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You Cant Make a Rainbow Without The Rain So You Cant Get The Guy Without The Pain

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Birthday:   1991-09-23Country:   Egypt
Joined:   2008-02-02Location:   The Mall
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Name:   Taste The Rainbow
Birthday:   1991-09-23
Joined:   2008-02-02
Location:   The Mall
♥_Color your world_♥
Hey, names Rachel I'm a pretty nice out going girl who can't stand fakes so if you are than you can pretty much get off my page.I absolutely love music its pretty much like life cannot live without it!! I'm straight but dont have a promblem with bisexuals,lesbians,nor with gays!! My school hmm should I say where?... Nope sorry keep guessin' :) I cannot stand whores,backstabbers,rasicim,bush well reali i could care less about him reali. I'm pretty much done acting like something I'm not and hell no I'm not preppy! No, not emo(anymore) cause I have people I care about and have people to live for. I'm not punk well really I dont know what I am what can I say I'm a rocker/ghetto girl! Hehe my dream car is pretty much a mustang Gt its gotta be a light tan with a white or black strip through the middle more details coming soon^_~ its mi type of car I'm sorry lol I love them to death and even if it comes outta style still my car lol well if everything goes well enough I should be able to purchase on one day still in my dreams till futher notice!^-^ I can only say this I'm my own person yes you ask me if you can see muh real life pic and I will send you the actually pic! Swear! lol. I'll tell you the truth if I ever doubt you in anyway possible I will say I'm truly sorry didn't mean to the past still pretty much haunts me ok there is so much doubt in me I cannot stand so if I ever ask you "do you hate me" or something on the lines like that is because I'm a dumbass and plus usually people due hate me to the fact I'm odd(hyper wild weird) ok So I'm pretty much sorry if that happens to you(Daniel) happened to him and I'm sorry. When I start something I need to finish it seriously because I hate the thought of it I mean have you ever played videogames and wouldnt move from the spot till you passed it cause you're just soo eager to find out what happens than but if you give up the thought of that you never got to that part just like haunts you so yeah. Anyways, remember the saying "dont judge a book back its cover" I know I know it's such an old saying but its true like for example my profile is PINK n black but whatever but really I adore the colors red and black and yeah so if you ever say I'm perky cause I'm mostly happy when I'm talking to you or anybody else this is my saying Bitch Get A Life You Do Not Know Me Step In My Fucking Shoes You Wouldnt Last A Day K Thanx BYE At The beginning I wrote I hate fakes am I right well I'll repeat it I hate them soo fucking much please dont be fake be your own person!! Well really its hard for me to trust you automatically so you'd have to keep on trying and begging cause if I dont know/trust you sorry to say you are NOT getting a respond by me in any way possible. I absolutely love eyeliner and pretty much wear emo/punk clothing no I do not wear it often lets just say my parents dont want me to come out of my little box! I LOVE hollister!! I'm like soooooo random!! Sorry to say but thats the truth! Before anyone asks yes I role play, and yes I make my own pics and layouts want one jus ask =] Pretty much all you need to know oh and that I'm hispanic and proud!!I enjoy writing poetry,songs,and sometimes even stories and background stories ;) I'm even thinking about writing stories,poetry,background stories ect. Pretty much all you need to know oh and that I'm hispanic and proud!!I enjoy writing poetry,songs,and sometimes even stories and background stories ;) I'm even thinking about writing stories,poetry,background stories ect. when I'm older as a career if that doesnt work I also enjoy drawing I might put some of my drawings on glitter graphics one day!!
I Pretty much all you need to know oh and that I'm hispanic and proud!!I enjoy writing poetry,songs,and sometimes even stories and background stories ;) I'm even thinking about writing stories,poetry,background stories ect. when I'm older as a career if that doesnt work I also enjoy drawing I might put some of my drawings on glitter graphics one day!!
I absolutely love to sing!! I'm pretty good jus need to work on some things to be perfect. I play the piano I learned how to play Phantom Of The Opera Michael Myers' Theme Song I'm Right now working on playing Three Days Grace Get Out Alive. People call me by any nickname I absolutely love nicknames they make me feel special seriously I'm mostly known by...Inu or Star lol Oh Btw.. please dont be boring lol I totally hate boring people including normals I'm weird so tecniquely I make a HUGE cross on normals! Seriously I do..Call me weird all you like but I'll take it as the biggest compliment you'll have to do better than that to bring me down!
When other girls wanted to be a ballerena I always wanted to be a vampire!

