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Birthday:   1993-09-07Country:   
Joined:   2009-07-23Location:   Ohio
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Name:   crimsonroses
Birthday:   1993-09-07
Joined:   2009-07-23
Location:   Ohio
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My name is Heather Nicole. I am 14 and live in the state of Ohio. I will be 15 on September 7th and for my age I am very independent.

My parents are divorced. They got divorced when I was 11.

My life has been crazy since then.

I have an AMAZING boyfriend named Dain. I love him till death and I don't know what I would do without him by my side.

He always has a way to make me smile even if I am in the worst mood. I still don't believe I deserve him; he is too good for me.

I can trust him with my life and always know he is never going to leave.

He is mine forever<3

4/7/09 :)

I have made a lot of mistakes in my life but please don't judge me for them. I do not have any regrets, for life is too short.

I tend to think alot. And I tend to be very creative.

I like to draw, read, and write.

And I play trumpet and am learning guitar.

This year has been absolutely crazy for me. I have realized some of the people I was hanging out with maybe weren't the best in the world and only stabbed me in the back in the end.

I also realized who my true friends were.

These are the people who have been there for me and have cared and mean the world to me. For these people I will do anything.

Dain Dennison
Mike O'Brien
Heather Mlckouvsky
Katrena and Erin Grantham
Scarlet Detweiler

So...I learned something new about life today(7/29/2009). I realized that life is too short to worry about yourself. Family is just as important and so are your friends. And the moment you think everything is going perfectly will figure out it's not. And you will get hurt.

My mother and I got in a huge fight and I left to go stay with my dad for a while. Everyone just needed to calm down. And my dad said to me...

"Maybe...maybe, Heather, you should worry about other things than just yourself right now...Have you even thought about your grandparents lately? Have you called them and asked how they were doing? (A few weeks ago my grandparents were in a car accident.)"

Well they hadn't been in the hospital so I asked what he meant.

It turns out my grandfather has a tumor on his brain. It was found once before but only the size of a pin head on his pituitary gland. Now it is 25x bigger(maybe more) and the doctor does not know without a biopsy if it is malignant or benign.

And my grandmother has broken vertebrae that was not found the first time she got a CAT scan. Three ribs are broken and the vertebrae those are connected to are as well. So now if she moves a certain way she will be paralyzed.

Well...later the next day I got a text message from my boyfriend saying

"I just had to dig a grave"

So I said what? I didnt know what he was talking about.

"Two of the newborn kittens died."

So I said "aww sweetie it will be okay..."

And he said.

"They were only babies...they should have lived..."

And for some reason...that statement made me cry...

And then I lisen to the song by Cartel called Wasted.

And from the lyrics

It's 2:45
The baby takes his first breath
The mother never knew he only had a few left
And the father gets a call in the middle of the night
His breath gets short and his chest gets tight

But he's sixteen and he's driving too fast
Takes a turn to the left
It would be his last
Nobody knows what happens if he turns to the right
Nobody in the car would have died that night

But he's thirty-two and invincible
The cancer he had, it was visceral
He never saw it coming
Thought he had his whole life
Sick in the morning and he died in the night

But we're all so...
We're on the run
But we are aware, oh, oh

We're wasted
No, no, no
We're all wasted
We're wasted
No, no
We're all wasted

Seven years old
Got his bat in his hand
He's looking for his father
And he doesn't understand
Cause dad's too busy
Got some deals on the way
His son sits alone as the children play

And he's eighteen
He couldn't wait to move out
His parents wonder what all the rush is about
They never bothered with his dreams
Only thinking of theirs
Wonders why he doesn't call
And why he doesn't care

But he's thirty-two and invincible
With everything he is based on principle
He never had a truly happy moment in his life
He didn't want the kids
And he didn't want his wife

We're wasted
No, no, no
We're all wasted
We're wasted
No, no
We're all wasted
We're wasted
We're all wasted
We're all wasted
No, no
We're all wasted

Twenty-three now
Got his life in his hands
He's looking all around
And he doesn't understand
Cause life's too busy
Things get in the way
We all feel alone every single day

And I'm eighteen
I couldn't wait to move out
It's been five years and now I'm starting to doubt
Whether all my dreams are just aimless stares
Looking off to some place that isn't there

When I'm thirty-two, will I be miserable
With everything around based on principle?
Will I have a clue?
Wouldn't it be nice
To never be alone in this wasted life?

We're wasted
No, no, no
We're all wasted
We're wasted
No, no
We're all wasted
We're wasted
We're all wasted
We're all wasted
No, no
We're all wasted

We're wasted
We're wasted
We're wasted
No, no
All wasted

Well anyways I came up with the fact that some people like myself need to slow down every once in a while and check up on loved ones....and take away some time from their own life and donate it to someone else who may not have it so well.

Well anyways...If you have anything else you would like to know about me...Just add me and ask me!!! :) I love to talk and meet new people so if you wanna text or AIM ask for my info...

(: ǝןoɔıᴎ ɹǝɥʇɐǝH~

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