi: There here. They're holding him back so i can tend to you.
me: Kakash......Kakashi...*COUGH*COUGH*
Kakashi: What is it love?? What??
me: *sighs heavily* I lo........
*Kakashi kisses me- a deep passionate kiss ^-^ - and huggs me tight. I could hear him cry a little.*
me: Kakashi...... *he looks at me, his face damp* dont cry *COUGH*
Kakashi: I dont know what I would do if I had lost you! I wouldnt have any reason to liv.....!*I put my fingers over his mouth*
me: Kakashi *COUGH* dont speak like that *COUGH* look *COUGH* I'm perfectly fine! *COUGH*COUGH*COUGH up comes blood*
Kakashi: Destiny!!?? What's this?? *takes my hand and sees blood*
me: OH that *COUGH* its nothing serious just some enternal injuries is all, I'm fine *COUGH* really I am *COUGH*COUGH*
Kakashi: No your not! I have to get you back to the village for treatment!
*Just then Izeen got loose from the grip of Akamaru and Bianca, and charged toward Kakashi and me.Kakashi picks me up and leaps to a nearby tree branch.*
T.Izeen: You foolish boy! You are pothetic!! You are an absolute discrace to your father, the master of all evil sceems and plans!!
Kakashi: My father was a coward who never soillied his own hands!! He used people as puppets and brainwashed them into thinking that they were even the least bit useful to him!!
T.Izeen: Your father is my Master and I will not have anyone speak of him in that manner! Not even his worthless son!!!
*Izeen tried to attack but he was too slow and Kakashi dodged him. He charged and swung every which way toward us. Kakashi leaped and set me on the ground far away from him and the attacks. He kissed me and and then ran his fingers across my cheekbone, then headed off to fight the transformed Izeen Turoshima.......*
me: careful....
>>>>>>>>>>>>>Part VII<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<
**Feeling barely anything, all i knew was that i needed to stay awake to keep from having my injuries even more server than what they already were. I saw, from a distance, Kakashi and Izeen fighting. Once Kakashi would be ahead then the next Izeen, I saw from the corner of my eye Sana Stand up and jump toward the fight. I tried by it was no use into talking her out of it, so i decided to go after her, but once i moved an inch i felt the most horrid pain i had ever felt before, the ripping of my lungs gasping for air, the stretchingness of my insides like they were being put into different possitions in my body. But i still tried to move and just when i tried Kiba stoped my and held me back. Him, Yasuna and Naruto stayed to protect and treat my injuries but they were just wasteing their time. While Shikamaru, Neji, and Choji went to help Sana and Kakashi take care of Izeen. But by the time Shikamaru, Neji and Choji arrived Sana and Kakashi had already gotten ridd of Izeen and his evil curse mark. WoW Sana and Kakashi fighting against one of their own fathers creations- I wonder what they must be feeling or even going through to know that their own father was capable of creating such a monster of distruction!
Kakashi and the rest of the gang found their way back to where i was laying up against a tree. Kakashi picks me up and carries my toward the village in order to get the proper treatment and aid.**
Kakashi: It'll be okay my love. We'll get you to the Konoha Medical Center as quick as possible. Just hold on alright.
me: Mmmmhummm *I slightly whisperd. I layed my head on his chest as he carried me**
Kiba: Hey! Kaka-Sensei!?? Will she be alright you think??
Kakashi: Yes we just got to get her treated.
Sana: So Kakashi!??
Kakashi: Yes Sana what is it??
Sana: So you really do love her dont you!!?
Kakashi: More than anything in my entire life.......I would do anything for her.
Sana: Well that proves something of worth to you.
Kakashi: Yea. I would go to the ends of the earth just to be beside her.
Sana: How sweet.
Kiba: HEY! That's my sister your talking about!
Sana: Hey thats my brother to talking to!
Kiba: Well he doesnt need to sat those type things about her!!
Sana: OH YEA!!!! Well he can say whatever he wants to!!
