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Woah I have not been on in so long, I'm sorry guys...

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Birthday:   1993-10-07Country:   United States
Joined:   2008-06-25Location:   Forks, Washington
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Name:   alexaabnormal
Birthday:   1993-10-07
Joined:   2008-06-25
Location:   Forks, Washington
Uploads:   38 graphics 

Hey, I'm Alexa, I've been living 14 confusing/sad/happy/funny/single years. I'm straight, and single. I'm a vegetarian, and I'm against animal cruelty, I'm a super dork, but a cool one, one that will start dancing out of no where. If you've got a problem, I'd appricieate it if you'd get over it, I'm the last person that you need to be jealous of. I have the BEST friends, I love them all, I'll name a few off. Frankie Vogt, Becka Cronin, Samantha Knaeble, Gage Kirchgessner, Chris Harris(Chinky), Logan Wardrip, Matt Gallagher, Kyle Shrubb, Donovan Jarvis, Darcy Howell, Ayla Northerner, Memori Wilson, Chelsea Boyer, Shanquilla Keller, Kaylie Miller, Aleah Horton, Jasmine Board, Brianne Thomas, and Evelyn Rios.

My favorite bands are All Time Low, Set It Off, Fall Out Boy, Hollywood Undead, Panic! At the Disco, I Set My Friends On Fire, Paramore, Forever The Sickest Kids, Boys Like Girls, Cobra Starship, A Beautiful Lotus, Jeffree Starr, My Chemical Romance, youmeatsix, Hit The Lights, The Maine, Hey Monday, Katy Perry, Gym Class Heroes, Secondhand Serenade, Mayday Parade, The Getaway Plan, The Dangerous Summer, 3OH!3, Red Car Wire, The Devil Wears Prada, We the Kings, Cute is What We Aim For, Blood On the Dancefloor, The Academy Is..., Metro Station, and many, many more!

My favorite tv shows are The College Humor Show, America's Best Dance Crew ((SEASON 3: QUEST CREW)), The Soup, That 70's Show, iCarly, Sonny With a Chance, The Office, 10 Items or Less, Wizards of Waverly Place, The Big Bang Theory, Yo Gabba Gabba(haha, I know..), Tim&Eric Awesome Show, 6teen, Scarred, Robot Chicken, Family Guy, American Dad, hmm...I can't think of any more...

My favorite movies are, Juno, Pinapple Express, Nick&Nora's Infinite Playlist, Prayers for Bobby, Little Miss Sunshine, Superbad, Rocket Science, The Tracey Fragments, Twilight, Forgetting Sarah Marchall, Smart People, High School Musical (1,2,&3), Grease, Dadnapped, I am Legend, 40-year-old virgin, What Happens in Vegas, John Tucker Must Die, The Hot Chick, The Notebook, The Pride&The Prejudice, Titanic, Romeo&Juliet, The Ringer, Shutter, Blades of Glory, Talladega Nights: The Ballad of Ricky Bobby, hmm, I'll add more when I think of them.

I have read the whole Twilight Saga, and I loved it. But I'm not obsessed with it. What I hate, are those fan girls that have only read the first book, or worse, just watched the movie and are like "TEAM EDWARD FTW!!"
me:"Have you even read all the books?"
FANGIRL:"No, but I watched the movie!"
me:"...You reason to even be on a have to read all books, because you have to see Jacob's point too."
ughhh!!! It just makes me want to punch a Jewish baby!!
*I have nothing against Jews.
I am Team Edward though...because I think that Edward is a more positive influence toward Bella. As a child, Jacob is not as mature as Edward. So really? Who's the better choice? Edward. Plus, Edward has never said anything THAT bad about Jacob...Jacob is always calling Edward "bloodsucker, leech, parasite" and saying how she shouldn't be with Edward. Uhmm, Jacob, it's her choice, go run off you stupid hot dog.

Q:Do you smoke?
A:No, I do not, my friends do, and I will never, I don't hate smokers, I hate cigarettes, joints, ickk. I've tried it once and it's just disgusting

Q:What is your type of guy
A:Not to get too stereotypical, but, I like to go for a skater, or a scene kid. if all else fails, "emo" is my type. Down to earth. I hate Jocks..ughh, meat headed douchebags. I hate them all. Jocks, Cheerleaders, ewhh.

Q:Are you made fun of at school?
A:Not so much made fun of, but more of shit talked. People are always saying shit about my weight, and who I hang out with. mostly the cheerleaders start shit, and it's like, you know what? If you don't like me? Fuck you. I don't need you to like me. I LOVE my haters. They are so funnyy, When they start drama. OMG I LOVE DRAMA, when people get in my face, I'm ready, right there, I fight back.

Q:Are you a nice person?
A:I am defintally a nice person. I'm a friend to everyone. Walk up to me and say "Hi" I'll say hi back, I might even be your friend. But if you are going to be like the cheerleaders and start shit? Yeah, then I'm a major bitch

Q:Do you like anyone right now?
A:Yess, he's in my group of friends, but we don't talk much, but I wish we could so we could just like, get to know each other!! haha

Q:Who are your favorite YouTubers?
A:Ooh! This is so easy! SwiftKarateChop, DesandNate, MattG124, livelavalive, AmazingPhil, Smosh, and some undiscovered ones haha.

Q:What kind of music do you like?
A:Uhh..I think I've answered my about me? But I'll answer anyway. I like pop/rock, punk/rock, screamo, uhh...I think that's it. I don't listen to Rap, I fucking hate Rap, it's so stupid. I can't even put an example. FUCK! I hate rap.

Q:Have you ever seen 2 girls 1 cup?
A:Yeah I have. It was pretty awful. I didn't puke. But, you know, that doesn't mean it's good. It's TERRIBLE, DON'T WATCH IT!!

Q:Do you believe in love for all sexual orientations?
A:I definatly believe in love for all sexual orientations. we all have the same beating hearts.


Mitchell Davis is amazing
I less than three you!!
(for you stupid people that means "<3")
Mitchell Davis is my IDOL
I hope one day to follow in his footsteps
I want to meet him one day
I mean, he lives in Ohio and I live in Indiana

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