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Hey.. guess what? I- Wait what? -.- No I am not in love with a tree! I RUN WITH THE VAMPIRES!! If you don't like it, well YOUR LOSS

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Name:   Yorina Takizawa
Birthday:   1994-05-03
Joined:   2008-12-20
Uploads:   5 graphics 
I'm Off ._. making new account :3 I am bored... so bored.. yayz DX
And another one ._. which I forgot the name but the singer seemed a little.....drunk...

Y: is loved by everyone
O: has one of the best personalities ever
R: good boyfriend or girlfriend
I: loves to laugh and smile
N: can kick the shit out of you
A: hot
~~Yorina Takizawa~~

I am a Human, a prefect like Zero and Yuuki. I'm pretty talented and many people tell me that, but I don't want to hear that, it reminds me of my parents last words..
Hair Color: Dark Purple
Eye Color: Green (Dad) and Light Blue (Mom)
Age: 15
Crush: Kain and Ichijou
Being Crushed on by: Would I really know this?
Friends: Zero, Yuuki, Akatsuki, Kimiko, Ichijou, Rima, Shiki, and Aidou
Songs Currently Cannot Get Enough Of: "Nom nom nom" (O.o too many noms) By Parry Gripp, "Love Song" By Sara Bareilles, "Liar (Takes One to Know One)" By Taking Back Sunday, and "Unbreakable" By Fireflight.
No likes and dislikes :3 you'll just find out!

~~Random Pics!~~

~~Random Videos~~


ok now starting :3
Me: *Sitting in front of Kaien* Can I finally join Cross Academy? I've been training for years like you asked!
Kaien: *Smiles* Yes! More students are welcome
Me: ^^" YES!
Kaien: You're sleeping in Night Dorm
Me: WHAT!? I'm human!
Kaien: I'm sorry but.. we have no more space!
Me: *Holds staff* Fine it's not like they'll be stupid enough to try to bite me.. Who are my roomies?
Kaien: Aidou and Kain
Me: WHAT!? First you want me to go in a dorm full of vampires and now you want me to be roomies with two guys?!
Kaien: I am sorry but that's the only way..
Me: *Sighs* Fine *walks out*
Kaien: WAIT! I'll have someone escort you
Me: That won't be needed, I know where it is.. *Opens door and leaves*
Kaien: She'll make a change in Cross Academy, at one point.
~~~~~~~~ (Meaning end of chapter)
Me: *Walking to Night Dorm* A dang human in a class full of vampires, that's just perfect *Sees a bunch of girls and one guy crowding in front of a gate* well, I'm here
Girls: *Fangirl scream* Aidou!! Kain!! Kaname!! Shiki!!
Guy: RUKA!!
?????: Calm down please!
????: *Glares at them*
Girls and Guy: *backs up FAR away from ????*
Me: *smirks and walks towards the gate*
?????: Stop! *Stands in front of me* I won't let you pass! It's my job to keep any day class students in, I'm Yuuki and that's Zero
Zero: *glares at me*
me: *rolls eyes and pushes Yuuki aside with my staff* don't bother me *Kicks gate open*
????: O.O A FANGIRL *runs in front of me*
me: *glares* I'm NOT your fan girl Aidou Hanabusa
Aidou: How do you know my name?!
me: Files
Aidou: O_O" KAIN SHE SCARES ME! *hides behind a guy with bronze orange-ish hair and red eyes* T.T Scary Fan girl
Kain: -_- Idol you retard
Aidou: I'm not a retard!
Me: *looks up at kain* Well, I'm Takizawa Yorina you're new roommate
Everyone: *Shocked* WHAT!? O.O"
Kaname: Everyone please leave today you may not see the night class
Girls and guy: aw.. *leaves*
Kaname: Yuuki-San please leave with Zero
Yuuki: *bows* Yes Kaname-Senpai *Takes Zero's hand and runs off*
Zero: O_O"
Me: Well, that was just pointless -.-
Kaname:....Let's go inside shall we? *walks inside*
Rest: *follows*
Me:..........*gets pulled by kain so has no choice*
~When we get inside~
Me: *Looks around* Nice
Kaname: Kain and Aidou
Kain and Aidou: Yes Kaname-Sama *Takes me and goes to their room*
Kaname: *sighs and goes to his room*
~Our Room :D~
Me:......*hits both of them with my staff* no way to treat a lady
Aidou: You're not a lady or anything near that and your negative in every way!
Me: Then why do I sense that you have an urge to have a sip of my blood?
Aidou: O.O *blushes a little* well to know a bit about you
Me: You don't need to know anything about me
Kinata: *Walks in* Idol-Kun :3
Aidou: Kinata-Chan! my love *grabs her by the waist and bites her neck*
Me: DX oh gawd *Opens window and jumps out*
Kain: *Looks out* WAIT TAKIZAWA-SAN! *looks at them and glares* will you two STOP *jumps out*
Aidou: *stops and smiles at her*
Kinata: *smiles and wipes the blood*...*looks at the window* who was that girl??
Aidou: Oh Yorina just a human in the wrong place -.-
Kinata: oh *kisses his cheek* gtg
aidou: aww..
Kinata: *smiles and disappears*
Me: *running*
Kain: *stops in front of me* Takizawa stop *grabs my arm*
Me: *staff turns into scythe* Leave me alone!
Kain: *Grabs scythe from me and gets shocked* ow! *drops it and glares at me*
Me: *takes a step back and gets stopped by a tree*
Kain: *throws scythe at me*
Me: *catches it but gets cut by the edge and starts bleeding* O_O no.. *tries to move*
Kain: *Grabs my hand and eyes glow red* You're blood smells.. sweet *licks the trail of blood*
Me: *Freezes and eyes grow wide* Stop!
Kain: OK I'll just move on to the neck *smells my neck and licks it a bit then bites it*
~after a few seconds~
Aidou: *sees us* O.O KAIN! *Pulls him off me*
Me:......*Passes out*
Kain: *Smiles and wipes the blood off his mouth*
Kain: Because I want to *Eyes turn normal*
Aidou: *sighs* retard! *caught me and walking back to our dorm*
Kain: *follows*
Aidou: NO! Go somewhere else!
Kain: *stops* >_< *Walks in opposite direction*

Join T.T lol, hey :3 who could ignore the beautiful face of that thing? oooooo :3 I wonder if there is a Rawr club, cuz I wanna join it ^-^
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