Kakashi: Now. Now. Let's not get so hiped up........... huh!
me: Kiba......please*COUGH*COUGH* stop arguing. At least try to *COUH*COUGH*COUGH* get along.
Kiba: Fine!
Kakashi: Don't talk your not well enough for that now.
me: I'm fine *COUGH* don't worry so much.*I smaile at him* *COUGH*COUGH*COUGH*
Kakashi: Destiny please save your breath, your not in the proper condision for talking. Now please my love just rest.
me: *I nodded my head* okay.
Kiba: You can't tell her what to do!!
Sana: Yes he can he's her fiance!!!
Kiba: I don't care if he's her minoce or whatever! He doesnt have the right to tell her what to do!!
Sana: Your stupid! You know what. Just stop talking and shut up!
Kiba: What did you say to me!!?? >_<
Kakashi: PLease stop arguing you two.
Sana: Sorry brother but he's just so annoying.
Kiba: yea tell me about it, you are!
Sana: Retard!
Kiba: Stupid!
Kiba: Who?? 0.o
Sana: sorry
Kiba: yea sorry.
me: Mmmm Kaka-----shi*COUGH* please dont use that lan----*COUGH*guage in front of me. *COUGH*COUGH*
Kakashi: I'm so sorry love it won't happen again. The situation got the better of me. Forgive me.
me: *smiles* Your forgiven *COUGH*COUGH*
Kakashi: I love you.
me: I love you *COUGH* too.
**Kakashi kisses my forhead and carries me toward the village, but................just then an unsuspected person appears and starts a sparl....Who is it???--???_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _???--**
???: So lovely to see you again Kakashi! Live and well too I see.
Kakashi: What do you want??!!
???: What are you not happy to see me?? *Looks toward Sana* Sana! My dearest. How have you been??
Sana: I've been alright. You??
???: Oh well i get around.....person to person, body to.........well you know.
Kiba: Hey! I know him from somewhere dont I??
Neji: Yes. You probably do. As well as I.
Kiba: I just cant think of his name!! What is it?? Rochi?? Poky?? Slopie?? Soapy??----Oh man I give up!!
Neji: It's none of those, moron.
Kiba: Oh yea well then Mr. 'Oh I can see through anything!! I'm Mr. Biokugum!'
Neji: It's Byakugan.- Firstly, and secondly It's Orochimaru.
Kiba: Oh Yea that's his name now!! Scaly guy!!
Neji: Yes or as being such a pittiful moron like yourself, you can call him that.
Kiba: Alright then I will. But one Question!!??
Neji: What now??
Kiba: Okay. So how in the world does he know Kakashi!!??
Neji: *looks at kiba* Were you not listening earlier??
Kiba: Was I suppose to listen for something??
Neji: Never mind--- okay your sister Destiny is engaged with Kakashi. Yes??
Kiba: Yea but what does my sister have anything to do with Soapy man??
Neji: I thought you were calling him scaly man??----Never mind your sister isnt the exact point in the issue right now.
Kiba: Okay well then who is??
Neji: LET ME FINISH!!!!!!!
Kiba: Sorry- calm down.
Neji: Now back to what i was saying before......Your sister and Kakashi-engaged. Sana and Kakashi are brother and sister. And earlier Sana said that 'her' father was Orochimaru.-So that means Orochimaru is Kakashi's father as well.
Kiba: Oh..........but what does my sister have to do with it??
Kiba: OH. well why didnt you say so??
Neji: I did. Your just to mentally challenged to comprehend anything.
Kiba: HEY!
Neji: Sadly it's the truth.
Sana: Hey guys be quiet.
Kiba/Neji: Sorry.
Orochimaru: So Kakashi!?? Is this the girl you pushed me away for!!??
Kakashi: Yes and she's my fiance.
Orochimaru: Oh I you actually love her that much??
Kakashi: Yes. Got a problem??
Orochimaru: I am just so disapointed.
