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Lets see how the world will look in ashes and fear, shall we.... -Kouga Oshina

Name:   Kouga OshinaRanking:   --
Birthday:   1920-01-01Country:   Japan
Joined:   2010-12-28Location:   Nagasaki
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Name:   Kouga Oshina
Birthday:   1920-01-01
Joined:   2010-12-28
Location:   Nagasaki
Uploads:   49 graphics 

The names Lord Kouga Oshina to you little mommy tit sucker!! If you do not obey me i will beat your brains out, or dispose of you immediately. I do whatever i please whether you agree with it or not. Im known as ruthless, a bastard, an asshole, or a son of a bitch, but honestly you can call me whatever you wish to. I honestly do not care about you or your pathetic life that you wish to keep, i am immortal therefore you are useless to me.

My Theme Music

My Young Apprentice

Name: Zeion Sato-Flowers
Age: 16
Things she likes: Dresses, red roses, water, the color pink, cooking(although not very good at it), and pillows.
Things she dislikes: Being controlled, her mom, (random)girl from school, bunnies, getting dirty.

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runaway. writes:

Posted on: Jul 4th 2011, 1:42:18pm

autophobia writes:
a girl? hmm i havent really ever made many male rpcs, could be interesting. does farrah have a bf?

Posted on: Jun 27th 2011, 9:43:35pm

autophobia writes:
or i could make a new one. im pretty good at that :)

Posted on: Jun 26th 2011, 8:34:30pm

autophobia writes:
hmm... none right now that aren't tied up.

Posted on: Jun 26th 2011, 8:25:26pm

autophobia writes:
i usually do love/dramatic

Posted on: Jun 26th 2011, 8:20:57pm

autophobia writes:
sometimes. I'm not very good tho.

Posted on: Jun 26th 2011, 8:04:51pm

autophobia writes:
Oh yeah hi :)
nice to meet you *bows*

Posted on: Jun 26th 2011, 7:38:34pm

autophobia writes:
hello? do i know you?

Posted on: Jun 26th 2011, 7:34:46pm

azusa- writes:
Azusa: *grabs her and pulls her head back then punches her straight in the mouth* give me back my boyfriend!
Usagi: she okay?!?!
Zeion: N-No..I've been..s-saving myself..for..for you.

Posted on: Jun 17th 2011, 1:47:00pm

azusa- writes:
Azusa: her has me *grabs keifer by his chest and kisses him hard*
Usagi: yes ma'ma.
Zeion: *moves closer to his face and brushes her lips over his*

Posted on: Jun 17th 2011, 1:27:19pm

azusa- writes:
Azusa: *looks back ar her* get. away. from. him. NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Usagi: *hears the phone and goes to get it and sees the caller i.d* what the..*answer the phone* hello?
Zeion: *blushes and nods* Y-yeah..*unbottoms the top of her shirt*

Posted on: Jun 17th 2011, 1:09:07pm

azusa- writes:
Azusa: *goes to class*
Usagi: *stares down at her* i need to go find kytiro..*scoops her up and takes her to his home* alright.. since sniv's gone i'll place her in his room *lays annie in sniv's bed and walks back out and into his room* shadow? baby, where are you? i'm sorry about earlier.. *sees a figure laying in the bed* there you are *smiles big and lays beside her and wraps his arms around her waist from behind* your so beautiful shadow and i am so sorry for blowing up on you..*whispers in her ear* if you want.. i'll make love to you tonight for the first time
Sniv: *girly voice* please be gentle with ass hasn't had a penis in it yet
Usagi: *jumps back and yells* what the fuck!! sniv!!!!!!
sniv: *sits up and looks at him* hey mate *waves* you sure do know how to charm a women
Zeion: *blushes a bright red and looks at him* if..if you could see more of..m-my body....

Posted on: Jun 17th 2011, 12:48:21pm

azusa- writes:
Azusa: you bastards! *looks at keifer and frowns*
usagi: looks at Annie* are...are you..a-alive..?
Annie: *breathing slowly*
Usagi: ah ha! your..your alive!!!
Zeion: *blushes lightly* p-princess...

Posted on: Jun 17th 2011, 12:07:58pm

azusa- writes:
Azusa: *skipping* hmm..*looks back at him and giggles*
Usagi: *stares down at her body* i...*sighs* hope this works..
Zeion: Home...*closes her eyes and lays her head on his shoulders* this is my..home.

Posted on: Jun 17th 2011, 11:28:44am

azusa- writes:
Azusa: remember, we can't be seen together..*walks out*
Usagi: *sighs* okay. thank-you. *hangs up*
Zeion: *smiles up at him* thank you so much *kisses his cheek*

Posted on: Jun 17th 2011, 11:09:08am

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