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Name:   Ruki Moto
Birthday:   1998-02-01
Joined:   2008-07-02
Location:   Fuedal Era
Uploads:   10 graphics 

Name: Ruki Moto
Age: 10
What Digimon Characters think of me
Crust: Trust
BF: Tai
BFF: Mimi
You are a smart and caring person. You like to hang out with your friends and play on your computer alot. You are liked by alot of people but sometimes get on people's nerves.
*Tai- I love her! She's my best friend, next to Matt of course!
*Matt- Shut up Tai! She's OK, but very nosy.
*Sora- She's very kind and makes very silly jokes.
*Mimi- She has such a good taste in fashion! No wonder she's my BFF!
*Izzy- *is too busy typing on laptop to pay attention*
*Joe- *too busy panicking about his biology test to pay attention*
*Kari- She acts like a big sister to me!
*TK- She's too hyper, but a good friend.
*Davis- She's too good in soccer! I have a new rival!
*Ken- She's too bubbly but she kicks hard. I still have a bruise from before.
*Yolei- She's awesome! *punches fist in air*
*Cody- She's too loud. But other than that, she's OK.
Davis: She's awesome! We hang out together ALL the time ^^. And she's my uh.....Best friend *blush*
T.K: One of my best friends. Her, Kari and I have been digidestined since we were little. We all used to be best friends. But in the last few years Kari and her haven't been getting alot very well.
Kari: She used to be one of my best friends when we were younger. But her intrests changed and she gets angry whenever I joke around a little with Davis. I don't really like her anymore.
Cody: She annoys me at times but from what I know about her she's a cool person.
Yolie: She's alright. We talk alot and are good friends but we have our arguements every now and again.
Ken: She's annoying. But whatever.
Koji: she's great i hope we can be more then friends
Takuya: i don't like her she's too much like koji
kouchi: she's my bestfriend and i'll protect her no matter wot.
Zoe: she's the best she showed me how to make friends with people in ma school.
J.P: she's really pretty.
tommy: i love her just like my big sister.
Bokomon: she's a really smart human she'll definetaly go far
neemon: wot wos the question.
ophanimon: this girl is important as the sun spirit she posses the whole world with the light.
cherubimon: i should watch out with that girl.
What Inuyasha Characters think of me
Your man:Shippo
You are:Fox-demon
Everyone's opinion:
Inuyasha:She's kinda annoying...why does she always have to play tricks on me?
Kagome:Inuyasha doesn't really like her, but I think she's kinda nice. She's funny, too!
Miroku:She and Shippo make a good couple. They both seem to like to goad Inuyasha*Inuyasha growls at Miroku*
Kikyo:Who? Oh, her...I don't know her, I don't really care about her...
Shippo:Oh, she's the BEST! We love to play tricks on Inuyasha together!!
Sango:A good friend of mine. We get along well, even though she's a demon...
Sessho-Maru:That annoying little vixen? Ugh...she gets on my nerves...
Jaken:*whispers* Don't tell M'Lord, but I kinda like her!*Sessho-Maru overhears and stomps on Jaken's head*Accckkkkk!!!
Naraku:She's annoying, very annoying. I can't wait to kill her along with the rest of those people who associate with Inuyasha...
What Naruto Characters think of me
naruto:loves ramen YAAAAYYY
Sasuke:too over-excited
Sakura:cool frend
kakashi:pranked me badly once...
ino:very sweet
Shikamaru:not troublesome
choji:pranks me from time to time
asuma:very good person at heart
kiba:my gf love her for ever
shino:interested in bugs
hinata:very kind
kurenai:she is a very sweet child
rock lee:youthful always wears those headphones cant hear you sometimes because of her music
neji:umm...musical?(more!say more!)
fun?(MORE)pretty?(someone has a cruuush sumun has a cruuuush)do not(do so)I DO NOT(sure u dont,sure you dont)
Tenten:ever so great
Gai:So youthful im impressed
Gaara:loves music
temari:interested in the clothes i wear
Kankuro:she beat the hell outa me once for dissing her but i was jst flirting
baki:she will pay for that prank
tsunade:somewhat cocky
shizune:very bright
Jirayia:so pretty must do research
Orochimaru:pranked me by buying flowers and saying that she loves me
Kabuto:embarassed orochimaru badly
you pranked them all....
itachi wants to kill you
kisame is trying to recover from a shock
so is deidara
sasori wont come out from the closet
tobi jumps wen he hears a noise
and pretty much everyon else is trying to live trough the embarassment of being pranked.
What the Vampire Knight characters think of me (I changed a few things)
*The Guardians*
Zero: She's a good friend.
Yuki: She likes to play much but we hang out alot when we patrol the night class.
*The Night Class*
Kaname: I hate her she absoutly hates me!
Ruka: She's a good friend she gets me closer to kaname
Akatsuki: I dont hang with her much
Hanabusa: I admire her from afar. But she is my best friend. We hang out a lot. I wish she wasn't in day class.
*Headmaster Cross*: She's weird..
What Pokemon characters think of me
Ash: Hah!! She's so perfect!! She believes that I can become a Pokemon Master! She stays by my side no matter what!! She's so strong too but she won't admit it.
Misty:She likes Water Pokemon but she likes Ash more. *Sighs* oh well....
Brock: pretty but taken...
Pikachu: Pikachu!!! (She makes Ash happy!! I like her)
Gary: She's with Ashy Boy. Hmph, what a loser!
James: Oh we'll their Pikachus!
Jessie: Grr!! Just another twerpet!!
Meowth: Let me at Er!!
Prof. Oak: She started with a Pikachu as well! Very strong indeed.
What Mews Mews Think of me
Ichigo:Like Lettuce very kind.
Mint: She compliments me all the time!
Lettuce:She is my best friend no matter what anyone thinks!
Pudding:she is nice na no da!
Zakuro:She gives me tips on fashion so now im famous all over the world!Awesome friend!
Kisshu:Another one of those dolphin toys to play with! (Lettuce:*Lettuce castanets*)
Taruto:Kind.TOO kind
Pai:she is ok.
~What yugioh GX thinks of me~
Your BF: Jaden Yuki
Your BFF: Syrus Truesdale
What they think of you:
Jaden:I love her sooo much! She's totally sweet and really nice!
Syrus:She's my BFF!!! Gotta love her. (friendly)
Bastion:Doesn't study that much, and gets up late. Perfect for Jaden. (rude)
Chazz: Why does she see in that Slacker?? Why NOT ME!!!! (jealous)
Zane: she's my little brother's best friend. She must be crazy. (>_< sheesh chazz)
Aster:She's just as amazing as jaden is, and almost as good a duelist. (ALMOST?!)
Atticus:really funny. We play pranks on each other all the time!
Crowler: SlACKER!!!!! Another Jaden!!! This is hell! (shut up MRS.CROWLER)
Sartorius:Hmmmmm...maybe I can use her to lure in Jaden... (GAY LIKE OROCHIMARU)
Mindy:Chill Alexis!!! (YEA)
Jazmine:Calm down Lexy!!!
Birthday: Janurary 2
Info: I am Ruki Kanata, I dont have any parents but i have a sister and brother. My Sister Itara is older than me, so is my brother. I am 1/2 vampire, pokemon trainer, mew mew, duelist, ninja, half demon, Digimon warrior (like takuya), Digimon Tamer
My Pokemon

