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Name:   a_butterfly's_shadow
Birthday:   1991-06-18
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>Landon Alexander - 18 years of age
Charles Alexander - 19 years of age
Luxarina Alexander "Luxie" - 9 years of age
Miles Mallor - 18 years of age
Lena Mallor - 18 years of age
>Kaylee Henson "Kay" - 17 years of age
Travis Henson - 16 years of age
Mark Henson - 48 years of age
Eddie Parker - 16 years of age
Diana Lang - 17 years of age
Wes Rutner - 18 years of age
Kaylee didnt think that her world could come crashing down around her any faster or a lot sooner. Living in Florida and now moving to Oregon, Reedsport, Oregon to be exact. Living with her Father, Mark, and younger brother, Travis. Finding a new house, changing schools, changing the entire way of living, it's not very easy for a tenager to go through it, especially a teenage girl. But on her first day of school.....well she was more surprised than anyone!
Walking down the hallway, looking at the differnt color lockers with every other step I took. It was already 4th period, and I was on my way to History class. I was wet from the rain, and everytime i walked through th halls, i could hear the squeeking coming from my shoes, the only feet walking the hallways now. I found my destination finaly, then I looked at the slip of paper that read, "Rm. 209", and then at the plack bolted onto the door, which was closed after the tardy bell rang, it read, "Room 209", I steadily shifted the books in my arms, I could hear the teacher talking about the chapter assignments and the students were just talking aimlessly, and so I grabbed the doornob. I was relieved that it was unlocked, one less thing to go wrong, till the end of the day anyway, I walked through the door and as I did everything went silent. The teacher turned from the chalkboard and every set of eyes were on me. I was so embarassed that could feel my cheeks start to burn, I probably look like a tomato right about now!I thought to myself. The teacher walked towards me and took the piece of paper out of my hand. He looked down at the paper then at me from above his rounded glasses. He was sorta tall, half bald, and was very thin. "Have a seat next to Mr. Parker, Miss..........", "Henson." I said, surprised to hear that my voice actually sounded chipper, considering the horrible day i was having so far. As i said my name, i saw him, beacuse i could tell who he was talking about, that brightened smile on a teenage boys face, as his name was called upon, like a kid recieveing a present on christmas morning. I smiled half-heartedly at the student, boy, and then nodded toward the teacher, as he handed back my schedule. I walked to the third row and sat at the fourth table. As i sat my books down on the table, i could feel his eyes staring at me. I looked up and saw that he was staring at me. "Hi, My names Eddie Parker," he said with a white smile and chipperness in his voice, "New here huh!?! Well dont worry i'll catch you up!" He was kinda charming till the secong sentence he spoke. I felt another pair of eyes staring at me from behind, so i slowly turned and looked over my shoulder, i saw a very pale guy, he had blackish brown shaggy hair, with kinda dark circles under his eyes, which were a light blue. He wore a blue button up,with the collar down. He looked very handsome, like he had just stepped outta a photo from inside a magazine. He just kept staring at me and i back at him, till stupid ole Eddie Parker interupted my train of thought. "Hey, What's your name?" he asked. "Kaylee." i said loosing my focus on the guy sitting behind me. "You dont wanna get cought up with that Landon Alexander guy, he's pretty out there!" he whispered. I turned back around and thought What was so wrong with this Landon guy? He looks pretty harmless to me. What does Eddie have against him?? i forgot about that thought, for now, and i started writing my name, i heard whispering behind me, so i stopped when i reached the y in my name. I turned my head back around and saw that, Landon, was talking to the student sitting right next to him, and glancing toward me. His "buddy" had blonde hair like sand dust almost, very light, and had golden eyes, he also had dark circles under his eyes almost the same. He wore a black button up shirt, with a green under shirt. When I looked back and stared they both stopped and he smiled at me, wide, and Landon just sat there with his arms crossed, with a cocky expression on his face. Through his purshed lips he said, "It's not very lady like to ease-drop, ya know!?" The way his voice hit my ears was like a bird chirping happily in the morning, or like a bautiful piano at an recital played by and expert. His voice was so amazing, i was stund by it. I wanted to hear his voice again. But as soon as i opened my mouth to reply, the bell had rang and people started scurring, grabbing their books and belongings, while the teacher was yelling at them, reminding them about the assiganments' due