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Name:   pixel world
Birthday:   2011-03-16
Joined:   2011-03-16

About Pixel World:

Hello and welcome to Pixel World! I
am Payton & Im the owner of Pixel
World. At Pixel World, u can create
your own little pixel person and you
can get a job, buy things, meet new
people, grab a bite, and soooo much
more! All you have to do is fill out a
form and read the rules. I'm positive
that you'll have a great time with us!
-------------------------------------- Payton

Pixel World Rules:

1.) Please be active.

2.) No swearing or drama.

3.) Do your jobs please.

4.) Do not copy anything!

5.) Have fun with your pixel!

Glitter-Graphics Jobs:

Co-Owner (0/1)
Clickie Maker (0/5)
Advertiser (0/8)
Welcomer (0/10)
Member (0/unlimited)

Pixel World Jobs:

Doctor - 150 PixelCash A Week
Lawyer - 120 PixelCash A Week
Veterinarian - 100 PixelCash A Week
Pro Athlete - 75 PixelCash A Week
Fashion Designer - 50 PixelCash A Week
Hair Stylist - 25 PixelCash A Week

Fill Out This Form:

• Your G-G Username:
• Your Name:
• Your Birthday:
• Your Favorite Color(s):
• G-G Job:
• Pixel World Job:
• Pixel World Name:
• Pixel World Birthday:
• Skin Tone:
• Lip Color:
• Hair Color(s):
• Hair Length:
• Hair Accessory(s):
• Color Of Hair Accessory(s):
• Kind Of Top:
• Top Color(s):
• Top Design(s):
• Kind Of Bottoms:
• Bottom Color(s):
• Bottom Design(s):
• Shoe Color:


Birthday: 05-04-1995
G-G Job: Welcomer
Favorite Color(s): Purple & Black
Pixel World Job: Doctor
Pixel World Name: Sammantha
Pixel World Birthday: 05-01-2011

Margaret/emo girl!
Birthday: 02-20- 1999
G-G Job: Co-Owner
Favorite Color(s): Pink & Purple
Pixel World Job: Hair Stylist
Pixel World Name: Diamond
Pixel World Birthday: 03-17-2011

Buddy Legend

Thumbs Up: Members Of Pixel World

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User Comments

happyful writes:
• Your G-G Username:happyful
• Your Name:Andrea:)
• Your Birthday:11/12
• Your Favorite Color(s):green /blue
• G-G Job:Member
• Pixel World Job:Veterinarian :)
• Pixel World Name: Andi
• Pixel World Birthday:11/12
• Skin Tone:tan
• Lip Color:pink!
• Hair Color(s):brown:)
• Hair Length:long
• Hair Accessory(s):Bow :D
• Color Of Hair Accessory(s):Rainbow
• Kind Of Top:Tee
• Top Color(s):Blue/pink
• Top Design(s):vine
• Kind Of Bottoms:short shorts
• Bottom Color(s):blue jeans
• Bottom Design(s): nothang plz=P
• Shoe Color:pink!

Posted on: Jun 29th 2011, 11:26:41pm

lydia<3music writes:
• Your G-G Username: lydia<3music
• Your Name: Lydia
• Your Birthday: August 31st
• Your Favorite Color: Pink
• G-G Job: Clickie Maker
• Pixel World Job: Fashion Designer
• Pixel World Name: Lydia
• Pixel World Birthday: August 31st (same ones)
• Skin Tone: Light
• Lip Color: Pink
• Hair Color: Orange
• Hair Length: Medium
• Hair Accessory: Headband
• Color Of Hair Accessory: Pink
• Kind Of Top: Short Sleeves
• Top Color: Pink
• Top Design: Just Solid Color
• Kind Of Bottoms: Jeans
• Bottom Color: Light Blue
• Bottom Design: Just plain :)
• Shoe Color: Pink

Posted on: Mar 21st 2011, 7:57:39pm

purr & gurrs pet shop writes:

• Your G-G Username: emo girl!
• Your Name: margaret
• Your Birthday: feb. 20th
• Your Favorite Color(s): pink and purple
• G-G Job: co-owner
• Pixel World Job: hair stylist
• Pixel World Name: Diamond
• Pixel World Birthday: March 17th
• Skin Tone: tan
• Lip Color: lipstick color=red
• Hair Color(s): can i have blue with pink and purple highlights?
• Hair Length: not to long, but not to short
• Hair Accessory(s): 2 bows
• Color Of Hair Accessory(s): black
• Kind Of Top: black with pink heart in middle
• Top Color(s):
• Top Design(s):
• Kind Of Bottoms: jeans
• Bottom Color(s): blue
• Bottom Design(s):
• Shoe Color: black

Posted on: Mar 17th 2011, 9:16:17pm

sexyage16 writes:
• Your G-G Username: sexyage16
• Your Name: Adriana
• Your Birthday: 5/4/1995
• Your Favorite Color(s): purple and black
• G-G Job: Welcomer
• Pixel World Job: Doctor
• Pixel World Name: Sammantha
• Pixel World Birthday:May 1st
• Skin Tone: peach (not dark at all)
• Lip Color: red
• Hair Color(s): brown
• Hair Length: shoulder lenghth
• Hair Accessory(s):bandana
• Color Of Hair Accessory(s): purple
• Kind Of Top:tang top or short sleeves
• Top Color(s): purple w/ red heart
• Top Design(s):
• Kind Of Bottoms:long
• Bottom Color(s):black
• Bottom Design(s): ??
• Shoe Color: purple

Posted on: Mar 17th 2011, 4:41:42pm

pixel world writes:

Read, Reply, Delete.

Posted on: Mar 16th 2011, 7:34:05pm

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