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Birthday:   1995-09-02Country:   
Joined:   2008-08-24Location:   in the monster world in a bording school with other monsters
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Name:   olivia
Birthday:   1995-09-02
Joined:   2008-08-24
Location:   in the monster world in a bording school with other monsters
Uploads:   8 graphics 

family:has 1 but was abandond bye them
hair color:black
eye color:black
favrite color:black and purple
monster:hehehe ur just going to find out on
ur own.......

picture of me

well i gess i can spare u some time in reading im 14 years old i live
in a bording school people like me or per say monsters like me no
human has ever servived getting into the monster relm thay
all died in a uh way enyway yes i do have a monster side witch ull find
out when i put up my story enyway the school teaches regular boring stuff
math hleath etc and thay tell use try ur best to not show ur monster !!
in a pippy voise but 1 of the teacher insist leaving there tail out
infront of class i no if u tell use y not try it ur self so ya
thats about it

hair color:grayish whitish
eye color:red
fav color:red and white
monster:idk and idc as long as she dosint tuch me AGAIN

picuter of jes

crush:me and ashlee
intrests:sneaking up on me,hanging out with me ,me helping him with his home work OK whut dosint he like without me included
dis likes:school ,home work ,working ,me alone with soda so he spys ,
night time
fav color:orange
monster:idk and idc

picture coming soon to veiw

intrests:hanging out with me ,killing evil people ,having soda....
dis likes:people thining he is soda ,his name ,evil ,my sister ....ho
dosint ....o yea her bf,mermaids ,water
monster:idk how am i to no
fav color:black

picture of soda (get better 1 l8er)

my chilling monster story ~injoy

me:*at class first day*
teacher:welcome to the school im ur school teacher ill be
teaching u reading and keeping r monster part hiddin from
the humans so e can be more like them
some guy:has a human ever went here
teacher:no r realm is protected bye wizzereds ho first coreated it
thay made a forsefeld that if a human trys to thay would die
me:but whut happins if a human does get here and servives
teacher:thay be prosicuted now lets get class started
*after classes*
me:ugh thay shore got a way to bore a girl out *gets a drink*
some guy:*watching me*
me:O_O *looks at him*
guy:*looks back*
me:*goes back to drinking it*
guy:*comes over*uh.....
me:*thinking o great a fan guy*yes
guy:umm i wunted to no if u help me with my home work
i hered ur good at grads and relly suck at them can u help me
me:shore as long as u dont try enything
guy:uh im not 1 of ur fan club people there over there in pink robs
fan club:*takes pictures*
me:well first day and all reddy got 1
guy:uh my name is cody
me:ok lets go to my dorm *we head there its all black and
the blanket has jack and sally on it*o sorry im a nightmare before
cristmas fan
cody:wow nice room tho
me:thanks u reddy
cody:uh ya *gets out his home work and books*
me:*gets my stuff out and sits down*
cody:*sits down*
*after i help him*
cody:thanks alot id hate to get ditenchin
me:ur welcome


me:ugh another long day with a relly boring classes
sadly i new all the awesers
cody:XD so wucha doing rite now
me:well being bord
cody:then u wunna go and see the club openings thay so say it
may make use seem more human in there words
me:well its better than being bord shore *we head in the schools feld
and see all these clubs*wow
cody:yea and is there eny regular clubs
me:i think that be 1 and a millon here
cody:well theres a swiming club news club and battle club
me:as in
cody:witch 1
me:the monkey 1 the battle 1
cody:lol well u get to show ur monster self and battle
me:well isint that peachy
cody:yea i no
me:wel is there enything else
cody:well a bands club ur fan club those girls ho hang out with that guy
u no the 1 with pink hair ho flashes people without noing
me:-_- o that girl next
cody:-_- i no well theres a hook up club were people get dates
only on there likeness not looks like if thay like the same fruit
me:i no....hmmmm wshut u thinkin
me:only on if thay like the same thing .....ill try that
cody:ill go with u on that
*we head there and sigh up and were handed a paper and we aweser the qs and
hand it in and its the next day and heres no school*
me:well r test in....whut O_O
cody:*comes in*well now thay wunt use in a room every 1 ho did it
*we go*
????:hi im amanda and i own this club every 1 here has some 1 ho
is exaclty like them and has some 1 ho likes eachother i
did the tests last night and i have matches for every 1
me:sooo get t the match make in heavin part
amanda:ok u olivia ur person is.....soda
me:my match is a soda
soda:no me
me:uh *looks*uhh sorry ^^'
soda:its all rite *looks at me*

at the pool
me:*we had to go the school siad to*ugh can this get enymore
ashlee and soda:*walks tordes use*hay
me and cody:hay
ashlee:*she is codys love match from the club*
me:im just about to leave before it gets more boring
soda:can i come

on r walk

me:so y did u do the match thing
soda:i was curiuse u
me:same and there relly wasint eny regulare clubs
soda:i no all these weird 1s that were there
me:yea mind as well have an add weird stupid and weird join use !!!
soda and me:*laugh*
soda:*looks at me and blushes a bit*uhh
cody:*falls out a tree cuz he was spying on use next to use*owwi
me and soda:-_-
me:cody were u spying on use
cody:no i was spying on a bird....nere u
soda:that means u were
cody:*jumps up and gets in his face*i was not
soda:u were say it u just cant admit it can u
me:guys quit it ur being childish
cody:not far tho i have never spyed my holl life y would i start now
me:ugh bye cody *me and soda leaves*
ashlee:*upside down on string looking like a spider with binockulars*

back to me
me:sorry about that
soda:it wasint ur falt it was his falt
me:i no but still
soda:all rite
me:so uhh hay were here
soda:*we go in my room*wow ur room looks great
me:relly thanks
soda:so what made you want to do the dating thing club?
me:i had to find something quick to get away from cody.
soda:*grins* i see.*circles around me* so now what
me:*pretidor alerts something isn't right about him*i
dont no
soda:*right behind me and his finger tips are on my neck*why so...tence?
me:*walks away from me*what the?

and whut will happin next is unwowned but intil next time injoy
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