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Name:   scrapstar
Birthday:   1985-05-10
Joined:   2011-07-30

My Main Account Is In Idols!

The Site I use For making GT is Above

Hey There This is The Scrapbook Page Here You Can Fill The Details Of Scrapbook and May Know Each Other =) I will Put The Link Of The One Who will Fill my scrapbook and You may Visit Their Site/Profile. We will have a total fun here.
Hope You will Love IT ♥
-SkRaPsTaR ♣

◘Date Of Birth:
◘Best Friend:
◘Colour Of Choice:
◘Song Of Choice:
◘Fav. Movie:
◘Fav. Actor/actoress:
◘If a Wish would be Given To You It would BE:
◘Fav Charactor(cartoon):
◘Zodia Sign (sunsign):
◘Describe Yourself In One Word:
◘Like -> Harry Potter/Barbie:
◘Aim In Life:
◘Fav Sport:
◘Favourite Pet:
Suggest Any More Content For This Scrapbook:

Thank You For Filling

◘Age:14 Years
◘Date Of Birth:2-MaY-1997
◘Best Friend:Nadia (shatters)
◘Colour Of Choice:Black,Pink
◘Song Of Choice:Waka Waka (FIFA WC)
◘Fav. Movie:Paranomal Activity
◘Fav. Actor/actoress:Tom Cruise/Ashley Tisdale
◘If a Wish would be Given To You It would BE:A Rockstar Like Miley Cyrus
◘Fav Charactor(cartoon):Winnie The Pooh
◘Zodia Sign (sunsign):Taurus
◘Describe Yourself In One Word:Cool Gurly <3
◘Like -> Harry Potter/Barbie:Baribie For sure <3
◘Aim In Life: To be A writer
◘Fav Sport:Soccer
◘Favourite Pet:Hamster
◘Suggest Any More Content For This Scrapbook:none itz d best!
-*-*-*-* Thanks ya -*-*-*-*

◘Date Of Birth:11/12
◘Best Friend:Kameryn
◘Colour Of Choice:Green
◘Song Of Choice:Cooler than mee
◘Fav. Movie:Life as we know it
◘Fav. Actor/actoress:Katherine Heigl
◘If a Wish would be Given To You It would BE:To live in flordia
◘Fav Charactor(cartoon):Spongebob
◘Describe Yourself In One Word:Lovley
◘Like -> Harry Potter/Barbie:Harry potter(i have never seen it but i like better than barbie)
◘Aim In Life:to get a hot husband
◘Fav Sport:soccer
◘Favourite Pet:bo thomas(lab)

◘Name:Livvy ;D
◘Age:17 ;D neally old enough tew drink!?!;D
◘Date Of Birth:24th nov - 1993
◘Best Friend:Eddieee!;D (Gokhaxx)
◘Colour Of Choice:Hot Pink nd Blackk! ;D
◘Song Of Choice:Mann Downn byy rihanna
◘Fav. Movie:Titanic o;
◘Fav. Actor/actoress:Johnny Depp ;D (so hot in pirtates of the caribean)!
◘If a Wish would be Given To You It would BE:Go to africa to help the poor and to help the animals
◘Fav Charactor(cartoon):Bugz Bunny!o;
◘Zodia Sign (sunsign):Sagitarius
◘Religion:dont have one dont believe in al that crap! :S
◘Country:U.K (united kingdom)
◘Describe Yourself In One Word:R@ndom ;D
◘Like -> Harry Potter/Barbie:Well harry potter is for nerds :S Barbehh!
◘Aim In Life:Teww Help People<3
◘Fav Sport:Airr Hockyy!;D
◘Favourite Pet:Red Fox :]

◘Date Of Birth:22 august 1997
◘Best Friend:Sonali(Delites)
◘Colour Of Choice:purple,pink,red
◘Fav. Actor/actoress:tom
◘If a Wish would be Given To You It would BE:rockstar
◘Fav Charactor(cartoon):spongebob
◘Zodia Sign (sunsign):virgo
◘Describe Yourself In One Word:lovely girl
◘Like -> Harry Potter/Barbie:barbie
◘Aim In Life:to be a artist
◘Fav Sport:soccer
◘Favourite Pet:cat

name:desiree monique castelli
date of birth:deceber 5th 1997
best friend:pughug
colour:purple & hot pink & black
song:justin bieber
fav:movie justin bieber
fav:band class
if a wish would be given to you it would be :go to africa to help the anismls


