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Only the living have the privilage of having something to die for -Captain Schwan / Raven

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Birthday:   1920-01-01Country:   
Joined:   2010-06-21Location:   Zaphias
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Name:   Caroline
Birthday:   1920-01-01
Joined:   2010-06-21
Location:   Zaphias

...My poor Shinx has 122 brothers/sisters RIP Finath Scifo... Fire Fox Thing

Caroline Scifo
Age: 4
Weapon: Wooden Sword
Sub-Weapon: Gloves
Caroline was born and raised in the Imperial Capital, Zaphias. She
wants to join the Imperial Knights just like her father. She is
willing to help those in need, but doesn't try as hard as she
should. She is working on becoming an expert fighter. Together
with Kahrin,Sukto,and Kei they'll start their journey..once their old

Flynn's Princess
_______________________________________________________________Likes: M&Ms,Peter Pan,and Sour candy
_______________________________________________________________Hates: Princess movies and Monsters

Flynn Scifo and Haley Scifo
Age: 21 and 18
Weapon: Sword and Sword
Sub-Weapon: Shield and Gloves

Dist:What? Jade!
Jade:Let's have a chat over there *point*
Jade:*evil smirk and drags him to ally*
Dist:H-H-He-Hey! W-Wa- J-Jade!
*Dist screams*
Dist:S-Stop! Stop! You're killing me!
*a few seconds later*
Jade:He talked
Luke:Wh-Where's Dist?
Jade:I turned him over to the military police. It'll be fine.
He won't be able to move for a while.

Asch:Where are you?
Asch:Never mind. I see it. Baticul.
Luke:Dammit, now you're looking through my eyes?! Getting in
touch this way is so one-sided!

Captain Fedrok:There must be something going on in the
lake's ruins. Our squad probably won't be enough to handle it.
Also, the larger one's going with me.
Hisuka:That's sexual harassment, isn't it?
Shastere: That is sexual harassment
Yuri:You said the larger one, but they're the same height, right?

I guess punching Flynn is a bad idea...
:3 Tales of Vesperia: The First Strike
Luke! How is the even possible?!

Judith,Estelle,Karol,Repede,Rita,Raven,Yuri and Flynn :3

Raven and Flynn's random talk:
Hehe I heard that Yuri owns u though not the other way around Huh? o_o That Yuri pwns u *chuckles* every night that is O_o Dude what? I thought u were gay! *shocked* Im not gay! R u sure? Yes Im sure But u and Yuri... What about us Sleep together We never did that! He told me u guys did though... We havnt! >_< Well either your denying or he's lieing >_> We've had to share a room when we both were in the knights but still.. So you did? Same room NOT same bed But he said We didnt do anything! Surre Dammit old man >_> Im coming home! U better not be there u snoop! So u were? I knew it! >_> No Sure. Just make sure u dont steal anything solider Why would I want to steal anything from u? Because ur RETARDED Coming from the retard himself Dont even Why not? Because Im not and u r *Flynn is not amused* Im amused By what? O_o U being mad -.- Not cool
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