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Name:   dayna hagger.
Birthday:   1920-01-01
Joined:   2011-12-19
"this blood on my hands is something i cannot forget."
dayna. | seventeen. | inlove. | senior. | guitar player. | bipolar. | loner. | sad. | vintage. | bisexual. | jealous. | quiet/shy. | scared.

you oughta know; my name is dayna leeann. one day my last name will be hagger. because, he stole my heart i am going to steal his last name. i'm one of the sweetest people you could ever meet, i promise. some days are just worse than others. i try my best though. give me some kind of credit. and even though Jake doesn't like when I say it, i'm biPolar. i know how to control it, sometimes. i'm short, only 5 foot 4 inches. i wear heels to make myself look taller, but now that it's winter i love my ugg boots. ha! i love them because my sister hates me. ohh! i have 7 siblings. 3 are adopted. so we have a big family. only 4 kids live at home though. i'm a vegan. no meat for dayna. sorry. i smoke. alot. don't think it makes me a bad person. and one last thing; i don't believe in god. don't judge me on it. anyway.. yeah, there is not much more to be told. so comment anytime.(:

likes; when jake is on. talking to jake. emails. facebook. writing anything. music. smiles. helping people. not having a cellphone. talking to people. making new friends. not taking pills. animals. whine coolers. weed. photography. peace tea. arizona tea. vintage stuff. english. speaking french. the color blue. weekends. acoustic guitar. hair bows. first dates. first kisses. cuddling. holding hands. country music. concerts. sunglasses. designer bags. nature walks. singing. swimming. being a doctor when i grow up.

dislike; theifs. god freaks. annoying people. animal abuse. meat. overly talkative people. people who hate country music. shit talkers. drama. whores. boyfriend theifs. mean people. other jealous people. girls who flirt with jake. people who say they're ugly. skinny people who complain they're fat. being the third wheel. broken guitar strings. lipstick. dirty socks. running out of booze at a party. panic attacks. anxiety attacks. being depressed. going to school. you.

music; snow white's posion bite. that sunday's feeling. a day to remember. courage my love. her bright skies. underline the sky. me vs gravity. picture perfect. alex goot. belie my burial. into airwaves. avenged sevenfold. HIM. aiden. among this all. get scared. blood on the dance floor. nevershoutnever. the beauty and the beast. end of december. jessey mccarthy.

jake; my baby boy. what the hell can i say about you? lets see.. you are everything i could have ever asked for. most people would be jealous of what we got, cause boy and i are met to be so much more. i can still remember holding my breath when i saw that my best friend told you that i was falling for you. i was horrified at what it was you had to say. you told me to email you, so i did. you told me you loved me too and my heart nearly stopped! i remember you telling me you had feelings for me.. god, that was perphaps the best moment of my life. and i know we have had our fall outs since then, but so what? you love me and i love you. thats all that counts to me. now every feburary, i'll be your valentine. and on Nov 12, 2011 at 8:47 pm we will celebrate our love.♥ i love you so much jakey!
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ƨpaceman. writes:
i will always love you too. :3 ♥
come back and make a new account. ♥ i miss you. :c

Posted on: Jul 22nd 2012, 6:26:07pm

ƨpaceman. writes:
hiii! of course i do! :3

Posted on: Jul 17th 2012, 2:21:13pm

sinkorswim. writes:
I was here: I saw how much shit has changed.. it broke my heart.
and then I realized: I don't want this.. I don't want to sit here and deal with the drama.
i love you people but this site man.. i can't take this site..
it has caused me so much shit over the years.
i love my friends but to many people are gone or just aren't all there to start with.
i love you and if i meant something to you, lovely. maybe one day i will be back but not today.
if you need me, catch me on facebook..

Posted on: Jul 14th 2012, 4:32:47pm

suckit_ writes:
lol what?

Posted on: Jan 12th 2012, 5:47:35pm

escapingtheworld writes:

I can love you truly
With all of my heart
I can be faithful
Even though we are apart.

I cannot climb the mountains
Nor swim the deepest sea
But I can make a promise
Just put your trust in me.

I cannot give you all you want
But try to give my all
My love, my heart, my very soul
For you I’ll give it all.

I cannot reach the stars above
Nor offer you the moon
But if I will have the power
I’ll promise to do it soon.

For you I’ll give my very best
My love’s forever true
I may not be important
But for me my world is YOU.

Posted on: Dec 30th 2011, 10:15:56pm

escapingtheworld writes:

If I had to live my life with out you;
Crying all day and all night is what I would do.

Posted on: Dec 30th 2011, 10:13:53pm

escapingtheworld writes:

You may never know how important you are to me or how much I care for you, but you are and you will always be. Bear in mind that I couldnt afford to lose someone I've learned to care about so much.

Posted on: Dec 30th 2011, 10:12:04pm

escapingtheworld writes:

hm, i wish you were on right now.
i didn't get to tell you merry
christmas -.-'

merry {late} christmas dayna.
i hope you got everything you
wanted <3 you deserve it.

& thnx for putting up with me.
i know i can be a pain in the

i love you.

Posted on: Dec 30th 2011, 10:05:46pm

sinkorswim. writes:
you just don't understand..
:/ i care for you.

Posted on: Dec 28th 2011, 11:44:28am

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