◘Name: Carolina
◘Age: 15
◘Date Of Birth: September 23, 1995
◘Best Friend: Ady (noraccc)
◘Colour Of Choice: Purple
◘Song Of Choice: Dynamite
◘Fav. Movie: Titanic
◘Fav. Actor/actoress: Victoria Justice
◘If a Wish would be Given To You It would BE: Weather Spotter
◘Fav Charactor(cartoon): Courtney (Total Drama)
◘Zodia Sign (sunsign): Libra
◘Religion: Christianity
◘Country: U.S.A
◘Describe Yourself In One Word: Smart girl
◘Like -> Harry Potter/Barbie: I like both
◘Aim In Life: Save money to buy more than $60
◘Fav Sport: Basketball
◘Favourite Pet: Dog

◘Name: kay
◘Age: 15
◘Date Of Birth: 2/07/96
◘Best Friend: i have lots.
◘Colour Of Choice: pink
◘Song Of Choice: double rainbow ; horizon
◘Fav. Movie: dont have one
◘Fav. Actor/actoress: will smith
◘If a Wish would be Given To You It would BE: to have a million wishes
◘Fav Charactor(cartoon): hello kitty
◘Zodia Sign (sunsign): idk?
◘Religion: athiest
◘Country: germany
◘Describe Yourself In One Word: beast.
◘Like -> Harry Potter/Barbie: harry potter
◘Aim In Life: dont know
◘Fav Sport: soccer
◘Favourite Pet: kitty
◘Suggest Any More Content For This Scrapbook: none?

◘Username: Gokhaxx
◘Name: Eddie
◘Age: 18
◘Date Of Birth: 3rd jan 1994
◘Best Friend: pughug (livvy)
◘Colour Of Choice: black and bliue
◘Song Of Choice: everyday im shuffeling
◘Fav. Movie: the grudge
◘Fav. Actor/actoress: david beckham
◘If a Wish would be Given To You It would BE: to get a chance to be with livvy.
◘Fav Charactor(cartoon): Daffey duck
◘Zodia Sign (sunsign):????
◘Religion: None
◘Country: england uk
◘Describe Yourself In One Word:scary
◘Like -> Harry Potter/Barbie: harry potter
◘Aim In Life: to date as many girls as possible
◘Fav Sport: football
◘Favourite Pet: wolve

◘Username: Pikachu7203
◘Name: Zix
◘Age: 13
◘Date Of Birth: July 30
◘Best Friend: Sydney, Suzie, Mac, Brooklyn :D
◘Colour Of Choice: Green
◘Song Of Choice: ?
◘Fav. Movie: Battle LA Or Taledega Nights
◘Fav. Actor/actoress: ?
◘If a Wish would be Given To You It would BE: To Own A Zim Plushie And G.I.R Plushie
◘Fav Charactor(cartoon): Zim
◘Zodia Sign (sunsign): Leo
◘Religion: None
◘Country: U.S.A
◘Describe Yourself In One Word: Righteous
◘Like -> Harry Potter/Barbie: Zim
◘Aim In Life: Become Rich
◘Fav Sport: None
◘Favourite Pet: Cat Or Hamster
◘Suggest Any More Content For This Scrapbook: Fav Writer

◘Date Of Birth:feb.29,1996
◘Best Friend:in gg:karla (gagababe),haileybug8,beuty.serene,
icecream101,tora. in my place: remme,dina,remo,angelic.
◘Colour Of Choice:black,gray,green,blue
◘Song Of Choice:welcome to the black parade (my chemical romance)
◘Fav. Movie:monsters inc,monsters vs aliens,tangled,
how to train ur dragon,spider wick chronicles,disney and cartoon network movies
◘Fav. Actor/actoress:all of them :}
◘If a Wish would be Given To You It would BE: a beautiful graphics..
◘Fav Character(cartoon):buttercup in powerpuff girls
◘Zodia Sign (sunsign):pieces
◘Describe Yourself In One Word:cool,nice,friendly
◘Aim In Life:to be a computer programer,to have a piano
◘Fav Sport:track and fieled,badminton
◘Favourite Pet:usually a fish

