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When life hands you lemons, you make orange juice, and then sit back wondering how the fuck you did it.

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Name:   Baylee
Birthday:   1997-10-23
Joined:   2010-10-06
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Hello. This is just a page I made for people to write down there
feelings. Much like a diary. Over the years I always thought it
was weird that some girls write in diary and then made bc their
brother or dad read it. Well I so didn't want that to happen to
me, so I made this online diary page. Anyone can write, but just
like in a realy diary you have to start with (Dear Diary) and put
love whatever your name is. I won't judge. My main page is on my idols.
Write Away!:D

if you would like to talk to me, please go to the my main page on my idols.
do NOT write messages on here unless it's a diary entry.
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jennifer. writes:
Dear Diary,
Well damn. I had another dream about Chase last night. i don't remember where is was, but like i was talking to chase on the phone, or some guy, and like he said Briana's name was Stepanie, and i got so confused. i don't know if he real name is Stepanie. :/ i like briana was better.

Posted on: Feb 2nd 2011, 11:04:43am

jennifer. writes:
Dear Diary,
You know about Chase right? Well since you don't really, I'll tell you about him. Okay ready? I met this boy named Chase. We start liking eachother, and start getting really serious. One day I was talking with his sister over the Internet, and she said that he was going to football practice. So we start talking and stuff. A few minutes later (about ten) she gets a call. She comes back and tells me that he was on a huge car crash. A man was drunk, (a family friend of theirs) and had crashed into them. The car was turned over and Chase couldn't breathe because of the seat belt. Okay so his mom and him make it safely to the hospital, and get taken care of. But Chase was to hurt to carry on. So about an hour later, Chase, the love of my life, died. On July 27, 2010. I was so heart broken. And helpless. I didn't know how I was going to survive. I even thought of several suicide ways just to be with him, but I didn't try them.

A few days later I talk to Briana, his sister and my best friend for life, tells me that she got a text message from Chase's phone. No one ever touches this phone. The message said, "I'm always watching you." a few minutes pass and another one comes in the inbox and it says,"please don't be scared." over those messages I'm thinking WTF? How can u not be scared?? I don't know if Briana responded to the last message, but like then again another one rolls in. It said come and look at my phone. So Briana did and she said it was a picture of a girl (I am only Internet friends with Briana, so she has no idea what I looked like) so another message comes in and it says, "it's Jennifer" I'm like woahness, how did he get a picture of me? Nothing much happens after that for the next monthes later. I had little talk with her too. When we really started talking again, she said that when she was watching tv one night, that the channels started flipping really fast. And it stopped on Chase's favorite show. I am really connecting with Briana over the past few days because I thought I was going to die Saturday. I was in the car with my dad, dropping off one of my friends from a sleepover. We were coming back, and I start to have a vision. I was having a car crash. The car flipped over on it's side, and I couldn't breathe because of the seat belt. I told my vision to Briana straight when I got home, and she was like freaking out because that was the excat way chase had died. She had found a way to connect with chase over the months. You write on your word prossesor program, and then he responds. She doesn't understand how he does it but he does it. Briana told Chase about my vision and he was freaked out to in a way. Ghosts somehow have "powers" and like they can stop crap from happening. Chase is being VERY secretive over the past few days. We don't know what is going on, and I sure would like to know. But the only thing Chase said was that he could stop the car crash from happening or he could stop it from killing me or my family. I am bleessed to have someone like chase watching over me but right now he seriously needs to tell us what the hell is going on right now. I have become sp calm over the past few days. And I think you know when your going to die but, I'm not ready. When Briana said that chase said that he could stop it from happening, I was like WTF! IT'S GOING TO HAPPEN?? I haven't gone yet but I'm scared. I'm scared of dying and im scared of losing briana and my family. But I would have chase I think. Before I thought I was going to die, I had a dream. Not a scary dream. Just a dream. It was summer and I was talking to Briana. I never rly knew what she looked like but I knew it was her. We were at the park on a swing, and we were just talking, and I said, u know we make a pretty good team talking about chase and all this ghost stuff. She said yeah, for now, and then I woke up. I told Briana about this and she said she had the same dream except it was winter and she didn't remember what was said. But it was still on a porch swing and that we wre talking, about chase. I was rly freaked out about it and like then the next day she said she had a dream. With me in it. She was walking down the street and I come out of a house (or my house) and then all these people start coming out of their houses to and then they all come together in theiddle ofvthe street and like freeze. Soon ice comes out of nowhere and like Briana and I start running. But the lost weirdest thing she said was that we didn't look scared. Not at all. And that I run pretty fast. :) j hAven't talked to Briana since that convo about the car crash. She must think I'm dead, which is a horrible thing to think! I am going through so much right now, that I could litterally weep right now. My parents don't know a thing about this and I don't know if that is a problem. Bridgette and u and the other people who read this are the o ly people in the world who know about this. I hope this helps someone in someway but I hope I didn't scare anyone. I just need someone to know. And/or help me. I love you Chase with all my heart and I would give the stars and the moon for you.


