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if u dont write another 1 of those freakin' scandels about me, i might b ur friend...(as far as fandome goes, ive been paired up w/ every charector...girls AND boys!-_-')

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Name:   gaara4frRanking:   --
Birthday:   1993-06-17Country:   
Joined:   2007-03-17Location:   LOCATION!? STALKER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Name:   gaara4fr
Birthday:   1993-06-17
Joined:   2007-03-17
Location:   LOCATION!? STALKER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
ABs my friend. She just got her own profile!^^ shes in my lovers list. its another pic of me. she didnt make this 1 tho. she made mine!X3

Any way, take a look @ the rest.
Enjoy!^^ can.

YES I AM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!>__<'

who said i cant dance!?

hey...fanart peoplez...stop freakin stalking me!!!! that was a long time ago! how did u get that pic any way?...

freakin shippuden freaks...get the hec outta here b4 i kill u!!

ok, ok...thats it...IVE HAD IT W/ U FREAKIN STALKERS *sabakukyu* *moans of agony in the backround* there... i feel better now...^^

whoa- were the HECK did the jewelry come from!? little __________!!!! im gonna ______'in kill u!!!!!!!!!!!!!! trying 2 make me explode or somthing...>< (_______= not fit 4 people under 18 -_-')

uh-oh...lee got taken over by orochimaru 2!? i knew his spandex would atract child-molestors...

dont cling 2 me.XP

yay sand... i just dont get the squish part...-_-'

yay, a shot of all of us 2gethr!^^

t-t-training cards!? r those supposed 2b training cards!???
what do i look like, a pokemon!?

y doesnt any1 get that!?

an OK pic of me.

herez me as a little kid.
the year i was scarred 4 life.

very funni. as long as it isnt me-_-'

a nice simple pic.

my group when we were little kids.
temari: awwww! we were so cute!
me: *sweatdrop* -_-' um...RIGHT temari, seen as that was back when i killed people on reflex.

this was when naruto figured out i was the kazakage.

aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaand...heres a picture of me hitting my sister.
no, i am not abusive...anymore.

Click here to feed me a Rare Candy!
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Click here to feed me a Rare Candy!
Get your own at Pokeplushies!

•rank- kazakage (duh! look @ the icon STUPID!!!!!!!)
•age- 15
•team- none (im the kazakage!!!><)
•love life- none, & if you write another freakin scandal (Hinata, sakura r the 2 most seen- & hinata luvs naruto, sakura luvs sasuke!! duh! morons!!!!) ill rip ur sorry head off!!!!!!!!
•hates- stalkers, assasinators, scandels, pervs, ect... but the thing i h8 most is people who think IM any of those things!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!...jerks. i also h8 people wo think im emo, but i dont h8 emos.

Sakura, hinata, dont take what i said personaly. u guys r cool- but im not-like-in luv w/ u. srry. (especialy hinata- ur nice. sakura hardly cared when i nearly died.XP & when i was alive, she didnt care- 2 say the least...that wasnt cool. i think ive been scarred 4 the upteenth time now, cuz of that... i hope ur happy...T~T)
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