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Name:   mountainair
Birthday:   1920-01-01
Joined:   2012-07-12

Quit, and don't think I'm coming back.
There is nothing on here to do for me. Paige left as well
and she was the only reason why I stayed on this site.

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rkf. writes:

Posted on: Aug 4th 2012, 10:27:25am

rkf. writes:
---------Where should I start? Your beauty, your comedic side, your kindness? Where would this all begin. Where would I begin? Where would I begin to even throw a smile on my face in the worse of times without you? You've been there for a thousand miles of my pain and you've stuck there when I thought it was all crumbling down. You've seen me smile, I don't think you've seen me sad but you could imagine it and you've seen my amazing troll faces, as well as I have seen yours. You are a gorgeous person with a beautiful soul and a fulfilled destination. You know where you want to go, what you want to do and you know who you are, more importantly, you're you. You are a courageous girl with a lot to live for. You have an amazing boyfriend who will give you his sanity just so you can keep yours. Don't forget, he loves you with all his heart, and I don't even have to know him to know he does. He's a lucky boy and he's done well to keep good hold of you and look after you. Right now, I'm just wishing that you have an amazing time with him because you deserve the world, and if he is yours, then that's your world. You two are just so perfect together, and I couldn't wish for you to feel any other way about him. He completes you, and you know it. I know I never write long messages like this but I really do want you to know that you are an amazing best friend and I wouldn't change a thing about you. You're so gorgeous, and when we get the chance to meet, let's make it a very fun and busy one. Without you, I wouldn't be where I am today. Do you know what? I'm completely over John, thanks to you. I'm trying to be a more positive person towards myself, all because of you. You complete my personality and without you, my words would stutter and the world would have to wait for me to catch up to it. Every person in the entire world deserves to meet someone as brave as you. I know you've struggled at times and I know sometimes I can be a pain and can't help, but I will always listen to you as you did for me. If I hadn't ever came back to this site (I've been on it for a firetrucking long time) I would have never met you. What are the odds? Two non-girly people meeting each other on an oddly girly-named website? What a coincidence? But with this coincidence, I couldn't thank anyone but myself for coming back to this site. Hm, maybe I do do good things sometimes. Haha, I just said do do. I think friendship is a necessary part of life and you truly do complete it. Everyone is a lost spirit until they find the person that brings out the best in them, and I believe that I have two people, you and my future husband/boyfriend. I'm not the most positive person towards myself and I may never be, but now I am trying and I know there is someone out there for me, as you never believed there was, but there is. No one is perfect but there is the perfect person for everyone, you've found that and I really can't explain how happy and proud I am of you for still keeping hope in the worst time. You're just so brave, you'll be the real inspiration for a community of truckers, one day. I know this is a really long message and normally I would never send you a long-ass message but I truly believe you deserve a surprise from when you return from Belgium. I know you'll be upset from leaving P.J in his home and I believe he'll sob too, but I hope this can cheer you up and put a smile on your face. Even if it's for the least bit, I would be so grateful. I honestly think you have the most awesome features in the world. Your eyes are absolutely stunning and your hair is just gorgeous. Keep it that length, it really suits you. What inspires me is how you don't give an absolute shit what people think about you. How you can do anything, and you don't care. You know who you are and what you like and you do it, you consider yourself when it comes to your looks. I can't decide how to end this, other than, Aileen, thank you. That's really all I can say.. Just, thank you and I love you from the very whole of my heart <3

Posted on: Jul 31st 2012, 12:39:22pm

rkf. writes:
I'm going to write you a massiveass (yes it's a word) comment.

Posted on: Jul 31st 2012, 12:11:13pm

rkf. writes:
ugh miss you ;____; </3

Posted on: Jul 31st 2012, 12:01:08pm

rkf. writes:
i really hope you're having fun, dear <3333

Posted on: Jul 31st 2012, 10:54:34am

rkf. writes:
crying ily </3

Posted on: Jul 30th 2012, 2:17:49am

rkf. writes:
You're the best best friend ever, Aileen <3

Posted on: Jul 25th 2012, 1:38:49pm

rkf. writes:
:3 I would've got one of us webcamming,
but frankly, I look really shit in them :3
xD I remember when you made this:

Posted on: Jul 21st 2012, 6:42:50am

rkf. writes:
& yes! You are amazing at graphics <3
I think when you become a truck driver, that when you don't need to be driving trucks you could be designing graphics, just because you're so amazing at it n u n

Posted on: Jul 21st 2012, 6:15:43am

rkf. writes:
& urban dictionary says:

The most wonderful, perfect, bundle of sunshine. She is mature, beautiful, and incredibly lucky. Like an Irish sunrise.

She has a soulmate who adores her.
Will you marry me, Aileen?

A person who is not afraid to go out on da dance flo' and shake dat thang.
"DAYMMN who is that chick breakin' it down ova there?"
"OBVIOUSLY an Aileen...!"

the sexay mama with a kim kardashian butt. she's the best girl in the world and knows how to work it!! all the boys love her
Girl #1: who's that girl?

Guy #1: that's the best girl in the world, AILEEN!!

Everyone: agreed

Posted on: Jul 18th 2012, 8:57:17am

rkf. writes:
ily, stay perfectttttt <3

Posted on: Jul 16th 2012, 4:46:45am

rkf. writes:
omg your eyes are so pretty ^ '>.>

Posted on: Jul 16th 2012, 4:11:09am

rkf. writes:
Shhhh no you are sweeter, mkay? ^u^

It's a miracle, I swear.
It's just njlihoihlksdaf so great that out of seven billion people, I was chosen to be your best friend :3 <3

Posted on: Jul 15th 2012, 12:09:12pm

rkf. writes:
Wait, I was just thinking and I think it's so amazing how we came across each other on this website.
Don't you think?
I mean, glitter-graphics seems like such a girly site and we are definitely not girly people so how did we manage to come across xD
But I'm glad we did :3 <3

Posted on: Jul 15th 2012, 6:17:47am

rkf. writes:
awh aileen you're so sweet <3
you're the best best friend I could ever have ^u^ & the only one I ever want :3 <333

& that photo; B E A U T I F U L !

Posted on: Jul 15th 2012, 4:25:55am

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