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Let's see what I could do with this page..

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Name:   Sea Otter
Birthday:   1998-01-02
Joined:   2010-07-22
Okay, I'm tired of disappearing and stuff.
Here's what I'm always on.
deviantart: PaintBerries
skype: puffyhamster
youtube: PaintBerries

That's all, if you want to contact me that way, go ahead. I doubt I'll be coming back here.
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rocker babe writes:
tensen: *blushes some and kisses yuni* gladely

Posted on: Nov 26th 2010, 8:46:22pm

hailys_1 writes:
April:Well he needs to get rid of that fighting style *She mumbles*
Ino:who does harry get?

Posted on: Nov 26th 2010, 8:36:22pm

rocker babe writes:
tensen: *wraps his arms around her* shes adorable

Posted on: Nov 26th 2010, 8:34:41pm

hailys_1 writes:
me:So harry goes!!!! *valuanters him*
Marena:U should even be playing this april what about that
April:Thats over when he started to drink. So lets play!

Posted on: Nov 26th 2010, 8:30:15pm

rocker babe writes:
tensen:I think you'll like her

Posted on: Nov 26th 2010, 8:26:07pm

hailys_1 writes:
me:Guys spin!

Posted on: Nov 26th 2010, 8:25:19pm

hailys_1 writes:
me:O_O ill save that outfit for later...ill go with the goth theme cuz everyone else is doing it.*wears a black dress but with a white undershirt with long sleeves, has a tie, and wears her annual ruby rose ring and has her hair down and wears
her black boots and comes down* ready
April:FINALY u took forever!!!

Posted on: Nov 26th 2010, 8:21:00pm

rocker babe writes:
Tensen: yuni..does.. it bother you that i have a daughter?

Posted on: Nov 26th 2010, 8:15:14pm

rocker babe writes:
tensen: *kisses back* same here *holds her face in his hands*

Posted on: Nov 26th 2010, 8:01:57pm

hailys_1 writes:
me:O_O *still upstairs* Kim where is the shirt???
Kim:there is no shirt all u got is that orange jackie and black bra.
me:O_O uhh....How OLD is everyone down there???
Kim:Don't be Shy now that is the latest fashion trend
Skimpy. old is everybody?
Draco:*grabs a slice of pizza and soda and leans against wall and eats, Avoiding conversation*
April:...can we just play the game??

Posted on: Nov 26th 2010, 7:58:15pm

hailys_1 writes:
me:O_O *says nothing to the comments and door rings*
Draco:*walks in with black hair and red bangs and is wearing
a black hoodie and jeans with chains on them*So why am I here?
Marena:U are forced to stay and play 7 bottled minutes in heaven
Kim:*walks in with her blue hair and hands me a outfit*
boy was I right. Oh and i paid for ur pizza *snaps her finger and the pizza boy drops the pizza on the table next
to the brownies*
Kim:eht hem the drinks?
Pizza boy:*leaves 6 2 liters of pepsi and coke and leaves*
me:*goes to try on the clothes*

Posted on: Nov 26th 2010, 7:49:36pm

hailys_1 writes:
Marena:*calls draco*Come or else *hangs up* he is coming. ^^

Posted on: Nov 26th 2010, 7:38:46pm

hailys_1 writes:
me:O_O i kno a gay girl. *calls kim*
kim:*First one to check caller i.d and answers* Hey
me:Hey can u come down and play a few games with us?
we have a party and-
Kim:Say no more and I kno u dont have the right outfit
on also so ill be aproxamitly 5 minutes. *hangs up*
me:Thats settled *smiles* And i get new clothes!
April:*laughs* ur still u. But will u get eviller if i...
give u soda??? *hands me one*
me:O_O *chugs it*

Posted on: Nov 26th 2010, 7:37:34pm

hailys_1 writes:
Marena:How about
Marena:Yeah he is a cutie.
Emma:Its one of are guy-friends.
April:What do u think Yuni trust the twins or smooch
a friend?

Posted on: Nov 26th 2010, 7:28:28pm

hailys_1 writes:
me:Okay takes away hailys job ^-^
april and hisoko:*laughs*
April:*gets both batches of brownies out* okay these are done. I used alot of chocolate so if u dont like a chocolate rush dont eat it.
Marena,Emma,me,Haily,Hisoko:*grabs one and eats* boys pick
girls also! let them feel the pressure
Haily:>_< i am the only pokemon here
me:Not anymore*opens all poke balls*
Yuni:O_O oh dear...
Flary:*giggles* A party!!
lulu:Lets dance!!
Enti:I decline that offer...
Pain:thanks but no thanks..
Haily:*evil glare* yeah lets dance! while the trainers
get smoochie!!! *evil laugh and the pokemon go into a corner and dancing*

Posted on: Nov 26th 2010, 7:15:37pm

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