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In the real world, those who don't help there friends are considered "bad friends", but those who don't protect their friends are lower than that-Star Kaiba

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Name:   Star Kaiba
Birthday:   1995-09-23
Joined:   2008-07-03
Location:   The Kaiba Cave
Uploads:   32 graphics 

Sorry if my quote doesnt sound right
Name:Star Kaiba

Birthday:9/23 (my real b-day)
Friends:To many to put lol
These are TEST results so dont hurt me *hides behing a Red Eyes Black Dragon and Rayquaza*
~~What the Pokemon characters think of me~~
Ash:Gah!!! She's with Gary!! Yuck!! Xp
Misty:SUch a strong water Pokemon Trainer! But...she dislikes us and won't even talk to me. T^T
Brock:Why?! She's so pretty and yet she chooses Gary?!
Pikachu: Pikachu.... (SHe's strong but she's with Gary....oh well....)
Gary:She's not such a loser like that Ash is. I got rid of all my fan club cheerleaders for her! She's great and helps in my lab!
James:Oh darnit!!! Another twerp!!
Jessie:Grr!! I hate that Tentacruel!!
Meowth: Meowth!!! Steal all her Pokemon!!!!!
Prof. Oak:Ah yes. She likes Gary! Very strong and perfect for him. Maybe she can teach him more on friendship

~~What some of the Naruto characters think of me~~
Naruto:she likes to whoop Sauske's butt. she's cool
Sakura:at least Sauske doesn't like her. i'm good with that
Shikamaru:funny. i like her!
Chouji:she loves ramen. she and naruto are evenly matched
Neji:she is destined to fail
Hinata:she'll help me get with Naruto-kun
Kiba:Akumaru likes her. that's good
Rock Lee:nice hair. that's all i'll give her that
TenTen:funny. that's cool
Kakashi:she's a good student when she doesn't play pranks
Gaara:shell die.
Kankuro:she can sing well...i guess
BF:Kiba OR Shikamaru
BFF:Hinata, Naruto

~~What the Inuyasha characters think of me~~
Your boyfriend: Miroku (>_< Ewwwwww)
best friend: yourself
you are a: human
Family: a mom, older sister, older brother, and a grama who died recently(Not true my mom dead and I has a lil sis and bro too)
Inuyasha: shes identical to Miroku in personality(O___O)
Miroku: SHES HOTT! when i asked her to bear my children,she said YES!(I DID NOT U LIER! *smacks Miroku*)
Kagome:shes too preppy
Shippo: she scares me! She picked me up and pinched my face!
Sessamaro: ??who??
Jaken:my master doesnt know who she is, but I think shes hot...
Koga: Shes perfect for Miroku
the rest dont know you

~~What the Yugioh characters think of me~~
Yugi:She's my best friend
Yami:I'm in love with her,but she doen't know
Tristan:She's helping me with Serenity(Joey's sister) going out with me could I not like her.She defends me of Kaiba(^^)
Bakura:Really nice ^_^
Yami Bakura:She's the most annoying person ever
Seto:I hate her because she hangs with the geek squad(Thats Seto for ya)
Marik:I love her but so does Yami.I know she'll pick him over me...*sigh*
Yami Marik:I made her my mind slave and nearly destroyed the pharoah

~~What the Yugioh GX characters think of me~~
Jaden: She's a kind person. She usually gives Syrus a boot when he needs it.
Syrus: No matter how bad in duelling I am, she's always there. She even pushes me hard and gives me encouragement whenever I'm stuck.
Chumley: She's so quiet...but Syrus likes her. A lot more than his card crushes.
Blair: She's kind and quiet, I had to push her in order for her to react to Syrus.
Lymann Banner: Despite her shyness, she's okay.
Bastion: She's awfully quiet and I rarely see her duel, she only loses when there are a lot of people pressuring her and it's usually the Obelisks that do.
Tyranno: She's okay.
Professor Satyr: She maintains her grades but her confidence leaves much to be desired.
Alexis: She's really quiet, I have to say, she and Syrus are perfect for each other.
Jasmine: She's so quiet and let's other Obelisks pick on her! She shouldn't do that!
Mindy: She's always hiding especially when Syrus looks in her direction.
Chazz: Hmph. None of my concern, although right now we're in the same dorm.
Atticus: She's Syrus' sweetheart. When I told Zane, the first thing he said was that I was giving him a good reason to have a heart attack but after I showed him, he just smirked and said he was okay with her.
Zane: Heh. At least Syrus doesn't have those ridiculous card crushes now. I guess Star is okay
Deck:It's a female deck, loaded with fairies.
Boyfriend: Syrus Truesdale
Best Friends: You're withdrawn so you only have a few friends.
Personality: You're a kind hearted girl and shy, which is why some of the students look down on you.
Rank: Ra Yellow

~~Digimon characters~~
koji:I hate her too girlish.(T-T)
takuya: she's awesome well duuh she after all is my girlfriend.
kouchi: agrees with koji.
zoe: sh's ok i guess.
J.P:too girly for my taste.
tommy: agrees with J.P.
bokomon: she's one wierd human.(MEANY)
neemon:wot was the qyestion.
ophanimon: no comment.
cherubimon: not important(meany)
You are totally hyper. You tend to distance yourself from other people due to this.
Davis: I don't know much about her. She seems weird though.
T.K: Who?
Kari: We are great friends. Once you get to know her she's great to talk to.
Cody: She's a great friend and makes everything fun.
Yolie: I agree with Cody. She is my best friend EVER!! *punches fist into the air*
Ken: No comment.
Tai- She hits me too much!
Matt- Well, she--is--um *blushes*
Sora- She's a good friend.
Mimi- She looks more prettier when she smiles. I wish she does that more often.
Izzy- She's OK. *goes back into whatever he was doing*
Joe- *too busy taking test in Real World*
TK- She might start off as cold but once you get to know her, she's not that bad.
Kari- She cares for everyone, including Matt and TK.
BF: Matt
Personality: You have a calm and soothing attitude. You aren't that noisy but get angered easily.
Crest: Belief

