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No where to run, Never a place to hide, I stand there alone, always alone, Not a soul in sight, not one ever by my side

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Birthday:   1995-09-23Country:   
Joined:   2008-08-02Location:   Doesnt matter unless ur comin over or somethin
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Name:   Amaya Walker
Birthday:   1995-09-23
Joined:   2008-08-02
Location:   Doesnt matter unless ur comin over or somethin
Uploads:   9 graphics 

Training Cyinder(new pokemon) Hehehe
O_O Theres a color called Yamia!
OMG theres a color of me too!
Name:Amaya(night rain)

Crush:None ya
Jackie:I think its Kabuto or Sakon
Likes:Annoying the heck out of Jackie,Using my flute to control people,singing,MUSIC!
Hates:When Jackie plays paint ball in the house,Jackie's cooking
Talent:Playing Flute and stealing pokemon
Me with Sakon

My Pokemon:

His nickname is Cho

Me using Curse Mark 1st state

Friends that arnt evil:



My brothers:


Me with my Chatot

My Story:
Jackie:*remembering the day team galactic came*
Jackie:Mornin sis!(he's 15)
Ken:*asleep*(he's 7)
Me:Jack its 5 am *trys going back to sleep*(Im 10)
Jackie:Aw come on u know we have to train the pokemon again
Me:*throws pillow at him* Get out so I can get ready
Jackie:Got it *gets out*
Me:Gosh....why do we have to get up 5 in the morning *gets out of bed and stretches* Uhhhhh
Ken:Hiya Jackie
Jackie:Hiya lil bro
Ken:Im not going to train today ok
Jackie:Then get to bed
Ken:*yawns* Ok *goes back in his room*
Jackie:Almost ready Amaya
Me:Give me a minute Jack *trys brushing hair*
Jackie:No point in brushin ur hair
Me:Well I wanna gosh *gets out of my room* Happy *yawns*
Jackie:Race u there
Me:Ur on
Me and Jackie:*starts running out back door*
Ken:*asleep* Zzzzzzzz
Me:Beat u again Jack
Jackie:Nu uh I beat u!
Me:Well lets get this *yawn* done so I can get back to sleep
Me:*training Cho*
Jackie:*training Raichu and Bud*
~After Training and its 8 AM
Me:*lays on grass* Im tireder now
Jackie:*same* Is tireder even a word
Me:Who knows
Bud:*asleep next to Jackie*
Cho:*same but next to me*
Me:Why arnt mom and dad around Jack?
Jackie:There always at work
Ken:*runs over to us*
Jackie:Yeah Ken ^^
Ken:*trips over a rock* Ow
Me:You ok? *laughs a little*
Ken:*gets up* Yeah but someone is at the house
Jackie:Who?*sits up*
Ken:I dont know
Jackie:Come on u 2 *returns Bud and starts running back to the house*
Me:*returns Cho and same*
Jackie:*whispers* I hope its not them again*gets to house* Oh no
Galactic Grunt 1:Oh there he is
Ken:*same as Jackie* Who are they bro?
Jackie:Team Galactic
Me:*same* Oh not again
GG(galactic grunt) 2:Give us ur pokemon
GG 1:*runs over to Ken and grabs him* Then well take him
Me:*takes out my flute*
Jackie:Theres no time to practice now Amaya
Me:*plays flute*
GG 1:*drops Ken*
Jackie:What happend?
Me:*still playing*
GG 2:What are u doing take the boy!
GG 1:I....cant.....move....
Jackie:*looks at me* What did u do
GG 2:Forget the boy lets get her
Me:*stops* Uh No can do dude
GG 1:*runs over to me*
Jackie:*gets in front of me* Go to ur rooms u 2
Ken:On it *runs up stairs to his room*
Me:*same but my room*
GG 2:*goes after me*
Me:*gets in my room and trys closeing door*
GG 2:*gets in and closes door behind him* Ur comin with me girl
GG 2:Its that or we take Jackie
GG 2:So what do u say
Me:(thinks-If Jackie goes I'll have to take care of Ken and stuff....but If I go....Ken would be better off with Jackie) Fine take me
GG 2:*takes my hand and jumps out window and yell* We got the girl come on
GG 1:*runs out* So long Jack
Jackie:*runs to door and yells* Amaya!