†Something about a guy named "Daniel" won't let me stop loving him the way I do! Sure, I loved Mark but I'm in love with Daniel! He's on my thoughts 24 7 he is sweet funny cute loving and everything I ever wanted in someone like him! I cry when I hear something as hapened to him or something in his past has gone terrible wrong! I sometimes want to go back in time and take all his suffers away and make them smiles and laughter and make them my own! He makes me feel things I've never actually felt! He's my everything! Though he knows because of a stupid text message dont ask lol he probably thinks its just a crush but through-out the time I'll tell him again and make sure he knows how much I love him! I can't even explain how much!! All I can say is I can't breathe without him I can't survive without hearing his voice And I'll die if I hear he's not alright Like Hinder's song goes it Its really good to hear your voice say my name and sound so sweet coming from the lips of an angel lets just say I love him like a vampire loves blood! Trust me when I say I love you because I'll always mean it. I love you not for what you are its for what I feel when I hear the sound of your voice..]†

♥This here pic goes to my sister bestfriend lover everything Ines man I love her to death!! She has been everything with me! I have never been this close to non of my friends she knows everything there is to know! She has shown me what a true friend is like and for that i'm thankyou you are my life Ines if it wasn't for you trust me I wouldnt be here you hate her go fuck yourself bitches theres no damn reason why to hate this girl you hate her you envy her! She understands me when no one else can! We are alike in so many things shes my rocker and this is how much I love her you know the guy named Daniel I talked about how much I love him I'll actually stop loving him if she wanted me too! The best part is they are related XD lol no joke Ines and Daniel related lol She's the only person who hasn't back-stabbed me in any way has always been there to hold me hug me when I needed a real friend has never doubted me always been there to tell me its alright has always adviced me in every way she can!! This is one true friend sorry people can't have her ><; she my sissy back off!!!! I do not share sissy ><; shes my piglet xD and and I'm tiger! and the rest some other friends I guess lets say that♥

♥I'm no prep nor girly just me♥

1.Thou shall never let them take you alive.
2.Thou shall drink Starbucks coffee
3.Thou shall play World of Warcraft as an Undead Warrior
4.Thou shall admit that they are not okay freely
5.Thou shall unleash the bats of hell
6.Thou shall strike violent poses
7.Thou shall stay out of the light
8.Thou shall suck thy enemies blood
9.Thou shall overcome thy weaknesses
10.Thou shall not be afraid to keep on living

1. Thou shall run around until thou can no longer breathe
2. Thou shall eat skittles
3. Thou shall let the singer feel thou up
4. Thou shall wear a badge on thy shirt collar or hood
5. Thou shall get tattoos
6. Thou shall kick random objects if they are in thy way (yes that means if they are in Gerard/Mikey too)
7. Thou shall grin with all teeth
8. Thou shall change hair style every year
9. Thou shall wear sunglasses in situations of conflict
10. Thou shall burn everything and call it Cajun

1. Thou shall move as little as possible on stage
2. Thou shall choose coffee as thy poison
3. Thou shall straighten hair with dignity
4. Thou shall love sushi as much as thineself
5. Thou shall be the spiritual advisor to thy peers
6. Thou shall wear glasses as close to falling off as possible
7. Thou shall have epic battles with brick walls
8. Thou shall hate small spaces, large spaces and grocery shopping
9. Thou shall love unicorns with all thy heart
10. Thou shall be dangerous around toasters/heaters

1. Thou shall never get mad at those more annoying than thou
2. Thou shall look cool with sunglasses
3. Thou shall declare that Gerard makes thou heart burn openly
4. Thou shall love cats
5. Thou shall walk in the other direction/lash out if a camera is shown
6. Thou shall T.P New York
7. Thou shall drum until thou can drum no more
8. Thou shall give out Mikey Way’s phone number
9. Thou shall be the hardest working drummer ever
10. Thou shall love Mr. Bean as thou equal

1. Thou shall head bang till thou can head bang no more
2. Thou shall stick thou hands in cupcakes
3. Thou shall hide thy contacts well
4. Thou shall not like to read
5. Thou shall not bother to cook
6. Thou shall play until thou gets ‘Guitar Burn’
7. Thou shall hate thou hair when straightened
8. Thou shall sing back up as if it were the most important part
9. Thou shall ask Gerard to not do ‘that’ in thy direction
10. Thou shall be proud of thou afro

Dont mind the code its for something of myspace!!
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