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Name:   midnight stories
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Yuni's Story
It's from her P.O.V, and it's going to start when she's ten, so let's start.
Right now, I'm in my room, it looks like a lab because I needed to try some things out. So, yea, that's how smart I am.
Me: *Working on an experiment* Er.. Do this.. And this.. Aaaaand.. *Puts a piece of fur in every tube*
Somebody knocks on the door.
Kahvi: Yuni! What are you doing? Open the door! What did I say about locking the door?
Me: *Jumps and slams a hidden button and the room goes back to a normal* Sorry! I forgot! *Pushes the chair to the door and unlocks it*
Kahvi: *Opens the door* Come on, dinner's ready.
Me: Ohhhhh, okay. *Gets up and pushes the chair to the desk and runs downstairs*
Kavhi: *Closes the door and follows walking*
At the dinner table.
Kaki: So, today me and Jackie went on a mission and-
Me: Uuuuuuuugh, don't talk about you two's nice alone time on an easy mission. *Slides into a seat with my plate of food*
Kaki: *Frowns* Yuni, stop it! After you hooked me up with him, why do you hate him so much!
Me: Because I do, Kaki! I don't like you two as a couple anymore.. I mean I hook up a lot of people, but I regret hooking you two up.
Ino: *Freezes Rayek's hair and starts laughing*
Rayek: *Screams* INO!
Kaki: Want me to thaw it out?
Rayek: NO! That's going to make it worse.. *Runs up to the bathroom*
Me: *Laughing*
Kahvi: Ino..
Ino: *Stops* Oh.. Snap.. Well, thank you for the food! Going to go train for a bit, bye! *Runs out with her Glaceon, Haily*
Me: *Settled down but still giggling* Well, thank you for the food. *Puts the plate away and runs upstairs*
Kaki: Yea, thanks. *Puts plate away and walks out* Going to train.
Kahvi: *Sighs and washes dishes with her powers*
In My Room
Me: *Locks the door and presses the button* Huh?!
There sat a wolf for every element. Staring at me and wagging their tail.
Me: W-What did I just do?!
The first one to actually speak was a silky light pink fur and violet eyes.
Solar: Hello, Creator. I'm Solar, the first wolf you worked on.
Me: I-I'm confused! Badly..
Solar: I know, and that's why I'm the first to speak. All of us are your creations. We are to listen to you and only you.
Me: Oh.. Cool! *Grins*
Solar: *Nods* We know. Each of us portray each element.
Me: I'm a genius.
Blaze: *Nods and grins*
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