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Why don't you take the hint you insignifigant fool, and pull the trigger with the barrel to your head...-by Alysha Smith(Kaiya)

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Name:   Kaiya
Birthday:   1992-11-06
Joined:   2007-07-06
Location:   Wouldn't you like to know >_>
Uploads:   20 graphics 

This is me.

No laughing I know I is ugly. If you don't think it's me, then you have trust issues. Who would fake anything with that?

Gender: Female
Language:Mainly English, but now I'm learning Japanese and French and Relearning sign language.
Relationship status:Single.
Orentation:Straight(I support gay/lesbian marrige!)

♥In memory of my dear friends.♥
Jessica Page(1990-2009), Halae Anderson(1992-2009), Ashely Wilches(1992-2009), and Natasha Sparks(1983-2009).
♥Forever Loved.♥

Hi! I'm a very easy person to get along with. Meaning if you're on my enemies list you must've done something. Ask though maybe I hit the wrong button and haven't seen it yet. I'm a writer. It's what I do! I'd die without books. I'm an anime/manga freak! A freak in other non-perverted ways as well. Not many people read these, but oh well. The web site at the top was created by yours truely with friends. If you like anime/manga go there and join the fun! Lets dance! -Dances- Dooooooooooooom do da deeee!! =^,..,^=

If you wanna be my friends add me and then ask if I'll add you. I will. I love Japan. I do, I will go there before I die! I'm in soccer, colorgaurd and band if that doesn't make me a loser what will?!?! Also I'm really random. I volunteer at a camp called "Kamp Dovetail" (K-ids A-nd M-otivated P-eople---They didn't spell it wrong for the heck of it.) This camp is dedicated to help disabled indivisuals have extreme fun for once in their life. It broke my heart, because I heard one Kamper say "Well, after camp it'll be back to my same boring life. I don't wont to leave." he has down syndrom and is very smart. What people don't get is thease kids are so incredibly smart they put "genius'" to shame. Both of my brothers go to Kamp Dovetail as Kampers, and both of them are very smart. Though one can't express it like we would. If you want more information on this camp-maybe to volunteer at or send a child to- go to Kamp DoveTail. Who knows you might change a life.

Do you like to read? As you may have read I love to write. Want to give my so called talents a chance? Go to Kaiya666. I say whats on my mind so I might end up offending someone. Please tell me if I do. In a respectful way. Even though I'm nice. I can turn into a bitch. I get bored easily, if I say so in a comment I'm not refering to you. I love to make smiley faces! I don't know why, they just amuse me=^,..,^=. I also love snakebite peircings. I can't get them untill I move out though=(. I will get them though along with an eyebrow peircing, a bellybutton ring, and maybe another eyebrow peircing. I'm not to fond on getting a tatto, but I'm thinking of getting one to resemble my family and friends. I love music. Plain and simple. I guess the only muisc I don't like would have to be rap and hip-hop. Ok, yes I love the books of Twilight. However I've heard it's name too many times here latly! Please don't revolve all of our conversation around it. I'm getting annoyed with the book sadly. So I'm going to wait for a while when everything dies down to be crazy for it again. If you lived where I live. You'd understand. I'm tired of writing this so I'm going to stop. Though I know you probably wont... Ask me if you want to know more.
-Kaiya! (Let your nightmares roam...)

My Friends and Family.(Don't screw them over.)
All anime and manga
Animals(I'm a vegetarian.Don't like it?Eh who cares?)
Kamp Dovetail
Mystical stuff
The moon
Criss Angel!(Hotty)
All types of rock
Marching Band
Wanna know more just ask!

Child abuse
Animal abuse
Eating Disorders-NOT the people who have them.-
Concieted people
People that have problems with me being me
Chain letters!
Drama-If you're going to start, I'm going to ignore you. I'm not up for childish bullshit-
Pink-The color.-
Sunny days-they give me headachs-
Scepitle people-anything can happen anywhere-
PETA-They give all veggies a bad name.-
Substitute teachers-some. Not all, but most-
War-Pointless in most cases-
Prejugdice-Don't bother with your slander towards others.-
Love-=D It's a joke...., but seriously though... love sucks!-
For more just ask.

Kamp Dovetail



Gaia Online

AnimeObsession666(My Youtube)


My Photobucket(Check it out!)

Fangirl911!!! Abridged!!!


(*More to come soon!!!)

I'm told I'm a good one, every so often. =^,..,^= <-- I made the face up.

And after leave me a

One Last thing

To all who visit my profile, who read the stuff on it, and who provided the awesome artwork for it!

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rinu. writes:
Let me know if you still use this account.

Posted on: Apr 17th 2011, 7:04:34am

xoxkcrulesxox writes:
Hey! I e-mailed yoU! Just in case you don't check your e-mail often (I sometimes don't).

Posted on: Jan 25th 2011, 6:13:14pm

xoxkcrulesxox writes:
kaiya! Hey! I'm writing on glitter-graphics to tell you I deactivated my facebook. Lol. I'm telling you this because some of my friends thought I deleted them and/or blocked them. yeah. They're a bit stupid ^.^ But i might reactivate it later in the future. ok. I'm going to go now...well bye!

Posted on: Jan 19th 2011, 10:01:17pm

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