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Oh, sorry, I don't play games, especially ones that end with crime scene tape. - Alex Russo aka Selena Gomez

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Birthday:   1996-03-31Country:   United States
Joined:   2010-01-28Location:   the world!
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Name:   TheSelenaMarieGomezClub
Birthday:   1996-03-31
Joined:   2010-01-28
Location:   the world!

Welcome to The Selena Marie Gomez Club! Here there will be contests, fun polls, lengthy discussions, and much, much more. This is where everything is based on Selena. Not you, not me, not that taco, just Selena. After all, she's prettier than you and me. And everyone here loves her!

So I have decided to reopen this fan club. With most of the members gone, there was no reason for me to invite them back to join. That's why I invited you. Or maybe this was even recommended to you. Either way, it would mean a lot for you to join. Please do!

Owner - 1/1

The owner is the person who opened the club - the person who organized the thoughts, created the
layout, and the person who is the original founder.

Co-Owner - 1/1

The co-owner is the person who helps with the club - gives suggestions, helps on the layout, and overall, lends a hand in the construction and development of the club.

Clickie Maker - 2/2

A clickie maker will create a picture linked to this club's home page.

Advertiser - 1/2
An advertiser will visit random G-G members' pages and comment with the picture made by the clickie maker, inviting them to join the club.

Avii maker - 2/2

The avii makers create the member pictures for the members of the club. They also make the contest
winners personalized aviis.

Artist - 0/1
An artist makes random art for the club and its members.

Member - 17/?
A member has no set job, except that of having fun. c:

First three to get these right get an avii - of any sort - with their name on it!

Name This Song!

You see me standing there,
And act like you don't know me.
But last night,
You were calling me saying you want me.


Complete the Lyrics!

It's so cold with no one to ____ me.
You're so _____, believing when you ____ me.
You would never leave me by myself,
___ in the ______ of nowhere.


So what do you all think really happened between co-star Demi Lovato and Selena?

Voted Completed! The largest votes was
Choice 1: Click!

We had 7 Votes on this picture that best suits Selena in her music video, Love You Like a Love Song.

New Voting:

Who looks better with Selena?

Choice 1: Click!

2 Votes

Choice 2: Click!

1 Vote

Choice 3: Click!

0 Votes

Choice 4:Click!

5 Votes

If there is a star by a word, it means that you do not have to fill that part in, if you don't want to.

*Avii picture:
Why you like Selena:
Suggestions for club:

User: twistedtruth-
Name: Julia
Job: Owner

User: twisted-life
Name: Adriana
Job: Co-owner

User: shawtymane.
Name: Sydney
Job: Member

User: happyful
Name: Andrea
Job: Member

User: alexlion
Name: Sonny
Job: Member

User: mangekyo
Name: Stella
Job: Advertiser

User: ingaged.
Name: Nadia
Job: Avii maker

User: jblover101
Name: Desiree
Job: Member

User: amandapanda~
Name: Amanda
Job: Clickie maker

User: pinksugar!
Name: Monica
Job: Member

User: Avvworld
Name: Avverie
Job: Member

User: jennamdm1998
Name: Jenna
Job: Member

User: Summa.Nites
Job: Member

User: Sa✝urn.
Name: Adriana
Job: Member

User: emerocks
Name: Emily
Job: Member

User: puppyrose
Name: Abby
Job: Member

User: paaybwear!
Name: Payton
Job: Member

User: timessquarenycgal1
Name: Carolina
Job: Member

User: Oreo.(:
Name: Courtney
Job: Member

User: setfiretotherain.
Name: Kayleigh
Job: Member

Job: Member

User: katie24
Name: Katie
Job: Member

Name: Winona


Username: classic girl
Name: classic girl
Job: Member

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pookie writes:

Posted on: Oct 5th 2015, 4:03:36pm

jblover102 writes:
Pls dont delete me. I try I love u. As a friend

Posted on: Apr 9th 2012, 7:41:44pm

theselenamariegomezclub writes:
Friends = members
Enemies = owner/co-owner
Lovers = avii makers/clickie makers
Idols = advertisers/artist

Posted on: Jul 23rd 2011, 11:48:52am

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