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You Should Have Killed Me When You Had The Chance....!!!!!!!!

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Name:   sookie and her bff sky
Birthday:   1990-07-07
Joined:   2010-01-03
I Can't Get On Here Anymore....But I'd Still Like To Talk To You Guys..If You Want To Talk To Me Still, We Have To Talk On Youtube, Myspace Or E-mail.....

Hello name is Sookie Ino
and i losted my whole family to a bunch of demons
of all kinds....I am in love with my Soul Mate Madison SinClare...
she is beautiful in every way....My bestfriend was Sky Inuzuka,
she ran away because she got hurt to many times
and losted faith in mankind and now my new bestfriend is
Destiny Star....I have one he is not my brother
by blood...but is still my brother...his name is Sasuke and i
love him to death, but he's not known to be kind and make
friends...and if you ever see him smiling it's a rare thing
and most times it's not a good thing to see him smile, at least
for anyone other than me.....

My Profile

Name: Sookie Ino
Age: 18
Species: Human
Sexuality: lesbian
Dating: Madison SinClare (my Maddie..!! ^_^)
Job: Working at the maid cafe (with my Maddie), and I'm also a movie star
Likes: My girlfriend Maddie, Maddies nickname for me (she calls me "her Sugar cOOKIE"), my ex bestfriend Sky, my new bestfriend Destiny Star, my jobs, little kids, sweets (i got a big sweet tooth)
Dislike: Keito (he is so evil), how Sky was living with Keito, rude or hurtful people, not having any living family members other than Sasuke, anyone who talks crap or even thinks of hurtting my girl, people not letting or wanting me and maddie to be together b/c they say we are too different and need to stay with are own kind...!!! -_-

Me Working At The Cafe

My Girlfriend, Maddie

Name: Madison SinClare
Nick Name: Maddy for short
Hair Style and Color: short red hair
Eye Color: brown eyes
Species: shapeshifter (bird)
Sexuality: Bisexual
Dating: Sookie
Job: Working at the maid cafe

likes: my Sugar cOOKIE *giggles* sookie, circle daybreak, boys and girls(who knew?!), working at the cafe, me and sookie's cafe act (just ask)

dislikes: night world rules, the stupidity of the older generations, my mother and father, the perverted guys at the cafe who grab my butt

Shape-shifted form

My Adopted Brother, Sasuke Uchiha

Name: Sasuke Uchiha
Age: 19
Job: Leaf Ninja
Dating: No One
Likes: me, his job, his bestfriend Naruto (when he is not act dumb all the time)
Dislikes: all the girls who want him, his older brother Itachi Uchiha, and just about everything else

My Bestfriend And Her Daughter Hope

My Des

Her Hope

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