◘Username: .kristofferson.
◘Name: Sydney
◘Age: 13
◘Date Of Birth: October 3rd, 1997
◘Best Friend: Alexis
◘Colour Of Choice: orchid
◘Song Of Choice: Gucci Gucci - Kreayshawn
◘Fav. Movie: Titanic
◘Fav. Actor/actoress: David Spade or Leonardo Dicaprio, so hard to choose one!
◘If a Wish would be Given To You It would BE: Every celebrity that I want to.
◘Fav Charactor(cartoon): Spongebob Squarepants
◘Zodia Sign (sunsign): Libra
◘Religion: Christian
◘Country: United States of American
◘Describe Yourself In One Word: Dorky
◘Like -> Harry Potter/Barbie: Harry Potter
◘Aim In Life: Help people everywhere in need.
◘Fav Sport: Football
◘Favourite Pet: Dog

◘Username: marie_misquitta
◘Name: Marie Misquitta
◘Age: 53
◘Date Of Birth: 30th May 1058
◘Best Friend:Arlene
◘Colour Of Choice:Violet
◘Song Of Choice:Oldies
◘Fav. Movie:
◘Fav. Actor/actoress:
◘If a Wish would be Given To You It would BE:
a trip to the US of A
◘Fav Charactor(cartoon):
◘Zodia Sign (sunsign):Geminie
◘Describe Yourself In One Word:Cool
◘Like -> Harry Potter/Barbie:yep
◘Aim In Life:to always be content
◘Fav Sport:cricket
◘Favourite Pet:Dog
◘Suggest Any More Content For This Scrapbook:

◘Username: bubbles.
◘Name: Jenna
◘Age: 12
◘Date Of Birth: September 22nd 1998
◘Best Friend: Why limit yourself to one?
◘Colour Of Choice: Blue
◘Song Of Choice: It varies
◘Fav. Movie: Also varies
◘Fav. Actor/actoress: Too many to say all of them
◘If a Wish would be Given To You It would BE: Endless wishes
◘Fav Charactor(cartoon): Hello Kitty ^^
◘Zodia Sign (sunsign): Virgo ♥
◘Religion: Catholic (:
◘Country: United States
◘Describe Yourself In One Word: Nice
◘Like -> Harry Potter/Barbie: Both
◘Aim In Life: I plan to make a lot of money. xD
◘Fav Sport: Too many to pick one
◘Favourite Pet: Panda :D

◘Username: Jellybeans&bathtubs
◘Date Of Birth: 19th January
◘Best Friend: Dearnna (
◘Colour Of Choice: dark green
◘Song Of Choice: Galaxies by Owl City :D
◘Fav. Movie: Easy A
◘Fav. Actor/actoress: Emma Stone
◘If a Wish would be Given To You It would BE:
i would wish that people would be liked for the things they have achieved not by what they look like.
◘Fav Charactor(cartoon): Stewie for family guy :D
◘Zodia Sign (sunsign): Capricorn
◘Religion: Christian
◘Country: England (UK)
◘Describe Yourself In One Word: Eccentric
◘Like: Harry Potter, reading, Music.
◘Aim In Life: To find someone who loves me for who i am
◘Fav Sport: Surfing
◘Favourite Pet: Gecko


Hey Friend,
Please Fill This Scrapbook
So that I may Know You and Others May Now You Better!
Advantages: You Will Be On link In my Scrapbook
You May Know Other's Likings and may Become Friends Of other.
To Visit Please Click the avii or The banner above ♥
Please Fill it Thanks!!


Your Scrap Added <3
If You Like It you can advertise it on your page/to one of your best friends♥
Thanks -Scrapstar♣

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btw can I be the co-owner?

Posted on: Sep 3rd 2011, 10:21:29pm

bubbles. writes:
Aw thanks. :)
I might do that, but right now I just got back from my vacation. =3

I'm off to the New York State Fair. :)
Added you as one of my clubs/groups--- enemies. :p

Posted on: Sep 3rd 2011, 11:47:30am

scrapstar writes:
I don't Come Here Often But leave scraps I would Add It here!
Wen I'll Cum For a Change!
Thanks Scrapstar!

Posted on: Sep 1st 2011, 12:45:12am

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