Kakashi: With what??
Orochimaru: Well with you......and with.......this *looks at me*
Kakashi: She does have a name. Dont treat her like she's nothing, because she is something.............infact she's everything to me!! So back the f**k off!
Orochimaru: Well I would have never figured those type of sayings coming out of my own sons mouth, esspecially toward me, his own father.
Kakashi: Yes well times have changed, Ive changed!
Orochimaru: Yes. and i am sad to say its not a very good change for you.
Kakashi: Really!? And why not??
Orochimaru: Because of this girl!......she has changed you.....for the worst!
Kakashi: No she has changed me for the better!
Sana: Yea she's a great girl once you get to know her! She's nice, funny, and really sweet!
Orochimaru: So she's got you brainwashed as well my dearest Sana.
Sana: No.
Orochimaru: What a same. Both my children brainwashed. Such great talent waisted, when you could be working with me. It would be like a family business!
Kakashi: No thanks! I'd rather pass.
Orochimaru: Well then I guess i will have to end your life, as well as that girls.......
Kakashi: You wont lay a finger on her!
Orochimaru: Such hatred and temper. I dont know where you get that from.....but it cant be good for you. You probably picked it up from this harlot from the leaf village, which you have in your arms.
Sana: Yea she didnt do anything to you!
Orochimaru: Oh but she did.
Kakashi: And what did she do??
Orochimaru: She took away my prize possesions!!
Kakashi: We dont mean jack to you and you know it! You just want to use us for your own. Our skills would be waisted on those petty little plans of yours.
Orochimaru: Now why would I waist such talented skills on petty little plans when you could work my Genius plans!
Kakashi: Never!
Orochimaru: Come now. You were a child prodigy who attained Chuunin rank at the age of 6, and became a Jounin at age 13! Now with those skills why would I waist them??
Kakashi: For your own purpose.
Orochimaru: And what might that be, do you think??
Orochimaru: Is that so??
Kakashi: Yes it is. And you and i both know it! So dont even try and hide it because you cant!
Orochimaru: Okay then.....Yes it's true! I need the power....NO I WANT THE POWER!!
Kakashi: Yea well to bad.
Orochimaru: Yes its very unfortunate for me isnt it.
Kakashi: Yea so you had better leave.
Orochimaru: Alright. Farewell until next time my son.
**Orochimaru Leaves and Kakashi and the rest of the team heads back to the village. And at the village gates they meet the Hokage's assistance, Tasumi Miyastu. **
Tasumi: Oh Thank Goddness you've made it back!
Kakashi: Yea thanks, but i dont have time to chat, i need to get her to the Medical Center and qiuck, she need treatment.
Tasumi: Oh right. The Hokage already has a room reserved. Well she actually had it reserved for you, but it looks like Miss. Inazu......I mean Mrs. Hatake needs it more than you do.
Kakashi: Ah so you know too??
Tasumi: Yes. Im sorry but its my job. Now hurry this way.
Kakashi: Alright.
**Kakashi follows Tasumi to the Kohona Medical Center, so I can be treated immediately. Kakashi walks toward the bed and layes me on it, and pulls the covers over me. I open my eyes and he leans forward and kisses my forhead, and then rubbs my cheek. Just then the Hokage walks in to take a look.**
Tasumi: L-L-Lady Hokage! What a surprise to see you.*bows*
Kakashi: Oh its just you Lady Tsunade.
Tasumi: Hey be respectful! She's our Hokage!
Kakashi: And.....??
Tsunade: Its alright Tasumi. I allow him to call me by my first name.
Tasumi: Uh Yes. Mi'lady.
Tsunade: You can leave now Tasumi. I've got this under control for now.
Tasumi: Yes Lady Hokage. *Bows then Leaves*
Tsunade: Okay. *walks beside my bed.* So let's take a look and see.
Kakashi: Neji Hyuga said that her injuries are mainly internal.
