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In the ninja world, those who don't follow the rules are considered trash, but those who don't protect their comrades are lower than trash-Obito Uchiha

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Name:   Sapphire FubukiRanking:   --
Birthday:   1995-09-23Country:   
Joined:   2007-11-29Location:   Doesnt Matter ^-^
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Name:   Sapphire Fubuki
Birthday:   1995-09-23
Joined:   2007-11-29
Location:   Doesnt Matter ^-^
Uploads:   64 graphics 

Naruto is trying to CARAMELL DANCE

I also have an acount on
my user on there is ShikamaruRox

Me:Remember that!

Name:Sapphire Fubuki
this is me as a.....Pokemon Trainer ^-^

Things I like-
~Roga ^-^
~Dancing carmell with Frostbite ^-^
~The song High School Never Ends
~Safari Time ^-^
~Any Videos with Akatsuki Singing
~Being hyper
~Not going to school >_<

Things I dont like-
~When Roga gets really mad at me for annoying him
~When Roga takes my pokemon away from me T-T (its like being grounded from pokemon lol)
~Boring People
~Orochimaru(gay or not)

I am a-Snow Nin and Poke Trainer
Birth Place-Snow Village
Lives-Snow/Leaf Village
~Icy Style: Black Dragon Blizzard
~Twin Dragon Blizzard(both from Ninja Clash In the Land of Snow from the Boss dude)
~Ice Prison
Birthday-November 13th
Fav Color-Blue and Purple
Enemys-People who hurt Roga ^-^
Squad Im in-

There names-
The Girl is Kakuyoku Fubuki
The fate looking guy is Fuyugima Nadare
And The other dude is Roga Nadare ^-^

What some of the other Ninja think of me-
Sakura: Hates you and wants you gone
Sasuke: Thinks your cool
Kakashi: Doesn't care
Gaara: Thinks your powerful
Shikamaru: Checks you out
Ino: Hates you and wants you gone
Naruto: Finds you funny
Chouji: Cares about his chips
Orochimaru: Wants to kidnap you{O_o What will he do to me}
Itachi: Wants you to join him and help him kill his brother
Hinata: Thinks your nice
Kiba: Finds you weird

Boy Friend:Roga Nadare ^-^ (awsomest Snow Ninja)

Age-(I dont really know) 16
Things that ROGA dont like:
~Me annoying him
~Animals(not Wolfs or Pokemon yayz ^-^)
~Being buged during training
~Kakashi for killing him on the Snow Movie
~The song High School Never Ends(T-T I love that song)

His Pokemon-
Mightyena that I goted him named Snow Demon and his Hondoom(sp?) named Demon ^-^

Snow Demon hates-
~Roga(lol Roga is his trainer >_<)
Snow Demon likes-
~Dark Princess
~helping me annoy Roga
Demon hates-
~Being alone(u know like home alone kind of thing)
His Poocheyana named Snowball that he got from Latari ^-^

Snowball likes-
~Roga(thats a first)
~helping Roga NOT be annoyed by me
Roga's Jutsus-
~Ice Style:Dragon Versus Tiger
~Ice Style:White Whale Jutsu
~Ice Style:Wolf Fang Avalanche(my fav. out of his Jutsus ^-^)

Our boss dude-

~Ice Style:Black Dragon Blizzard
~Twin Dragon Blizzard

And my Sister ^-^-

~Ice Style:Tsubame Blizzard(the Ice Kunii thing I think)
~Ice Prison

My Pokemon-


~Helping me annoy Roga
~Being in Pokeball


~Daning carmell dance with me ^-^
~Not fighting ^-^

A funny Naruto videos(and my fav. songs)-
~CARAMELLDANSEN(fav song ^-^)

Me:*does carmell dance* ^-^
Roga:-_-' You've really gone crazy havnt u
Me:I did a long time ago....DANCE ROGA DANCE!
Frostbite:*does carmell dance* ^-^
~What Would Brian Boitano Do?

~Shut me up
~Head Strong

~Akatsuki 12 Days of Christmas
~Tobi's 12 Days of Christmas

~Naruto Hell(cool AMV ^-^)

Me and Roga ^-^

What I wish I looked like in real life and as a chibi

Kinds of Abuse-
~Sasuke(inside joke type thing)
~Roga (See below ^-^)

So true.....

My fav. SIDE Characters from Naruto-
~Shishima(dude with glasses from Land of Birds....he's cute)
~Roga ^-^

My fav. MAIN Characters from Naruto-
~Shikamaru ^-^
~Tsunade ^-^
~Jiriya(well when hes not being a perv >_<)
~Kabuto ^-^

Me very mad

Take this quiz & send me ur results!!^w^
so funny!
mine said
"I danced with a noodle because I'm cool like that"
Thats my real B-day would be.....
LOL thats stupid >_< but funny
My anime person's would be
"I yelled at a fireman because I'm cool."

Type out the sentence
you end up with in the
subject line and forward
it to your friends...
also, send it back to the
person that sent it to you.

>>>>>>> Pick the month you were born <<<<<<<<

>January------I kicked..
>February-----I loved..
>March---------I smoked..
>April-----------I bit...•wwv•
>May-----------I choked on..
>June----------I murdered.. oO
>July-----------I did the Macarena With..
>August-------I had lunch with..
>September---I danced with..
>October------I sang to..
>November----I yelled at..
>December----I ran over..

>>>> Pick the day (number) you were born on <<<<

>1-------a birdbath
>2-------a monster
>3-------a phone
>4-------a spork
>5-------a model
>6-------a gangster
>7-------my cell phone
>8-------my dog
>9-------my best friends' boyfriend
>10------my neighbor
>11------my science teacher
>12------a banana
>13------a fireman
>14------a stuffed animal
>15------a goat
>16------a pickle
>17------your mom
>18-------a spoon
>20-------a baseball bat
>21-------a ninja
>22-------Chuck Norris
>23-------a noodle
>24-------a squirrel
>25-------a football player
>26-------my sister
>27-------my brother
>28-------an ipod
>29-------a permanent marker
>30-------a llama
>31-------A homeless guy

>>>> Pick the color of shirt you are wearing <<<<

>White---------because I'm cool like that
>Black---------because that's how I roll.
>Pink----------because I'm a freak. he-he!
>Red-----------because the voices told me to.
>Blue----------because I'm smexy and I do what I want!
>Green---------because I love you.
>Purple--------because I'm cool.
>Gray----------because I was drunk...dont stare @ me like that!!
>Yellow--------because someone offered me $1,000,000.
>Orange -------because I hate rabbid chipmunks.
>Brown---------because I was high on life.
>Other---------because I'm a ninja.
>None----------because I cant control myself
(None as in, a tank-top, a swim not perverted)

I danced with Chuck Norris because I was drunk...dont stare @ me like that!! >_< lol
I danced with a noodle because I'm cool.
I danced with a goat because that's how I roll.



Roga:TRUE THAT >_<

My fav movies-
~Naruto The Movie: Ninja Clash in the Land of Snow
~Narnea(sp?) Prince....what ever his name is ^-^'
~Pokemon Ranger
~Pokemon Destiny Deoxis

Some of my friendz-

Girl in blue is Sapphirea
Girl in really dark green is Irova(Sapphirea's sister)
Sapphire Fubuki's buddies:
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