Name: Kara

Name: Sparka

Name: Poocher

Name: Chikoria
My Digimon

Name: Salamon
Form: Rookie
Digivoled forms

Name: Starmon

Name: Piximon

Name: Goddramon

Name: Coronamon
Form: Rookie
Digivolved forms

Name: Firamon

Name: Flaremon

Name: Apollomon
Mew Mew Ruki

Animal: Brown Cat
Power: Elemental Bell

Name: Itara
Age: 15

Name: Trever
Age: 17

Name: Yugi
Age: 14
My Crushes: Jaden, Aidou, Richie, Shippo, Koji, Tai, and Davis
Boyfriend: Davis

My Pets

Name: Kiya

Name: Lina

Name: Cookie
~~~~My Vampire Knight Story~~~~
Nami is ZeroxNami
Me: Hey headmaster!
kaien: You supposed to call me dad!
me: But me adopted!
kaien: Come on call me dad!
me: Don't you have Nami for that?
kaien: *starts crying*
me: Ok, "dad"...
kaien: *cheers up super quickly* YAY! ^-^
zero: *comes in* Yo Ruki!
me: Oh hi zero!
nami: *comes in* umm hi zero
zero: oh hey nami ^-^
me: >_< i am messing something up see ya! *leaves*
zero: ummm.. uhh..
nami: hey um.. dad i was wondering about the school dance and i was thinking if i can help with secruity
kaien: why? why dont u want to ask a guy to a dance and just have fun?
nami: no thanks..
kaien: ok.. if thats what u want
nami: thanks! bye! *leaves*
zero: nice daughter u have
kaien: stay away from her
zero: O_O why?!?! bc i am half vampire
kaien: yes
zero: what about ruki!?!?
kaien: i dont trust her either
zero: oh thats great.. whatever headmaster its not like im in love with her *leaves*
kaien: he is..
~At the place where the dance is being held~
Me: *helping with food*
nami: *practicing moves incase anyone bad comes*
zero: *bored*
me and nami: u always mess something up zero!
zero: >_< whatever *helps decorations*
me and nami: FINALLY!
zero: >_< just do whatever your doing
me: I gtg cook something for the dance see ya tomorrow ok u guys?
zero and nami: ok see ya
me: dont try to kiss without me there seeing it *leaves*
zero and nami: *blush like crazy*
me: *looks back and giggles* they are gonna get together soon *keeps walking*
zero and nami: umm *when zero looks away nami looks and when nami not looking zero looks*
~Next Day~
nami: >_<
zero: lol
me: so did u guys kiss yesterday night
nami and zero: >.> your stupid
me: whatever.. well i better get ready for security duty.. *leaves to dorm*
nami and zero: >_< we're already ready
nami and zero: -_-'
~At the dance~
me: >_< sheesh this is boring
zero: agreed
nami: oh come on u guys!
me: -_-'
nami: >_<
idol: *comes* hey nami ruki and zero
me: oh hi idol-senpai!
nami: hey idol!
zero: yo..
idol: >_< well have fun *goes to dance with the other girls*

~My Inuyasha Story~
Star is Starry Mudkip
Yura is animexrpcxcartoonxhyper=me
Me: >_< *i am a fox demon in inuyasha* what prank should we do shippo?
shippo: IDK..
me: >_< OHH!!! I KNOW
shippo: what?!
me: fake food
shippo: PERFECT!!
me: *makes an illusion of fooda really good one* this good?
shippo: O_O YEA!! inuyasha will fall for it!
me: wait *fills fake food with grass leaves and ?????*

Funny Animation

Inuyasha character songs

Jaden Ash and Richie's Profile
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Hey! Do you remember me? It's me from anime_crazy
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