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If Your The Devil Then I Pray To Go To Hell" - Zim < still have to keep that!

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Name:   -Kamora
Birthday:   1920-02-02
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@@Future Wordly Obsession

Most of you know my name, but for the idiots who don't, I'm Sato,Kamora, Sato. I'm 18, and a soon to be rock star like my old man. I've been Married,divorced, and knocked up three times all before I turn 18. I'm a highschool drop out and proud of it. I have a "bad" habbit of eating leaves, but i can't help it! they're amazing! I have a love for crosses like my dad, guess the singing talent and the whore hopping wasn't the only thing i got from him.Some people would "disagree" with my choice of a boyfriend, but I love him. His name is Keito Sato. Yes I do know he is my older brother and I don't care. We get in more arguments then most couples and that could be the brother and sister thing but who cares! Now for other family, my dad, the world famous Kei Sato is well, he'll never win father of the year but he was good for us kids. My mother was the one who mostly took care of me and my siblings, she was always to good for my dad, I still don't know she married him or stay with him as long as she has, but I guess they do love eachother. My older sister is my mama but with pink hair. I do love my sister but sometimes i just want to kill her. I used to be the youngest but then daddy wanted mama and mama got knocked up with my baby brothers. One die blah blah blah hes back blah blah blah and now that Kichiru and Kenzo are together again they've done nothing but cause chaos, they should die. I've got a few good friends, but my two besties are Ayame and Sakishi. Ayame like my twin but girly, likes pink and well okay maybe we're completely different but we're still close. Sakishi is the rash on my skin that won't go away, hes my half sisters half brother and I adore him and hate him. One day, soon my life will be more than perfect. I'll be a rockstar, singing to large groups of people, I'll be living my dream like my dad does almost all the time.

Name: Kamora Isabell Sato
Age: 18
Dating: My big brother, Keito Sato
Birthday: February Second 2/2
Occupation: Working at Pro's Skate Shop/Soon to be rockstar
Likes: Eating leaves,Keito,Sex (with Keito),Singing,Sleeping in,Singing with my dad,Justin Bieber,Family dinners when everyone argues,Hanging out with Ayame,Sakishi and Leesha,My little nephew Usagi,Blood,Being out of my parents house,Yelling at the twins,My bunny 'Death',Dancing,Musicals,Watching Chick-Flicks,Being a Vampire,Playing Videogames,Fighting then "Makeing up" with Keito
Dislikes: HARUKO!, Fruit Jokes, People making fun of My hair color,Possums,Kaz,Most People,Canti half the time,When ayame and I fight,Zeri,Spoons,Clowns,Keito being a HUGE jerk!,Crying,Apples,Street Fighting,Wannabes,When my dad is a meanie head,Seeing Zim around town, BIRDS, and when sakishi gets all queer on me.

Name: Keito Sato
Age: 22
Dating: His little sister, Kamora Sato
Likes: Being Alone,Me!, Working on his Powers, Fresh Blood, Killing Things, Taking his gloves off, Hanging out with Zeri, Making Plans to Take Over, Being a PureBlood, Playing Piano,Sex(with me!),Our Dad...when he isnt a moron, and messing with his Brother Tatum.
Dislikes: Canti, This World, Wearing his Gloves, When i eat leaves and randomly fight with him, and When Zeri gets all ADHD on him

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chihiro. writes:
Hey whats going on Long no talk lonng no rp!!

Posted on: Sep 14th 2011, 9:51:50pm

hailys_1 writes:

Posted on: May 10th 2011, 5:38:50pm

ninja penguins writes:
Im finally on here owo

Posted on: Apr 10th 2011, 10:03:52am

chihiro. writes:
akemi: And you think i'm hot.....*runs away*
chihiro:*runs after him and cheches him and brings him back*
akemi: Danmn girl you fast

Posted on: Apr 10th 2011, 1:54:10am

chihiro. writes:
akemi: Your cute to.......I am only 15 though

Posted on: Apr 10th 2011, 1:18:19am

chihiro. writes:
akemi:* glares at Kamora* I am?!?!? O-O
chihiro: *pats him on the back* your not

Posted on: Apr 10th 2011, 1:03:38am

chihiro. writes:
chihiro: *starts to shake add gose near it* w-w-who are you......
?????: i-im akemi...

Posted on: Apr 10th 2011, 12:47:27am

chihiro. writes:
chihiro: *Phone starts ringin * Danm my mother
~~~~~mom: where are you it's 9:00 in the mornigg!!!
chihiro: closes phone: s-* hears sticks crakle* O_O what was that.....

Posted on: Apr 10th 2011, 12:23:22am

chihiro. writes:
chihiro:walk into the woods* So hows you boyfriend

Posted on: Apr 10th 2011, 12:15:05am

chihiro. writes:
chihiro:walk into the woods* So hows you boyfriend

Posted on: Apr 10th 2011, 12:08:14am

chihiro. writes:
chihiro:*song gose off* Oh sorry, me phone ^^
Mother:Where are you, get you butt home right now!
chihiro:*Hangs up with a T-T on her face* Stupied mother

Posted on: Apr 6th 2011, 9:14:00pm

runaway. writes:
i never know what account your on D<

Posted on: Mar 31st 2011, 11:03:19pm

punk_rock+princess writes:
Nanao: Hey you turned out alright...right? -lifts his shirt up some- I'm not gonna find like an ear on your back or something am I?

Posted on: Mar 30th 2011, 5:57:40pm

runaway. writes:
nothings really moms trying to get away for
the last few days of spring break, but things keep
coming up T-T its really annoying >w<

Posted on: Mar 30th 2011, 1:36:40pm

punk_rock+princess writes:
nanao: We're know that right? -laces her fingers in his-

Posted on: Mar 30th 2011, 12:53:40pm

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