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i love anime a lot and animals!!! ^.^

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Name:   mitsuki01
Birthday:   1997-01-30
Joined:   2008-07-11
Location:   Hawaii
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plz check this site out its called and look for me i have 5 of them there is Animegirl41, iamsweet01, Mitsuki01, pomeranian01, and tig3rl0v3r01

hi pplz i live in hawaii. im 12years birthday is January part asian.i like a lot of things i love animals my favorites r pandas,tigers,ligers,and all different kinds of species of cats.


so cute lol

my name is:

(='.'=) my cutie pie


i love KAWAII things lol


Carrie would dance and prance with great ease.
Her movements so graceful they would appease
All the tourists who came to see
This purebred mare of gallantry.
Proud was she of her disposition
That she failed to notice her hoof's position.
Snap! Was the sound that echoed around
As she slipped in a small deep hole in the ground
No more dancing and prancing for Carrie, you see
As they took her for a ride to the glue factory.


Diego would glide and fly through the night
His sense of vision was perfect and bright.
He would wake the birds as they tried to sleep
Screeching and flapping with screams so deep.
Tired they were, these birds so weary.
Each day became longer and uncomfortably dreary.
A lesson had to be taught to this bat of the dark.
‘Let us sleep near the wire fence!’ squeaked the small, quiet lark.
Diego flew screeching, and speeding passed the fence
And through the rows of barbed wire so many and dense.
He weaved and dodged through the spiral blades
Only to be chunks of hues and shades.


Quackee loved to sing with her irritating voice.
The animals would listen, not with much choice.
The farmer awoke to the shrieking sound
Of Quackee still singing and waddling around.
By afternoon the sound was so chilling,
The farmer had lunch, duck with corn filling


Maxx had a bite that would never let go
So proud of his smile and sharp teeth he'd show
The power of its vice - like grip
He proved it to a crowd on a mid summer's trip.
He jumped and bit a branch of an old oak tree
and stayed there hanging for all to see.
More gathered to look how long he would stay
He remained there biting to this very day.


Lammy was so proud of her wool
It was stunning, soft, and beautiful.
Displayed so proudly, for others to admire
That it filled the shepherd with much desire.
A week later the shepherd was seen
with a new wool coat, selling lamb chops and beans.


Slide and slip into the water he'd go
drip and shake and waddle he'd show.
Jump and splash with the water he'd shout
laugh and scream with his watery snout.
Carefree was Pen that he failed to see
A killer whale lurking and waiting for he.
Slide and slip into the water he'd go
drip and shake and waddle more, no.


ChungKee was eating bamboo quietly in his cage
Until he saw something that made him rage
A girl had a backpack, stuffed panda on the back.
ChungKee thought it was his friend, cuffed to a rack.
He tried to pull his friend free and cut
The zookeeper misunderstood and shot him in the butt.


Dee leaped higher and quicker than most of friends
She could jump rocks and logs stacked high and dense.
The other deer wanted to put this to a test
And have Dee leap in the open forest.
Knowing that a hunter would be nearby
If Dee wasn’t quick enough then her speed was a lie
She ran and leapt in the open meadow
A shot rang out and Dee was too slow.


Cecil could slither and slip through the cracks.
She could climb and search for food inside sacks.
Low to the ground she wasn’t easily detected.
She would eat her fill without being ejected.
Confident was she of her stealth.
Invisible to all was what she felt.
A crowded market she danced, weaved and glided
Caught, skewered, and cooked was she, after sighted.


Roy was young and full of energy
He was the best a rooster can be.
Crow and crow to his heart’s content
The family would wake without dissent.
Perfect in every way except for stature
He desperately wanted his body to capture
The look of the weathervane and its strong silhouette
of a rooster in metal which he could never forget.
Closely he'd stare as the letters had spun
W, N, E, and S would turn towards him one by one
Blinded by the light the letters reflected
The letter N struck him and he fell, dejected.
It's quiet the next morning, no more crows to give wake
Just a lopsided weathervane that would creek and would shake.


Life was easy for Bill
All day long he'd just relax and lie still
Wallow and play in the mud and hay
and fed by a rancher man named Ray
Along came a spider who sat on his snout
Bill snorted and blew and gave a loud shout
He stomped his hooves to crush the poor creature
who only wanted to be friends, despite her demeanor
So offended was the spider, whose life flashed in sight
that she spun an intricate web with tremendous delight
"Soft pork" it read, on its fine, glistening pattern
The farmer gazed at Bill with his oil burning lantern
Bill was supposed to grow to be a prize winning pig
But after that morning, Ray's stomach looked big.


Kit had a head bigger than her body.
The laughs she endured rang all through the lobby.
Looking at the pool she would see her reflection.
Wishful thinking for her water friend connection.
She slipped and fell as she looked nearer.
No more laughter and jokes would she hear….


Thomas loved to swim in the dark shallow waters
A place filled with insects and sunbathing gators.
He would see a boat paddling, approaching his way
And to Thomas that meant fun and some time to play.
Wait in the water ‘til it was over his head
Then surface and smash it into slices, like bread.
He enjoyed watching the boat break into small bits
And listening to pieces of watery hits.
Another boat was coming with a humming sound
This one was different from the others he'd pound.
He quickly surfaced to give it a whack
A large sound exploded, a giant crack.
Peered did he at a small dent on the boat
His back now broken, on the water he'd float.


Matt was a mouse that would go house to house.
Looking for food or maybe a spouse.
He never liked staying at the same place.
Each dwelling had a cat that always gave chase.
One home he visited, the cat did not move
So Matt ate his fill of all of their food.
Matt skinny now fat, patiently waited the feline.
Who covered and ate him with pie made of key lime.


Lolita swam freely in the waters of Puget Sound
Where her family, friends and fresh fish abound.
At the age of three she was taken away
to perform for crowds to this very day.
It’s been 40 years since she swam in the sea
In the hope of one day she’ll join her pod family.


Jack was nimble, Jack was quick.
He was so fast, it made you sick.
Showing off his speed, he challenged a turtle.
The race then started, he shot like a missile.
As he ran so far, he turned around to see
Where he left the turtle, and then hit a tree.


Elle would trudge through the forest with little care.
When she found food, she wouldn’t share.
The village she destroyed was blocking the way.
Of her feeding and eating all of their hay.
The natives grabbed their spears, tired of her sass.
They let her have it and stabbed her in the…tail.


Dax had talent, you would be proud.
I would take him to the park, he drew a crowd.
He could catch the Frisbee so easily in his teeth.
At times, I threw too hard, it would go to the street.
One day as we played, he jumped over a beagle
Only to be caught in the talons of an eagle.


Foxy was fast. Foxy was cunning.
She always kept the dogs constantly running.
After her and over the hills.
Being chased by dogs gave her thrills.
But one run too many she found herself trapped.
Now she’s displayed in a museum with all sorts of…animals.

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