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♪You're just a waste of a song, You're a simple regret. I thought I knew who you were, but watch how fast I forget.You wore your prettiest dress, but there's a mess in your head.They say old habits die hard. I say they're better off dead,cause you were bitter and cold.But still you burned me alive♪

Name:   Æ¨Ð¸ÏƒÎ¹É¢É›Ð¯ вσɔαĴ иαιмαƉRanking:   --
Birthday:   1920-08-03Country:   
Joined:   2008-08-06Location:   Dead beat
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Name:   Æ¨Ð¸ÏƒÎ¹É¢É›Ð¯ вσɔαĴ иαιмαƉ
Birthday:   1920-08-03
Joined:   2008-08-06
Location:   Dead beat
︻╦╤─My Name means 'trickster'─╤╦︻

The names Damian Jacob Regions. I'm the youngest in my family of six.
I'm a pureblood Vampire whitch means I have more powers than a
traceformed Vampires has. The power i was given at birth was the
gift of "sight" witch means i can see into the future.Many others
have this power like I do, But they can only see some parts
of thefuture only I can see everthing.I have no friends expect
leesha who is also my girlfriend.The thing i'm possiably good at
is playing the Bass. I have 2 sisters and 4 brothers. My parents
divorced after I was born. I stayed with my mother till I was 16
then I moved in with my brother who I only stay with for a short
amount of time. After that I raised 4 kids who have no relation to
me whatsoever.I've dated many girls all whitch I will never date again.
I'm a father of 2, Kaylee and sinclair. But i've raise Dansaki and Suna
as my own, Dansaki was sky's son who I help raise and Suna was supposely
mine but she turned out to be some ther guy's kid.
Well i guess thats all I can say about me...

Name: Damian Jacob Regions
Age: 27 (Really 125)
Birthday: 3/8/1905
Dateing: No one
Likes:Reading horror books,Skake borading,My dog ex,my kids,my old band mates and The X games
Dislikes:Kei,Leesha,Satoshi,People who mess with Leesha and Suki, Charile,Jasper,Justin,A Bloody Rose,Oliver,Zero,Old Flims and Coffins
Human Form:

Vampire Form:

My daughter
Name: Kaylee Rosalie Synder
Age: 22
Dateing: Tatum Utada
Birthday: 1/27/87
Tyap: Pureblood Vampire and Fairy
Power: Animal fairy
Likes: Her boyfriend, Hanging out with Ace, Animals, Zeri when hes not being weird, Her job, Most of Her family, and reading horror novels
Dislikes: Keito,Zeri most of the time, Me, Fire, and Storms

My son
Name:Sincliar Zwingli Regions
Age: 17
Dateing: on one
Birthday: 6/9/92
Tyap: Pureblood Vampire
Likes: Nothing
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rocker babe writes:

Posted on: Feb 5th 2011, 11:53:29am

rocker babe writes:
shes my favorite rpc girl :)
you need to make a new roleplay chartcher

Posted on: Feb 5th 2011, 10:10:40am

rocker babe writes:
Likey mai pagehh?

Posted on: Feb 5th 2011, 9:48:48am

rocker babe writes:

Posted on: Feb 5th 2011, 9:40:37am

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