Tsunade: Yes I noticed that....*Looks at Kakashi's arm* Kakashi you need to get that bandaged up.
Kakashi: I will later. Right now i have to stay by her side. I wont leave her, not when she's hurt this badly.
Tsunade: Well if i wasnt deaf then I'd say you really were in love with this girl- just by the way you talk about her.
Kakashi: More than you know. *He picks up my hand and caresses it gentaly, then kisses it*
Tsunade: Well Kakashi for now she's sleeping, so you can go get your arm looked after. And I will stay here with her until you return. Alright.
Kakashi: Fine. You win. I'll get my arm looked at.
Tsunade: Very well.
Kakashi: Please dont leave her side. I dont know what i would do if i'd lost her.
Tsunade: You have my word.
Kakashi: Thank you Tsunade.*Leans forward and kisses my cheek, then leaves the room*
Tsunade: Your very strong you know. He's a very stubborn man to deal with.
me: Mmmmmhmm I know *COUGH*. But how did you know i was *COUGH* fake sleeping??
Tsunade: Because you care about him the same way he does for you. And I knwo you would have wanted him to get treated than to stick around here and let his arm get worse.
me: Your right. *COUGH*COUGH*
Tsunade: But now you have to really get some rest. I'll put some I.V. on so you'll heal quicker.
me: mmm Thank you.*i whisper*
Tsunade: Your welcome. now just get some rest and you'll feel a lot better later on.
**I close my eyes and fall asleep. Just waiting on Kakashi to be next to me again.**
>>>>>>>>>>>>>Part VIII<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<
*Just then i hear a weird tapping noise on the floor, it was Kakashi tapping his foot in anticipation. So I slowly opened my eyes only to see Kakashi staring at me.*
Kakashi: Oh your awake finally.
me: uh-hum *smiles at Kakashi-I try to get up but Kakashi stops me*
Kakashi: Destiny please stay in bed your still not well enough to move.
me: Please Kakashi im fine.
Kakashi: Hey your cough went away!
me: See i told you im fine.
Kakashi: Im just glad to see you alive. *Kisses me*
me: Yea me too, about you i mean *i reach for his arm*
Kakashi: *he grabbs his arm* Awww its nothing compared to what you had to endure.
me: But im alright now.....
Kakashi: Yes, for now, but i cant risk almost losing you again.
me: Kakashi......look im fine now.....*Kakashi puts his head down and i see drops on the bed sheets*..Kakashi??
Kakashi: *looks at me with tears in his eyes* I dont know what i would have done if id lost you.
me: Kakashi....... *I wipe away a tear that started to roll down his cheek.*
Kakashi: mean the world to me, everything i do somehow allows me think of you.
me: You mean the world to me as well, Kakashi.
Kakashi: I love you so much!!*Kakashi hugs me around the waist*
me: I love you too.*I play with his hair*
*Kakashi Pulls away and kisses me deeply and passionatly. Just the Sana walks in with a huge book in her hand, it kinda looks like a scrapt book.*
Sana: AHEEMMM! *Claps her hands three times*
Kakashi: *stops kissing me and looks me in the eyes.* I love you.
me: I love you too.
Sana: Excuse me but am i *waves her arms in the air* invisible or something!!!??? HELLO!! You two done yet!?? *She crosses her arms and starts to tapp her foot*
Kakashi: Sana what do you want now???? * Goes back to kissing me*
Sana: Excuse me!!!
me: *I pull away* Hey Sana what'd you got there??
Kakashi: I wasnt finished kissing you! *he whispers*
me: Cutt it out! *i whisper back*
Sana: Oh right! *walks toward Kakashi and grabbs him by the wrist* You have to leave!!
Kakashi: Hey!! And why do i have to leave???
Sana: Because i have somethings i HAVE to talk to Destiny about and you cant hear it!!
Kakashi: And why not???
Sana: Because you just cant!!
Kakashi: Sorry Sana but Destiny just woke up and im not leaving!
