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Name:   Nami Kiryuu
Birthday:   2010-06-09
Joined:   2008-12-15
~~~~Nami's Profile~~~

Name:Nami (Name-e) Cross
Birthday:June 9th
Crush Dateing and in love with: Zero Kiryuu

Birthday:September 29th
Tyap:Half Vampire
Crush Dateing and madly in love with: Nami Cross
Mine and Zero's twins

Name: Zeri Edward Kiryuu
Age: in the photo he is 3 weeks old
Birthday: December 25 (Chirstmas baby!)
Likes: Sleeping,Kicking Zero,PLaying with his bunny(Awwwwwwwwww),Pulling my hair, and Kicking Hayden
Hates: Jake,Kaname (that my boy),Aidou,Zero(most of the time) and Kaien

Name: Hayden Ryan Kiryuu
Age: in the photo he is 3 weeks old
Birthday: December 25 (Christmas baby!!)
Likes:Sleeping,Eating (Blood tables),His bunny (awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww),Me (his mother),Zero (his father) and T.V
Hates:When Zeri kicks him,Kaname (Both of my sons hate him!),When Jake pokes him, and wakeing up
Me:nothing Kaien... i gotta go cheek up on her.. see ya
I walk out and back to my drom.. i wonder if she is even awake yet... i hope so... i walked into the drom and there was my beautiful Nami sitting on my bed wirghting down somethings as she gets up i walk over to her kissed her genlty... after all she is carrying my children
Nami:there you are... i was starting to worry
Me:*smiles* no need to worry.. now lay back down
She smiles at me her beautiful and wounder smile as she lays back down in the bed
Me:So what are your wirghting down??
Me: Are you going to tell me?
Nami:Sure..well if we have twin girls i want to name one Rosealie
Me:thats a pretty name
Nami:Thanks.. and if we have twin boys i want to name the oldest Zeri Edward
Nami: yeah Zeri.. do you like the name
Me:Nami Zeri isn't a real name...
Nami: yes it is
Me: Nami Zeri is a made up name
Nami: No its not!! Its a real name!! and our first son's name will be Zeri!!
Me: *Sighs* Oh yeah can't wait to see how bad he'll be beaten up for haveing a made up name
Nami:For the last time Zeri is not a made up name!
I sigh and sat next to her on my bed
Me: Nami... if you want to give our son a made up name then fine... but you don't even know what were haveing
Nami:I don't.. but you do right
Me: Yeah I know
Nami: Are you going to tell me??
Me: Probly not
Nami: Zero! tell me i want to know what i am haveing
Me: But then you wouldn't be suprized
Nami: I don't want to be suprized!!
Me: Of corse you don't..But
Nami: No buts!!! i want to know!!
Me: You will know
Nami:I want to know now!!!!
Me: *sighs* Fine...okay there twins
Nami: -_- I knew that!! but are they boys or girls or both!
Me: No buts
Nami: Zero!
Me: Okay... there Twin boys
Nami:*smiles* Really!?!?!
Me: Maybe
Nami:*Slaps me* Zero!
Me: Ouch... yes there twin boys...
Nami: Awwwwwww so nw i can name the oldest boy Zeri!
Me: Yeah sure why not
Nami: *Hugs me* Thank-you soooooooooo much
I hugd Her and kiss the top of her forehead and smiles
Me:You lucky i love you so much
Nami: *smiles* Yes i am lucky.. very very lucky indead
Me: Not as lucky as i am to have you and our boys
Nami: *Smiles* You are to sweet
Me: *Puts my arms behind my head* I know
Aidou:*Nocking on the door* LET ME IN!!!!
Me: *Gets up and answers the door* Hanabusa?
Aidou:*Runs in* Hide me
Me:*closes the door* From who?
Aidou: Kaname-Sama
Me: Why??
Aidou: I..I was looking through his stuff and i fount a buch of stuff about Nami and-
Nami: About me?
Aidou: Yes your family... he came in and and now hes hes after me..Please Please hide me!!
Nami: What did you find out about my family?
Aidou: About your roy-
I cover Hanausa mouth and drag him out behind the dorm
Me: What the hell!! You can't tell Nami about her family!!
Aidou: Why!?!?!
Me: Because Hanabusa!
Aidou: Fine! Be that way! see if i care!!
Me: Now what were you saying in there
Aidou: I was going to say Royatl
Me: How is her Family Rpyatl??
Aidou: Her mother was/is a Queen
Me: And her father
Aidou: I was reading that.. then Kaname came in
Me: I'll have to talk to Kaien com'on lets go back in side
We both walk back in side
Aidou:*Lays on Nami's bed* this bed is soft!
Me:*I lay beside Nami on my bed* go to sleep
Nami:*Rolls over on her side and she falls asleep*
Aidou:*Looking at the celling*
~~~~~Next Day~~~~~
Nami wakes up and takes a shower while i sleep Aidou starts Singing??
Me:*Wakes up* Hanabusa shut up!!!
Aidou: Awwwwwww why?!!
Me: Because you can't sing!
Aidou: Atleast i don't have a cow for a girlfirend! Ohhhhh B-urn!!
How dare he say that about her!!! She freakin Preganat!!!!!! I pick up my bloody rose and point it at Aidou then Nami comes out in one of my shirts and some work-out pants she takes my hand and slows takes the gun from me
Me: Nami give me back my gun!
Nami: No your not going to shoot him
Me: And why not!!! He was makeing fun of you
Aidou: O_O
Nami: Its okay Zero
Me: NO ITS NOT!!! Hes not going to make fun of you!!!
Nami: But Zero its true i am Fat
Me: No your not Nami...your pregnant
Aidou: *On his hands and knees mooing* MOOOOOOOOOOOOO! MOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!
Me:*Kicks Aidou* Shut the hell up!!!
Aidou: What!?! i'm just being Nami... Holy crap you going to kill you *Gets up and runs away*
Nami: *Takes my hand* Your not going after him!
Me: I'M GOING TO FUCKING KILL HIM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Nami: No your not Zero
Me: Nami let my hand go! NOW!!
Nami: No!!!! Your not going after him!!!!!!!
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