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Name:   i-m-this
Birthday:   1990-02-02
Joined:   2009-12-26
Sorry, but it appears my laptop will not be getting a mouse anytime soon. This results in closing this club down. Thank you for all who have joined; I will keep the current people in the lists up, claiming their title of speciality. But 80% of the people on the list have either moved or quit, so this mission isn't quite as satisfying as I hoped.

Maybe this club might resurrect, maybe not. Do not hold your breath, or I will have to resurrect you!

If there is another club with this name then that's okay! You can be two people then or have the same name on there and here which gives you full possession of the title.


(send this survey in comments) All of this is optional.
This is just for people who need a guide to get in.
Also! You can add the image you want for that person.
If you don't, don't worry. I will pick the prettiest/hottest image of them.

Your username:
Category of that person: (go to rules if you cannot figure out which category is suitable)
I am the _____ of Glitter Graphics!

We do not allow accounts that have blank pages.
We do not allow love accounts, clubs or request pages.

moved to a new account?

If you have moved to another account and want that new account to be the person you
were now, go on your old account and fill out the survey below.

My new account name:
My current character:

After that, I will switch your old account name with the new account name you have.
If you have moved without telling us, we will remove you without notice.

I cannot accept comments who just state which account moved to which account.
I have probably removed your quit/moved account off the list before you commented
about your newer account. So, that being said, please tell me which character you
were before, because I cannot remember everyone's character personally.

I don't save/keep character's pictures either.

want to change your character?

You can change your character at anytime as long as it's not taken by someone else.
All you have to do is tell me what the new character is and what your old character was.

Here's a little survey for those who need a guide.
The new character I want to be:
The old character I was:


Don't complain about someone taking the person/thing you wanted to be. It'll just add more drama and waste time. There are plenty of other characters you can be.

You don't have to be active with this club. We don't have any events or contests like others. All you have to do is sign up and done!

Make sure you know that person/thing is not taken! It's easier if you CTRL+F and type in the name of the character you want. It'll then be highlighted if taken.

You don't have to link us on your profile. You don't need to link us or put a banner for our profile. You can still claim you're that person without linking the text back to us.

You cannot have more than one person/thing. But you can change your character anytime.

You can change your person/thing anytime. Telling me would be the best way. Make sure you know your new character isn't taken!

If I used the wrong image or you dislike it, please tell me or even correct me if the image is wrong. If you don't like the image, don't blame me. You're the one who left it up to me to decide upon the image to that character. Just simply give me an image if you don't like it.

I don't add people. Because I don't socialize on this profile. My real account is Scream.

If you are going to be a band with more than one person, make sure you realize that other people can BE one of the band members while you are the full band.

Due to organization, I cannot allow people to have a nickname instead of their username. I apologize. I like to keep things in tact and know who's got what.

If your character is fictional, someone can ALSO be the real person. (someone can be Edward Cullen and another person can be Robert Pattinson) Same with voice actors. (someone can be GIR and someone can be Rikki Simons)

If you're wondering which category is suitable to your character, it is pretty easy. Every category besides the fictional one are for people/animals that are living. The fictional category is for the characters you've seen in movies, books or on television, or just an inanimate object. The 'other' category is for models, animals and anything that's living which is not related to any of the other categories.

If I've noticed you moved accounts before I've added you on the list, I will ignore/delete your comment unless you update again with your newer account. I don't feel like doing pointless work when you have forgotten you were in this club anyway.

You can make your character yourself. Just know that people can have the same name as you. (if two people are named Joe and want themselves as their character, they'll both have 'user is the Joe of Glitter Graphics!'

"I commented before this girl yet she got the character instead of me!" Probably because your account that had commented before that person was labeled moved, hiatus or quit. I delete and ignore comments if the account before the other people is finished, and I give the character to the next person who requests it. Example..

I am now ignoring the comments that ask questions which were already answered here on the rules.

Need to know if your person/thing is taken? Press CTRL+F and type in the celebrity/thing!

If you quit Glitter Graphics for good, I will take you off.