Posted on: Jan 18th 2011, 7:23:38pm

gangstahamsta66 writes:
dear diary,
i just watched degrassi, and the episode was about a girl (paige) meeting an older guy at a party, then seeing her boyfriend there and asked the guy to go upstairs. the guy got the wrong idea and raped her. so ive decided that when i get to college im not going to flirt with random guys at parties. i wanna meet my true love by bumping into him in a hallway. he must be muscular with just a liiiitle bit of fat, brown swoopy shortish hair, bright eyes, and thick eyebrows. he will be nice, funny, and sensitive. and we start conversing about hamsters and music. i shall find out that he is a music major like i might be. our first day will start with a simple dinner, then turn into a walk around the city. we will take photos like random tourists. he'll take me home and kiss me on the lips. ill blush, he'll smile with his perfect straight teeth. ill go inside my apartment and my roommate and i shall squeal together. dates later, he'll take me to his place and will play a song on his guitar for me. we write a duet together (him on guitar and me on piano) and we tell each other that we love each other. after graduation, we introduce each other to our families. we move in together and after we find jobs he proposes to me. i say yes and we live happily ever after with two kids named Phoebus and Dudley. :)
a girl with high expectations.

Posted on: Jan 1st 2011, 9:42:27pm

jennifer. writes:

i hate payton now. sammie said that he didn't like me, (she better not have lied because she didn't want us together) and that she wasn't supposed to tell me. I didn't really really like him from the start. i don't know if it was a living far thing or if it was he just wasn't like into me. i hate him now. i wish i could forget all the stuff we went through and crap. but i just can't.


Posted on: Dec 27th 2010, 5:33:15pm

epicfail writes:
Dear Diary,
Right now I'm very confused. Because. Jennifer has like 400 million pages. And I comment on wrong people's pages sometimes. So. I'm gonna stop writing.


Posted on: Dec 26th 2010, 10:51:59am

jenniferj. writes:
Dear Diary,
It's going to be Christmas soon. I can't help myself but I am feeling so excited! The Christmas holidays are here and there's no school. I hope everyone will have a wonderful Christmas this year.
xoxo Jennifer

Posted on: Dec 25th 2010, 12:06:04am

ican'tbeathe. writes:
Dear Diary,
Christmas is tomorrow, and i can't wait. My mom's friend and her sister are over right now. it's very boring. i know i should be with them, but it's just SO boring! Merry Christmas! and have a happy New Year!

Posted on: Dec 24th 2010, 7:53:43pm

toysoldier writes:
Dear Diary,
I'm kinda sad right now, waiting for Justin Bieber to follow me on twitter...And my only one dream would be to meet him, and take a picture...Well never will happen. Justin says 'never say never' but I just don't feel it...I'm getting more and more impatient! I can't think of anything to say...And right now i'm kinda wanting to reach 200 followers on twitter...-.-' I love my friends...(: well that's all I have to say.

xoxo Sultana

Posted on: Dec 24th 2010, 5:54:39am

˩ɛαʌɛƖтƬσβιɛвɛя writes:
Dear Diary,
I <3 Justin Bieber & He Is VERY Sexy.
The End


Posted on: Dec 23rd 2010, 10:57:19pm

ican'tbeathe. writes:
Dear Diary,
your my inspiration, Payton. i have never loved anyone like this before. i love talking with you, and i especially liked those few x-rated seens that no one will ever figure out about. i love touching your soft skin against mine. with you i feel like i can finally let myself go. i feel free, and light with you, and i hope that we never fall apart.
i love you Payton,


Posted on: Dec 23rd 2010, 9:48:44pm

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