dates, but not succeeding to be heard above ll their rambling conversations. I sat there for a moment and watched as he gathered his books and walked past me. i was still stuck in shock, i saw him walk out and other student walking in, i quickly gathered my things and shot for the door, and i stood in the hallway, standing on my tippy-toes to try and figure out where he had gone. The bell had rung again, and it was the lunch bell, seeing that a group of jocks stormed for the cafeteria, like they were gonna starve to death, or run outta food, or something like that. I walked though the doors at the cafeteria and stood in line. Then from behind me it got kinda chilly, i wrapped my arms around each other. Then i heard his voice, the voice of an angel, i quickly jerked around seeing him standing behind me, and next to him was his so called "buddy". I looked at him and i had opened my mouth to speak, but his words were the ones i wanted to hear again, and they were, "I'm sorry about the way i had acted in class." I just smiled lightly and spoke, "It's alright, I get treated worse at home by Travis. No biggie!" His "buddy" whispered something, to low for me to hear, and went and sat down at a table, then he looked at me confused and asked, "Your.........husband?" Shocked i just dropped my mouth but then regained myself before he could notice. "NO!! GOD NO!! Travis is my younger brother! NOT my husband. Why would you think that??" He then looked over me like he was scanning for a price tag or something. "I just noticed the ring on your left ring finger, so i figured......"- "No. It was my mothers, my father gave it to me just last weekend. She died, two years ago." I lowered my head and spun with the ring on my finger. "Sorry to hear that. Truly I am." he said with his angelic voice comforting me, I smiled and looked back up at him and he carried the look of sympathy and compassion, then it went away as he looked straight ahead and nodded. I turned and saw that the line was about eight feet ahead of us, i was so caught up talking with him, my angel, that i had completely forgotten about the line, or evem where i was. He smiled and said "Maybe you should move up, if you want to eat. I'm going to be at the table by the back wall, with Miles. You're more than welcome to join us." He said this with a soft voice, and with a croocked smile. I just nodded and smiled back. Then as he walked away i could smell his colone, it smelt so sweet and beautiful, like no other smell i'd ever smelt before. It was......wonderful.........goreous..........absolutely breath taking. Did i just have that confersation with him?? Why did i tell him all that?? He probably didnt even want to know, probably doesnt even care, most guys dont.....but wait...he's most guys though. Com'on Kaylee, snap out of it! You dont know him well enough yet to be jumping to conclusions like that.....well he's probably doesnt.....Stop it! Wait was i arguing with myself??? Strangest things happen when your in love.......but Im not in love....i barely know him, and thats that.
I got my tray and my drink and as i was walking to the table by the back wall, yet again, stupid ole Eddie Parker interupted my plans. "Hey Kaylee!" i just kept looking toward the table by the back wall, making sure that he was still there that he wasnt a figment of my imagination. As i arrived to the table he looked up at me, his head rested on his fist which was pressed against his defined cheek bone, and he smiled crookedly, then looked at the seat next to him, "You can sit down, I promise i wont bit you." as he said these words my heart leaped, and i sat instantly. Then his "buddy" snickered under his breath and said "Not yet anywayys." When he said that Landon's eyes shot at him, cold and hard. I didnt understand so i picked up the fork, that layed on my tray and began to poke at the meal i had just paid for. I wasnt really all that hungry, i was mostly thirsty and cold, i could feel the goosebumps starting to rise on my skin. I dropped my fork and just sat there. I felt them both staring at me, then he spoke to me, "Are you not hungry?" "No not really." i replied, we both locked eyes for a second, then he said, "This here is my friend Miles Mallor. He's not that bad once you get to know him, really." I looked at Miles and said "Is that so?" Miles nodded and smiled his wide smile, then i looked down and then back up at Landon's beautiful blue eyes. He just smiled half-crookedly at me, i felt my heart flutter. Then he looked across the way and stopped smiling, i hated seeing that, him not smiling. So i stopped smiling as well, and turned to see what he was staring at, but before i could even get a glimpse he grabbed my arm and spun me around back toward him keeping me from seeing what he saw. I wonder what was so bad? or who was so bad? And then i noticed the annoyance in the tone of voice as i heard it. "Hey, Kaylee. Why didnt you come sit by me? I called your name?" It was Eddie Parker.
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