Sana: BUT YOU HAVE TO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
me: Kakashi.......
Kakashi: Yes love, what is it???
me: Please go if she needs to talk to me.....then...
Kakashi: THEN WHAT!!
me: It might be about girl know the whole peri....
Kakashi: Alright!! Alright!! *Waves his hands in my face* Ill go, just dont finish that word, and only if its really important!
Sana: Believe me it is!
Kakashi: Fine I'll go. *looks at me* But you owe me a kiss.
me: *Smiles* I will later, but right now your sister needs to talk to me.
Kakashi: WoW that smile of yours.........and your lips.......*Leans to kiss me again*
me: Just go. *i put my fingers over his lips*
Sana: Yea hurry up and get going! This is very important!!!
Kakashi: Alright im leaving just let go of my wrist!! *Sana lets go* Thank you!
Sana: Your NOT welcome! Now Leave!
Kakashi: I love you.
me: And I love you.
Sana: Great now you can go. *pushes Kakashi out of the room and into the hallway*
-----------in the hallway---------
Tsunade: Kakashi!?? What are you doing out here?? I thought you'd be in there with Destiny when she woke up!
Kakashi: yea me too but my sister obviously has something to talk to her about.
Tsunade: Oh! well then let's go get a bite of lunch, my pay!
Kakashi: Sure why not. *they walk to the cafateria to eat*
-----------back in the room----------
me: So Sana what's all this??
Sana: What does it look like??
me: Well it looks like a scrapt book to me.
Sana: Close but they're ideas for your wedding!!
me: Really!!??
Sana: Yea so i decided to be your wedding planner!! Funn right!!
me: Definite funn!
*Sana flipps through her book to the wedding dresses page.*
Sana: Okay which one do you like the most??!!
me: That one right here.
Sana: OoOoOoO thats a pretty one!! Perfect for you!
me: Really!
me: *giggle* *COUGH*COUGH*COUGH*
Sana: Hey your still coughing.
me: Im fine really. its just a little cough.
Sana: Does Kakashi know your still coughing like this???
Sana: Destiny you have to tell him!!!
me: I cant or he'll never let me do anything! Please Sana just keep this between us alright.
Sana:...........oh..........fine. I wont tell him.
me: Thank you.
Sana: Yea-yea you owe me.
me: Okay.
Tsunade: Kakashi! Whats wrong??
Kakashi: *plays with his food* Huh!? Oh sorry what'd you say??
Tsunade: I asked you whats wrong??
Kakashi: Oh nothing i was just thinking of someo....i mean something.
Tsunade: Destiny!?
Kakashi: Yea.
Tsunade: Well that's no surprise- to anyone.
Kakashi: Its that obvious isnt it??!!!
Tsunade: Yes.
Kakashi: I know im suppose to keep my Ninja life and Personal life seperate but......its hard you know......
Tsunade: Yes I understand.
Kakashi: I mean this one person who has your whole heart and you would give up your life just to spend eternity with them.
Tsunade: Yes. But eternity is a long time.
Kakashi: Who cares!?? Im in love with her and nothing can change my mind.
Tsunade: I wasnt trying to, but you need to be extra careful when your on the mission field to keep both sides of your life seperate. Kakashi this matter is very important that you learn how to do this.If your enemy finds out those people that are most dearest to your heart they'll go straight for a perfect kill!
Kakashi: Yea I know!!!! *Lays his head in his palm- Kakashi stands up*
Tsunade: Where are you going??
Kakashi: Back to Destiny's room for now. Then i was thinking of going home and taking a shower then coming back.
Tsunade: Well, why dont you take her home instead of coming back here.
Kakashi: Really! I can do that!!??
Tsunade: Sure. I'll tell the Medical Fermery Records that i said you could.
Kakashi: Oh!! Well...........thanx Tsunade. A bunch.
Tsunade: Your more than welcome Kakashi. Now be on your way.
