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Let's see what I could do with this page..

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Name:   Sea Otter
Birthday:   1998-01-02
Joined:   2010-07-22
Okay, I'm tired of disappearing and stuff.
Here's what I'm always on.
deviantart: PaintBerries
skype: puffyhamster
youtube: PaintBerries

That's all, if you want to contact me that way, go ahead. I doubt I'll be coming back here.
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rocker babe writes:
tensen:because i never stopped loving you

Posted on: Nov 26th 2010, 7:11:31pm

hailys_1 writes:
me:*smirks* ok spin the bottle or 7 minutes in heaven?
Haily:Ohhh that is interesting! *gets a womans black and
white striped vest on and a tiny top hat on* I have to dress for such a occasion.
Hisoko:Hmm both are very interesting. I might injoy this

Posted on: Nov 26th 2010, 7:00:50pm

hailys_1 writes:
me:Of course we are. *smiles* What game u guys wanna play
truth or dare?, or the more interesting games?
April:*bout to say what she wants but marena slaps her mouth shut*
Marena:Guests picks not a normal
April: >:x mhmhmhm mmhm hm

Posted on: Nov 26th 2010, 6:49:53pm

hailys_1 writes:
Hisoko:*impressed* And who is that *points at Yuni*
me:My little sister. the one who wanted to see
the twins.
Emma:...why do i have to wear black >_< Marena u should
of told me this was a party!!!
Marena:*chuckles* my bad.
me:Lastest addition to u-kno-what
Hisoko:So theres brownies baking but theres no pizza?
pa-lease what kind of party is this and no music?
Ino u r looking like a bad hostess.
me:-_- why thank u Hisoko for the summery
Hisoko:I will just have to help u then *puts on the radio
and calls the pizza guy* Uhmm Ino how much pizza can u afford
me:buy 8 pies of pizza! no garlec tho!

Posted on: Nov 26th 2010, 6:41:15pm

hailys_1 writes:
me:OKIE *door knocks* Must be the twins and hisoko
me:Welcome! *lets them in*
Marena:*both have black hair and black clothes only diffrence is that marena has blue eyes and Emma has green*
Hisoko:*wings gone and has orange down to waste hair and green eyes, has a kawaii shirt and shorts on right now*hey
April:O.o for once ur wearing normal clothes
Hisoko:<.< yeah i wear normal clothes thats just for the job
me:Easy u two. >.>

Posted on: Nov 26th 2010, 6:27:32pm

hailys_1 writes:
me:Inviting people of course *smiles* you always invite
the most interesting people
April:*puts two batches of brownies in the oven* 30 minutes
they will be done. *comes back into the living room* Now
who shall Yuni invite???

Posted on: Nov 26th 2010, 6:15:57pm

hailys_1 writes:
April:Yeah i put chocolate syrup, and chocolate chips
in them. I ♥ chocolate
me:I'm inviting Hisoko also

April:*looks at me* I still dont see how u two are friends
after being enemies.
me:Well that was then this is now *calls her*
Hisoko:*on her bed eating candy and answers* hello?
me:Hey hisoko its Ino
Hisoko:Hey! whats up?
me:Eh were kinda bored here at my house wanna come over?
hisoko:Sure dont worry bout the address. I got it.
*hangs up and wings pop out her back
and flies toward are house*
me:Aproxamitethey all be here in T minus 5 minutes.
Your turn Yuni

Posted on: Nov 26th 2010, 6:10:06pm

ninja penguins writes:
Sorry...crazy cupcake boy came over

Tenchi: Why are u doing that??

Posted on: Nov 26th 2010, 6:09:06pm

hailys_1 writes:
me:O.O okay! call them *pats her back again*
April:*gets out her cell* Marena?
marena:*answers* yeah who this?
April:April, Can u come over to Ino's house with Emma?
Marena:Sure Adress is needed though.
April:*tells her the Adress* Get here pranto. We have
a special guest here wanting to see u *hangs up*
Emma:*at her computer* Why?? *whinny* I'm at a chat room
right now
Marena:We have a special guest who wants to see us.
Emma:Fine *grabs coat and goes to Marena* Motorcycle or
Marena:Farari *grabs the keys and they go into the
car and Marena heads to are house*
April:There coming. *smiles* I better bake brownies
*goes to the kitchen and starts making her chocolate rush

Posted on: Nov 26th 2010, 6:01:34pm

hailys_1 writes:
me:*smiles* Learned from wise people around the world.
Haily:Yeah lots of people smacked sence into her *smiles
cuz ur petting her*
April:Hey think she should meet the twins???
me:Eh she had enough excitment for one day.

Posted on: Nov 26th 2010, 5:49:45pm

rocker babe writes:
tensen: you wanted to make it big..and you did

Posted on: Nov 26th 2010, 5:45:16pm

hailys_1 writes:
me:Okay maybe we first need to get u well. *grabs u a
blanket and gets more bread* Have we learned a lesson from
Haily:*curls up next to u* ^^ Ino can be more mature at times.

Posted on: Nov 26th 2010, 5:43:00pm

rocker babe writes:
tensen: *stands up and grabs her hands* don't be sorry i did this to myself you left for college

Posted on: Nov 26th 2010, 5:38:45pm

hailys_1 writes:
me:O_O *pats back* easy!!!

Posted on: Nov 26th 2010, 5:33:59pm

rocker babe writes:
tensen: *hangs head& you left.. without a word i was alone... so..i..i found a pretty girl got her pregnant and married her

Posted on: Nov 26th 2010, 5:30:22pm

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