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Name:   Sukto
Birthday:   2006-10-22
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the adventures of batman and zeri!(and other people who join in)
Part 1
Zeri:look! theres the bat sign! I must go to its call!
Batman: No, my Son. I must go.
Zeri: BATMAN!!!*tackles batman*
Batman: can't fight..insane fan boy *falls over*
Zeri: I KILLED HIM!! >_> *Takes his mask, puts it on and runs to the bat sign* I AM THE NEW BRUCE WAYNE!
Part 2
Batman: *in his home*
Zeri: Alfred! I'm home *dressed as batman*
Batman: who the hell are you!?
Zeri: why, i'm batman, batman *squeals like a fangirl* OMG!!! I DIDN'T KILL YOU!! *Tackles batman again* OH! I can be like bat boy! your sidekick!
Batman: T_T get off me you crazy loon
Zeri: oh! *rolls off him and stares at the ceiling* we can fight crime together!! *squeals*
Batman: *gets up and dust himself off* Alfred, call the mental hospital
Robin: *hits zeri over the head with a frying pan* I'M BATMANS SIDEKICK!!
*kira randomly appears* CAN I BE BATGIRL?!
Zeri: *knocked out*
Batman: *rolls his eyes* and who are you?
kira: only the most kickass woman youll ever meet in your entire life. i tried to be ironmans sidekick but he rolls on his own, ya know?
batman: no i don't know, and i don't know why you are here!
Alfred: shes fairly atractive
Robin: not to me
kira: T_T thats cuz youre gay bird brain. im just here to get my friend, really. *helps zeri up*
Batman: please, if there is anything i can do for you to get him to leave me alone
Batman: *eye twitch*
kira: zeri dear, you cant be batman. *points at batman* thas batman right there. do you really want to take your heros place?
Zeri: *tears up* i..i..really wanted to be batman!!*curls up and cries*
Batman: T_T oh com'on
kira: *hugs him* zeri, i'll be your sidekick if you want
Zeri: *sniffles* r-really
Batman: would you.. *grumbles* like to ride in the bat moible
Zeri: *jumps up* YAY!!NANANANANANA BATMAN! BATMAN!*Runs into a wall*
Batman: he isn't to bright is he..
ode: *randomly pops in* ZERI!! its ur turn to watch Daiki!! *flowers blooming around her*
Zeri: *glares at odette* you won him in the divorice, along with my manly hood
Batman: *looks at odette* and who might you be?
Batman: sh!!!!!!
Zeri: well she did..she left me with nothing but keito!
batman: posion ivy and batman wanna be plus irongirl...*shakes head*
Zeri: *grumbles* she even ruined my time with my hero!
Batman: *looks at odette* were you drunk when you married him?
ode: honestly mr batman i wish i had been, that would better explain my poor decisions. and im not a poison ivy wanna be... that idiot just compares me to her because of my powers and his obsession with you. sometimes i think thats why he married me in the first place. to live his disturbing fantasy
Zeri: *flips her off* forget you! you tricked me into marrying you!
batman: and i thought i needed help for dressing up as a bat, you two are insane!
Zeri: *puts his hands on his hips* and i was drunk before i said i do to you FYI!
kira: *zones back in* woah sorry guys.. what did i miss?
ode: Im sorry mr batman for my ex bothering your so much. is there anything i can do to make it up to you? *bats eyelashes at him*
oh hey akira-sensei
kira: well hello miss odette. what brings you to the batcave? *looks down and releases zeri* ah!
Zeri: NO!! STOP RUINING EVERYTHING FOR ME YOU INSANE FLOWER LOVING DRUNKEN WANNA BE!!*stands up when kira gets off him and tackles batman* HE IS MINE!!! *looks at kira* hi! ^_^
Batman: *falls to the ground* T_T i need better locks
ode: *uses vines to pull him off batman* zeri ur embarrassing yourself and me for ever associating with you.
oh and mostly im here to drive zeri insane, but i also wanted to see this batman for myself
kira: why did i end up your babysitter? im truely sorry your batiness.. he means no harm really ^^" *starts dragging him out of the cave*
Zeri: SHE DOESN'T BELIEVE IN YOU! when i would dress as batman she'd asked me "who are you suppose to be" She didn't even bother to watch your movies on my brithday!! *holding his arms out to batman* BRUCE WAYNE!!! I LOVE YOU!!
Batman: *stands up and pats zeri's head* you sad little boy
Zeri: *wimpers*
Batman: let the moron stay
Zeri: *squeals like a girl*
kira: *sighs and lets him go* chillin in the batcave.. sounds like something i wouldve done as a teenager...
ode: it tis an interesting concept. mind if i join?
kira: *rubs her forehead* yeah thats fine, i could use the dose of sanity you bring
zeri:*hugging batman*
batman: there there *pulls him off* ladies i'm guesing your going to stay just to end this crazy man's life
zeri: *Nods* but i'z got a girlfriend so odette can leave
batman: what women in her right mind would want to be with you
zeri: a purtty one!
kira: *rolls eyes and wanders over to computer to sit down*
ode: oh! i wonder if batman has plants vs zombies?! *ignoring zeri*
Batman: I don't play video games... who here needs a drink? i sure as hell do
zeri: *touches batman's belt* so..awesome!!
batman: your a creepy stalker!
Zeri: *smiles big and runs around the house* THIS IS MY FUTURE HOME!!
Joker: *looking in through the windows*
ode: awesome did u order a party clown? *points a joker*
kira: i think if i was one of you people, i'd be harley quin.. just because im evil like that.. *looks at joker* OH MY GOD! *runs to window* hi mister joker!
Zeri: no stupid thats the joker!memeber i dressed daiki up as him
Batman: damn it! *grabs his gear* i'll be back
zeri: *dressed as batman* I'LL COME WITH YOU!
Joker: hello lovely lady
kira: i wanna be on your side! i dont care if youre a bit freaky!!! *clings to joker*
ode: mister joker? So is he a party guest too then? *so clueless*
Joker: *smriks* then come with me lovely
Zeri: Stop right there Joker! *puts his hand in front of him*
batman: when did i ever do that?
robin: batman! is the joker
zeri: duh!
alfred: Misses in the green, hes an evil person
kira: *giggles* lovely.. gosh...
Ode: *shrugs* so what? i have been around so many evil people in the past. but i see kira has claimed him for the night. so ill just have to get to know this cutie better *goes and stands by robin*
kira: heey.. thats akira-sensei to you smallish lady..
joker: i have your women batman
Batman: takes her, she likes iron man
Joker: O_O wtf!
zeri: *clings to batman*
batman: T_T
Robin: i'm gay.
ode: *winks at robin* i can fix that
and sorry akira-sensei. I may be a little bit drunk.. my judgment is not so great.
kira: since when am i batmans woman? *confused look*
joker: your in the bat cave, hello
batman: someone help me
zeri: *smelling him*
robin: i like the white haired cutie
kira: omg i always knew you were gay!! *prying zeri off of batman*
robin: well duh!
Batman: thank-you
zeri: i wanna hug him somemore! if this is a dream then why is odette here!!
batman: *grumbles*
ode: because u know that u still want me :P
Zeri: *pulls his shirt off* you want this!
batman: do you have a batman tatto on your back?
zeri: ^_^ yes.
batman: *hides behind the couch*
joker: I'm still here!
zeri: *looks at odette* i'm over you*snaps in a z formation* i've already gotten a new girl who i love so eh!
ode: nope not wanting that. i already have a sexy love interest at home
Zeri: then go trick him into giving you a baby!!
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