~End flash back
Ken:*comes in Jackie's room* You ok bro?
Ken:You ok?
Jackie:Oh yeah Im fine
Ken:*sits on Jackie's bed* I know I miss her too....but u know shes evil now
Jackie:Yeah.....*feels bad* Its my falt for even making her get up that morning
Ken:Thats not true
Jackie:Yes it is
Ken:Well um....
Ken:Dinner is um burning
Jackie:I forgot! *runs down stairs* Shoot *throws pokeball*
Piplup:*does a little pose*
Jackie:Water gun on the oven please
Piplup:*uses water gun on oven then Jackie* U forgot AGAIN
Ken:*comes down stairs* So whats for dinner now
Jackie:I dont know....what do u want?
Ken:I guess raman
Jackie:Thats works I guess we both will get raman then*starts making raman*
Ken:Jackie I think u should learn how to cook
Jackie:I know how
Ken:*cough* No u dont *cough*
Jackie:Ken I heard that
Ken:Oh did I say something oops got to go! *runs outside*
Flash(his pikachu):Hey Ken
Ken:Wanna train befor Jackie battles us
Ken and Flash:*run to little training feild*
Me:*telaports there* Ken hey
Ken:Oh hey Amaya ^^ Wait Amaya O_O
Me:*pouts* Forgot about me
Ken:Where have u been?!
Jackie:*opens back door and walks out*
Raichu:*jumps a little*
Jackie:Whats wrong boy?
Raichu:Follow me *starts running to where Ken is* O_O Who is she
Jackie:*follows* Amaya!
Jackie:*about to run up and hug me*
Me:*jumps on tree* Bad Jackie
Jackie:-_-' I havnt seen u for about 3 years and thats all u can say
Me:*takes pokeball out* Battle me If u win I'll come back home BUT If I win I get to pick where I live
Jackie:O_O Weird but ur on
Me:*throws pokeball*
Cho:*comes out with a few flames*
Raichu:On it
Ken:*pouts* No fair I wanna battle Jackie
Me:Cho flame wheel
Raichu:*dodges then uses Iron Tail*

~After Battle
Me:*listoning to "Under Pressure" while leaveing*
Cho:That was to easy
Me:Yup lets go tell the guys
Me:*gets to Galactic Base* Hey guys
Mars:Where have u been
Me:Battle with my bro
Mars:Who won?
Me:I wouldnt be here if I lost
Mars and Me:*high-5s*
Me:*whispers to Mars* I need some more pokemon cuz I only got 2
Mars:To bad runt
Me:.... -_-'
Chatot:*comes out of pokeball*
~Back to the guys
Jackie:*picks up Raichu* Crud....I blew our last chance to get her back
Flash:*jumps on Ken's shoulder(like Pikachu does to Ash)*
Ken:Bro its not ur falt
Jackie:Yeah it was....I havnt been training in a while....I need to train tomorrow
Ken:Flash will help wont u boy
Flash:*nods yes*
Jackie:*runs back inside,lays Raichu down and gets dinner* I didnt mess it up this time ^^
Ken and Flash:*anime falls*
Ken:Thats a first
Jackie:Yeah I know

Me:*siting on tree thinking about stuff*
Chatot:*flying around*
Cho:*trying to catch him*
Me:I need to be a ninja
Chatot:Ninja ninja?!
Me:Yup*gets up* I need to find a village
Chatot:Village Villa-
Me:*returns him* Come on Cho
Cho:On it
Me and Cho:*running thru forest trying to find a village*

(I DIDNT DRAW THIS! I just painted over it)
Can u guess whos who?
Purple hair is Suma,Red is Me,Brown is Haley,Dark blue is Yamia,Light blue is Karina,Orange is Tomara,Green is Koroni
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