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Name:   â™¥ Ǝɯ∩y‾SsƎɔᴎıᴚd ♥ Ranking:   --
Birthday:   1991-07-24Country:   Philippines
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Name:   â™¥ Ǝɯ∩y‾SsƎɔᴎıᴚd ♥
Birthday:   1991-07-24
Joined:   2009-03-09

" Knowing the face behind the Pens "

<p>My styles, antics, angst and pangs, perks, all reflect who I am as a person. Whether I'm a street smart youth, crook or well-behaved, wild or tamed, sweet or cold-hearted, calm or tense; these things encompass my whole being, true identity, unique figure, you're so called very own personality. I'm pose this to reveal my true persona.

I am a simple gal of a simple yearnings and wishes. I may like specializing with people whom I can trust on, but I only like being in a blissful environment. I value my family an friends very much that just by being with them, a tough day could turn into a happy one..

I may be stubborn but am kind-hearted inside, passive but sensitive, bubbly but a silent-worker during tough times. I love trying new things out, some say I am weird but HEY!, I am just special in my own ways..

Sometimes snobbish and hardheaded are often my description to myself. But few know that deep within me lies a young lady full of childish dreams. I may not have portrayed it yet those who know the real me would say - I am but a dreamer in my own dreams.

People used to tell me I'm aloof and distant, cold and unfriendly. They say they never caught me loosing my composure. But if they'd just get to know me even more, they'll see a girl so bubbly and smiling, who works best under pressure, always positive, frank at times, and lovingly sweet..

I'm simple, yet special, I love living in the single lane and I like to be with people who also like to be with me. And as I live my extraordinary life, I can be quite busy with almost everything but still, I have time to goof with people I'm dear with..

I am the type of lady who appreciates everything and everybody around me. Though I'm still looking for something that I don't even know. I always want to do extraordinary things through my own extraordinary ways.

♥ I am Rizia, but my friends called me Amaiyume or Yume for short..I am created in the image of God, to be like Him, to manifest him in human form. I am for life and love--for power and prosperity for success. I was not put here stand in a social-aid line to feel shame nor to be lonely.. ♥
♥ My heritage is to have God's best, to enjoy use His companionship and to use His wealth and power for the good of myself and others..♥
♥ I shall no longer discredit or demean or destroy what God created in His own image and values so much..♥

# Hobbies and Interests:
♥ DaNciNg, ♫ SiNgiNg, ☺AcTiNg, ☼ WoRkiNg oN ProduCtionZzzz, DanCing with fLyT and co. maLLing..", ) ◄HaNg-oUt w/ mY cOuZiNs 'n FriEnDs...") ♪ 'N a LoT moRe..^_^

# Favorite Books:
♥ BiBLe, ☺I aM GOD's best..", )....• Johnny Angel •

# Favorite Movies:
♥ TwiLigHt, PaSsion Of the CHriST, nArNiA: thE Lion, The WitCh aNd tHe wArdRoBe, ☺ iCe Age ☺, sHaKen And traSh (by: FLYT aNd Co. w/ F.A.R.M and gLoRy DaNcEr).. ☻starDust ☻... BriDgE oF TeRaBiThEa, WaLk To ReMeMBer...", ), NaNiA: PriNce CaSPiAn..", ) ♥

# Favorite Music:
♫ hiLLsOng, rOck music bSTa ChRisTiAn.. ♫ aMazIng love..", ) ♫..•MigHty To Save•, ..•LeAd mE tO tHe cRoSs •, ☺ HeLd ☺, ☻ShoUt ☻, ☼ GeT uP ad GeT dOwN ☼, ShAkE LoOsE, reVoLuTion, Hosanna, The saviour King...Comatose, reberthing, only hope, im so sick, all around me, dare you to move...", ) and more ♥

# Favorite TV Shows:
☼ DiScOveRy TrAveL 'N LiViNg ☼

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