Mew Mew Star:

Animal:Red/Orange Fox
Power:Elemental Ribbon
Digimon Partner:Elecmon

Im 1/4th Vampire,Mew Mew,Pokemon Trainer,Dulest(Ra Yellow),Star Village Ninja
My Pokemonz:
Starling ^^



Likes:Sitting in random spots(trees),Pranking people(Elliot and Joey)
Hates:Being bored,Elliot and Joey mad at eachother
Now for my pet:

Crushes:Joey and Elliot
Boy Friend:Gary

My sisters:
Luna Kaiba

Mew Mew Luna:

(she doesnt ever change into mew mew)
Her crushes:Miroku and Wesley
Her friends:same as mine(alot)

(Shes a Star ninja)
Tribute to Luna,Miroku,and Kila:

Luna going crazy(attacking Miroku for no reason):

Rena Kaiba

Mew Mew Rena:

(Star ninja and shes tall for being 12 lol)

My brothers:
Seto Kaiba

(Some thing we have in commen lol)

Funny Pictures:

I love this song:
Yu-Gi-Oh stoll Pokemon Together Forever

Naruto Ultimate Showdown
Yugioh Ultimate Showdown
Pokemon Catch me if you can

Fav. Shows:Naruto,Mew Mew Power,Yu-Gi-Oh,Yu-Gi-Oh GX,Inuyasha(cant watch anymore T-T),Pokemon

Pokémon Fan Test Results
You are a:
40% Gamer. You have some interest in Pokémon gaming.
50% Animé-freak. You have quite a bit of interest in the Pokémon animé.
40% Pokémon Know-it-all. You have some interest in researching Pokémon.
65% Obsessed. Pokémon is one of the most important elements of your life.
30% Fan Worker. You have some interest in Pokémon fanwork.
45% Pokémon Fan. You have quite a bit of interest in Pokémon.

Random Anime story:
Characterz:Star(me),Ruki(ruki anime girl),Nami(zeroxnami),Kai(kai2937),Yuki(sasunaru yaoi fangirl),Jesika(animexrpcxcartoonxhyper=me),AND a bunch of anime characterz ^^(If I forgot someone Im sorry)
{blah blah} Means thinking
(blah blah) Random moment that I just put for no reason

(when Seto was 10,Luna 10,me 7,Rena 5,and Mokuba was....1 O_O and we're at the Star Village)
Rena:Seto Im bored
Seto:Come on Luna help me
Luna:*holding Mokuba(hes 1 might I add)* Here *gives Seto Mokuba* Come on guys lets go to the park ^^
Me and Rena:Yay!
*we start walking to the park*
Me and Rena:*skiping ahead*
Seto:*still has Mokuba*
Luna:Having fun Seto lol
Luna:Want me to carry him now?
Luna:*takes Mokuba*
~~End FlashBack~~
Ruki:*shaking me* Are u still with us Star?
Me:Oh ^^' Sorry I just spacedout
Joey(from Yu-Gi-O):Thats like the 5th time today
Me:Im sorry gosh
Ruki:Well still.....where should we go today?
Jaden(from Yu-Gi-Oh GX):The fair!
Me:{We should go to the Star village sometime}
Joey:We could go to the park
Jaden:We went yesterday
Ruki:Lets go to the fair ^^
Me:Ok lets go ^^
Joey:Race u there! *starts running there*
Me,Jaden,and Ruki:*follows*
*when we get there*
Kai and Nami:*runs up to us* Hey guys!
Me and Ruki:Hiya! Is Jesika here too?
Jesika and Zero:*runs over* Hey guys ^^
Jesika:Hey ^^
Joey:Fair fun ^^
Joey:Why u like that?
Nami:Hes always like that
Me:lol Joey is being like Zero
Luna:*comes over with Miroku* Hiya guys ^^
Me:-_- Great perv dude
Me:*jumps up* I got the bestest idea ever!
Everyone else:What is it?
Me:We could have a
Joey:No karioki
Me:-_-' Scavenger hunt
Joey:^^ Cool
Nami:Sounds fun
Kai:Fun ^^
Luna and Miroku:Wont we need teams?
Me:3 teams of.....4
Me:Whos on whos team?

Random funny video:

My brothers and Friends doing the Macarena lol
Elliot story
Other cool storyz

power of any element, love ________A Avatar lol
cat, dog, mouse, bird, women ________A Witch
kill, convert ______________________A Ninja
kill, upset, hate, scare, kind _______ A Mew Mew
kill, avnege, revenge, cry, die _______A half Demon
kill, avenge, cry, hate
kill, yes, no
kill, happy, sad, upset, gloomy
Take this quiz here

Me,Ruki,Ash,and Gary

(My hair is short cuz ELLIOT cut my hair.....-_- So I spiked it up{This is just a random thing I came up with})

Once again still cant see pictures or videos..... >_< I hate my computer right now......
I wont be able to tomorrow
Me and my brother(Im a pokemon!) are having a little fight....(its stupid too)
What color is Kakashi's hair?
I say silvery white(6 vote)
Brandon says white(4 vote)
Or the 3rd choice.....Grey(2 vote)
please comment me what YOU think the awnser is

And then there is Joey's,Eli's,and Gary's acount lol
(yes I made the acount for them but so what)
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