I am the ___ of Glitter Graphics!

believer. is the Johnny Depp of Glitter Graphics!
♥squirrelykitten♥ is the Sara Paxton of Glitter Graphics!
shootingstar. is the Chace Crawford of Glitter Graphics!
silence. is the Helena Bonham Carter of Glitter Graphics!
sugarblast. is the Mia Wasikowska of Glitter Graphics!
monsters. is the Megan Fox of Glitter Graphics!

alexinwonderland. is the Amy Lee of Glitter Graphics!
madison madness is the Joe Jonas of Glitter Graphics!
honestysykes is the Christofer Drew Ingle of Glitter Graphics!
disco.ball ♥ is the Katy Perry of Glitter Graphics!
loser9532 is the Pink Floyd of Glitter Graphics!
explotion. is the Paul McCartney of Glitter Graphics!
vampireteeth. is the SHINee of Glitter Graphics!
ignorance is the Paramore of Glitter Graphics!
lsd. is the Freddie Mercury of Glitter Graphics!
redaholic. is the Avril Lavigne of Glitter Graphics!
βℓiss. is the Nirvana of Glitter Graphics!
starstruckk. is the Demi Lovato of Glitter Graphics!
escape! is the Ariel Moore of Glitter Graphics!
attack! is the Attack Attack! of Glitter Graphics!
xhollehx is the Mayday Parade of Glitter Graphics!
crush. is the Lady Gaga of Glitter Graphics!

non living/fictional
rosalie <3 is the Rosalie Hale of Glitter Graphics!
dimka. is the Neytiri of Glitter Graphics!
∂ɛαтн.ɢσ∂∂ɛƨƨ is the L Lawliet of Glitter Graphics!
integra is the Daria of Glitter Graphics!
scream is the Duncan of Glitter Graphics!
seesmah da panda is the Rapunzel of Glitter Graphics!
bbyboy! is the Chad Dylan Cooper of Glitter Graphics!
cldrules is the Fred of Glitter Graphics!
xxelizzyxx is the vampire of Glitter Graphics!
void. is the Mio Akiyama of Glitter Graphics!
telephone. is the Konata of Glitter Graphics!
sir jake. is the Romeo of Glitter Graphics!
mothballs. is the Lightning of Glitter Graphics!
vanquish. is the Iron Man of Glitter Graphics!
gummysuicide. is the Annabeth Chase of Glitter Graphics!
.pastel is the Maid Sama! of Glitter Graphics!
freaxxx. is the Zim of Glitter Graphics!
strings is the Light Yagami of Glitter Graphics!
hippie. is the peace sign of Glitter Graphics!

Brad is the whore of Glitter Graphics!
xx_cullen-carol_xx is the Mrs. Salvatore Cullen of Glitter Graphics!
ϰɢяɛɛиϰɛʏɛ∂ϰ is the Delilah of Glitter Graphics!
invaderhado is the ZUN of Glitter Graphics!
tessy77 is the unlabeled of Glitter Graphics!
astrozombiee. is the Mrs. Edward Cullen of Glitter Graphics!
beautykiller is the Brookelle Bones of Glitter Graphics!
heartattack! is the Mrs. Sheckler of Glitter Graphics!
music.freak is the Mrs. Taylor Launter of Glitter Graphics!
.hello.kitty. is the Mrs. Justin Bieber of Glitter Graphics!
moonbeam. is the Hannie Dropkick of Glitter Graphics!
καииιвαℓ. is the Lexi Bee of Glitter Graphics!
eritopia. is the Mrs. Johnny Borrell of Glitter Graphics!
lily<3 is the Audrey Kitching of Glitter Graphics!

Thank you!
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User Comments

happyful writes:
Your username: happyful
Category of that person: non-living/fictional
I am the batgirl of Glitter Graphics!

Posted on: Jun 27th 2011, 4:26:15pm

snoralax. writes:
Hi! I want to join! :)
username - snoralax.
Category of that person: non living/ fictional
I am the officer jenny of Glitter Graphics!

Posted on: May 14th 2011, 10:10:42pm

carolina. writes:
HEEEY, im explotion. the paul mccartney of gg. i change account.

Posted on: Feb 12th 2011, 9:00:04am

littlemisswhisper writes:
Username: littlemisswhisper
Category: Fictional

I am the Jane Doe of Glitter-Graphics . <3

Posted on: Dec 4th 2010, 2:02:04am

queer writes:
So by just posting the name of whoever you want to be, you will be known as that person in here?

Posted on: Oct 25th 2010, 8:14:50am

corpse. writes:
username; corpse.
category of that person; nonliving/fictional
I am the supergirl of Glitter-Graphics!

Thanks :)

Posted on: Sep 28th 2010, 3:50:01am

over. writes:
this is heartattack! or the mrs.sheckler of g-g
I moved here.

Posted on: Sep 25th 2010, 9:58:54pm

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