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Name:   Victoria (narutogirl16)Ranking:   --
Birthday:   1995-01-19Country:   United States
Joined:   2007-06-29Location:   Tennessee
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Name:   Victoria (narutogirl16)
Birthday:   1995-01-19
Joined:   2007-06-29
Location:   Tennessee
I like Pokemon, Naruto, Digimon, and some other animated shows.I'm 13 and tall and slim.I'm in the 7th grade.I am HORRIBLE at spelling so if you see something spelled wrong please just ignore it or tell me.I am currently single and liken' it!!(i gess...)

It may sound really weird but i imagine myself in shows like Naruto and Pokemon.I think i'm going to tell u about my Pokemon world then later i'll go to my Naruto world.

Hair:Light Brown
Age:13(haven't started jorney because i was really sick)
Fave Pokemon:Vulpix and Ninetales
Dream:Become greatest Pokemon master and win the Grand festival

In my Pokemon it is happening in the future.My parents are Misty(awarded the best Gym leader award) and Ash(GREATEST Pokemon MASTER)(yes they get married!!)My oldest sister is Lavender who lives in Lavender Town as a radio host she is 18 and has a Togepi but doesn't battle.Then there is Arbor who lives in Fallarbor Town as a professional PokeBlock and Poffin Maker with his Castform he is 16 he battles a litte bit but not much.Can't forget Petal who usually spends her 15 year old modling life with her Delcatty in Petalburg City and says she is too busy to battle(yeah, right...)And my younger twin siblings Sunny(he wants to grow up to work in Sunyshore City as an engineer with an Exploud) and Azalea(she wants to grow up to sell purfume in Azalea Town with a Cleffa)they are 5.

Name:Tory Kehomarho(key-who-mar-who)
Hair:Light Brown(most of the time, but it changes alot)
Special Jutsu:(please don't laugh)pretty kitty jutsu(i transform into a cat)
With in me:The 5 taled cat(witch is a good thing...for me(and all who r on my good side) it enhances my chakra and healing powers.if u get on my bad side well...ur pobably gonin' to b dead...SOON)

I am on Naruto's team.I am a half orphan(i said half because my dad died(when i was 3)and my mom(left when i was 1) went to go train in another town so i was all alone except for my cats)for 2 years(when i was 5 & 6) there was a boy named Ty who would train and play with me.then on my 6th b-day he left to train in another town.He said that he would come back when I was 13 and he was 14(7 years)On the day he left he kissed my before running off so again i was alone...but i still trained as hard as i had when i was 1(bloodline trait everyone in my family was like that training every day since their 1st b-day)(also bloodline trait the 'kiakogone' like the sharingone and beakogone )when i was 12 i became a ninja and was placed on team 7 as a specal 4th member.then a while after i turned 13 Ty came back.sooooo that about wraps it up...oh i was still a ninja after Ty came back .the only things that changed were:i had someone to train with & he became my boyfriend!!^-^!!

Sakura:"Tory is awsome!!She is my BFF 'cuse she would NEVER try to still Sasuke like someone*glares at Ino* since she has Ty, but any way Tory is awsome!!"

Ino:"Tory is great!!She would be even better if she wasn't friends with SOMEONE*glares right back at Sakura*"

Naruto:"I gess she's ok.She's strong and cooks some really good ramen*starts to drool*

Sasuke:"Yeah,she's pretty.*blushes*Um,I mean pretty strong.*looks around nervisly*Yeah,pretty strong.*clears throat*Well I've got to go"*walks away very fast* Sakura & Ino:"WHAT DID SASUKE SAY?!?"

Kakashi:"She is very strong and clever.She was the only one who got a bell from me on the Bell Test."*mutters under breath to self:"I still can't believe she fooled me with her Pretty Kitty Jutsu..."*

Hinata:"Tory is very open-minded and helpful.She is also very nice and a good healer.We have became very good friends."

Kiba:"I'd like her more if she didn't have so many cats,but I gess she's not horrable.She is strong and fast kinda like a cat I gess..."

Negi:"She is strong and is destined to become something big maybe even Hokage..."

Tenten:"Tory is definitly my BFF!!I have to admit her accuracy is just as good as mine if not better..."

Lee:"She may be pretty and strong but she still doesn't hold a candle to Sakura!!"

Shikamaro:"She's troublesome just like everyone else...*snors*...What?I'm awake...yeah I'm awa...*snors*"

Shino:"She's alright.But she is afraid of some insects and arachnids.I don't see why."

Ty:"What can I say, besides she's the best.She's smart,funny,tallented ant the best girlfriend a guy could ask for!!*smiles as he kisses Tory on the forhead*All I can say say I Love her!!"

Tory:"What?Huh?Why are you interviewing me about me?Ok you are crazy.You want me to say some thing about myself.Well,I gess I have train every day unless I"m sick.I have a lot of cats.And I Love my boyfriend...thats about all I can say I gess..."

I love this but i do belive in true love!!

this is me b4 i became a ninja but i wasn't always this happy...

me & Ty when we were little b4 he left...

mama papa & me(b4 mama left & papa died)

me & Ty again

please leave some comments i'm gettin' may take a while but i will get back to u sometime!!
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