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im not on as much..sorry uhh..if u added me thankyou! XD

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Name:   um whatever lol
Birthday:   1991-09-24
Joined:   2007-06-21
Location:   ...nowhere^_^
Pictures on my profile are pictures from photobucket non of these people I know in real life just examples do not comment me saying "oh take off that pic thats me and I dont appreciate you having me on your profile" or anything similar to this ok I'm bein honest so lets stay on my good side and no drama starts up because my girl hates drama so I'm not starting anything up oh and I want PROVE if that is really you I want some proof for example if I say fine take 8 more pictures of yourself I expect you to do it in the same clothes eyeliner ect like you look like in the picture I supposely have of you on my profile ok..

Hey. My name is Jeremy I'm a rocker as you could possible see....if not your a retard lol jkjkjk.I got a friend on here named Carlos yeah yeah hes GHETTO! argh my luck well..Im a...punk rocker. I love my friend Rachel to death she's like a sister I never got to have she loves this guy name Daniel I think they'll make a good couple for the most when he stops being a jerk lol
I met a girl named Ines SHE ROCKS and I'm currently dating her hope it lasts for a life time!! YES YES YES shes a ROCKER ^_^
wooooooooooooohooooooooooooooooo! I'm 16 jus turned it last year. Amylee and Nickleback are idols!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
If you dont know yet since ur an idiot and cant tell by my name! I'm a BOY! I'm STRAIGHT! yes I'm sexy (ines:but as sexy as pete wentz^_~) and and IM TAKEN WOOOOO lol not.
I'm a rocker at my high-school I have a band I'm the leader well if ur too stupid to figure it out I'm the singer if you want to call it that >.>
Yeah every girl at schools after me (whats up with girls and rockstars) GOD! Well yeah dont blame them ^_~ lol well nooooooooooooooooooooo I'm becoming like CARLOS that man whore no wait i am a man whore >.> god! well anyways.................. if you want to learn more about me den add me oh yeah well I'm not mean at all sorry if i was calling ppl dumb and stupid
:P lol and retart sorry lol I'm extremely nice^_^ and not a manwhore ehem CARLOS!

This is me and Ines and the wall is destiny keeping us apart but dont worry I'll break down that wall one day Because if you haven't noticed stupid destiny she has my heart on her side >,<' I love her so fucking much that'll I'd die for this girl no one couple possible ever replace this love not even if we go seperate ways!! This girl has shown me what love truly means whatever the distance she's my girl for life! Like I said fucking destiny leave us alone -.-'

Thats Rachel And Daniel they cant seem to find each other but everywhere they go they seem to see each other but they won't admit the feelings they have towards one another. So Both of you fucking open your eye -_- Well Rachel has he hasn't I have so much fucking hope they end up together it'll be a heart broken if they dont I mean come on they'll make such an good couple Rachels an awesome girl and Daniel I'm sure he's the right guy for her then Mark ever was.

This is the way I hope to see my friend Carlos since some girl named Jessica already broke his heart I hope to see Carlos with a girl that won't break his heart and they can hold each other like that I just hope he'll find her soon even tho I know he found her lol her name is Natasha. I think they'll be dating soon!

This picture reminds me of my girl Ines! She always knows how to make someone laugh and this pic is pretty funny! lol anyways she looks like she's gonna rock someone's world and yeah she must mean mine I mean come on who wouldnt rock my world except if you mean carlos leave him out >.<

This pic reminds me of my sister Rachel! She always feels nausious when she looks good so yeah lol She just cannot see how pretty she is I swear when I get a picture of her on my computer I'm going to put it on glitter graphics ^_^ shh she still needs to tell me why the fuck she always gets so nausious!

She reminds me of Natasha! She is always giving me smirks -.-' I hate it when she smirks shes so fucking annoying hehe Jeremy you know I know this better then you nanana -.- this is why i say carlos and her perfect match even tho they are going to make me go EMO -.-

This picture reminds me of Carlos for some odd reason...o.o
lol dont know why dont get me wrong carlos! he's all ghetto like i mentioned on my description all 100% ghetto why carlos whhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy

This is when Natasha meets Ines and Rachel they are going to be so close! lol Trust me they are going to look like this 3 cute ass girls hearts taken and I have my heart yes Ines is the left one Rachel is the middle one something about the middle one reminds me of Rachel o.o and the right one Natasha lol

Amy lee!!!!!!! Thats my idol! I fucking love all her music shes my girl but Ines is way better^_^ lol Amy lee is more like a sister to me!!!! lol^_^ no people i'm not dying or crazy >.< She was a dream girl but Ines was pretty much my fantasy...lets say that lol

Avenged Sevenfold!!!!!!!! MY FAVORITE BAND EVER I FUCKING LOVE ALL THERE SONGS!!!!! THEY ARE THE BEST really they have everything I like and envy lol I like them more than nickel back that has to mean something!!!!!! lol

My Chemical Romance as you can tell by my "name" I love their song Teenagers cause it's true most of the teenagers these says are emos and they love blood am I right and they will change their looks to "fit in" blah thats a bunch of bull-shit you dont need to change who you are you fit in perfectly!
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thetiniestprincess writes:
added yuh
ima rocker tew :) lol im tha leader of my band tew :3 i write our songs n im learning 2 play guitar

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devour. writes:
Nig, you left me.

Posted on: Jan 24th 2011, 2:36:12pm

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