*Kakashi nodds and walks back to my room but doesnt come in just yet- he waits outside the door and listens*
Sana: Destiny, here drink some water.
me: Thanx, *i drink some water* but please dont tell him. okay.
Sana: Alright Alright lay off i promised i wouldnt tell so im not gonna!!!
me: Good, Thank you....*COUGH*COUGH*COUGH*
Sana: uh-hun Sure thing. So back to business you want ivory or palm??
me: I dont know you pick.
Sana: Ivory.
me: Ivory it is.
Sana: Okay now which table setting?? Boquet of Red roses or White??
me: I like the white ones.
Sana: Okay White Roses it is!
Sana/me: *giggle*
Sana: Hey Destiny whats the matter?? You just stoped laughing.
me: I was just thinking........ Do you think Kakashi will like my dress???
Sana: Destiny- I dont think the dress is really gonna matter to him, he's a man and the only thing he'll be thinking of, is after the wedding and getting you OUT of the dress.
me: Oh my goodness! Really you think he will??
Sana: Definite! I know my brother pretty well- even though i wished i didnt but i do. Sad I know, guys just think a lot differently than we, women do.
me: I know that much for sure.
Sana: Yea so anywayys back to the picking.......
*Kakashi walks in*
me: Oh Hi!
Kakashi: Hi yourself Beautiful.
Sana: Great perfect the great disaster walks in and ruins the moment!!!
Kakashi: haha! Your oh so funny!!! *sarcasim*
Sana: Oh bugg off!!
me: *giggle* Now-now.
Kakashi: Were you thirsty, Love??*Looking at the glass of water i held in my hands*
me: Oh yes. I was, but Im fine now.*I set the glass on the side table*
Sana: You know we werent finished?!
Kakashi: Who cares?! *Walks to the side of my bed* Lady Tsunade said that i can take you back home if you wanted me to.
Sana: What!! Why??
Kakashi: Well Lady Tsunade said that she's looking a whole lot better than before so it was safe enough to take her home. But only if Destiny wanted.
me: Yes!! Please i dont want to be trapped in this bed any longer!!
Kakashi: Okay then home it is!
Sana: Wait!!--- *Looks at me, and I glare at her and shake my head*
Kakashi: What is it Sana??
Sana: Oh.....Ummm.......just that.....dont forget to make her drink lots of fluids! *She smiles*
Kakashi: I know that, you didnt have to tell me. *Kakashi takes me hand and looks me in the eye* Are you ready to go home dearest??
me: Oh Yes!! Thank Heavens that I get to leave!
Kakashi: Okay then lets go home. *Kakashi picks me up and carries me to the hallway...*
Sana: Hey Stupid!
Kakashi: *Turns and looks* What??
Sana: You know you can push her in a wheel chair!!
Kakashi: I know. But i wanted to carry her home myself! Is that a problem for you??
Sana: No, But you have issues!
me: Thanks for carring me, you didnt have to you know.
Kakashi: Yes. I know that, but i havent been able to have you in my arms for quite a while, so i decided that this was a way to do so.
me: OH! Well okay then. *I wrapp my arms around his neck and kiss him on the cheek*
Kakashi: What was that for??
me: That was the kiss i owed you from later remember!?
Kakashi: Well that really wasnt a kiss, for real.
me: Then do my kisses mean nothing to you??
Kakashi: No they do, but that one was like, just an innocent kiss not the kind i want from my fiance!!
me: Okay then, maybe later I could have a retry!
Kakashi: Alright, you get one retry.
me: Okay thank you.
Kakashi: Your welcome, Love. *I rest my head on his shoulder and closed my eyes, then he whispered into my ear*.......I love you.
me: *I smiled and whispered back*........I love you too.

The Other Parts of my Story Are continued on to my Newest user. I will still use this user but my story will just be on the newer one.....if that makes any yea go to XxKakashi's_Wife2xX (the link: read the rest of my story!!
Thanx for all whom i adore and love!!

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