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Once upon a time I was feeling in love , now I'm only falling apart there's nothing I can do , Total Eclipse Of The Heart ♡♡

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Birthday:   1995-10-24Country:   Romania
Joined:   2010-03-27Location:    City of Flowers
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Name:   Luana
Birthday:   1995-10-24
Joined:   2010-03-27
Location:    City of Flowers
Uploads:   59 graphics 
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~.giina.~ writes:

Happy Tuesday

Posted on: Dec 21st 2010, 3:57:24am

amelstrange writes:
You added me awhile back... I apologize for writing you late.
And b.t.w, you have awesome graphics!:)

Posted on: Dec 8th 2010, 1:01:01pm

kawaiiyuna writes:

Hello cutie~~
no problem darling,yeah XD now they are back....i was supposed to visit grandma today but im home XD
so tomorrow i will visit her and my auntie...
i love winter the most <3 it is cold really cold lolll but it doesnt snow here
it snows on north SA the most!!
yeah i got sick too >< but for 2 days..gladly i didnt get that sick
i miss you too sweety, im fine hehe....abit busy...hows everything with you??? did u watch korean latest MVs or no time?
i cant wait for it XD we will be talking everyday...<33
it must have been hard on you...uv been busy alot >< *hugs u*
Happy Winter <3!!!
u too, have a lovely day~

nomu saranghae <3

Posted on: Dec 4th 2010, 10:44:11am

kawaiiyuna writes:

awwwwwwwwwie *hugs*
im glad to hear it, happy birthday to her <33...i hope soo too
cant wait XD just do well at ur studies..dont worry about anything else
i miss you more, im fine today + i had lots of sleep..abit tired though
its really boring at home without my brothers...yesterday i was with my cousins
we talked alot but we were sooo bored...everything is boring... ><
i hope the days coming are fun..

have a lovely day

Posted on: Nov 27th 2010, 12:06:25pm

kawaiiyuna writes:
im fine, i had lots of funn in all these past weeks
missed you so much, how are you darling??
its been so long........
dw im glad u didnt forget about me *hugs*

have a wonderful day
love you lotssss

Posted on: Nov 22nd 2010, 11:23:49am

~.giina.~ writes:

Stopping By
To Wish You A
Happy Wednesday.


Posted on: Nov 17th 2010, 12:24:14pm

xxrandomittyxx writes:
Thanks. I agree that she really is.
Added you. How r you?

Posted on: Nov 13th 2010, 3:12:26am

kawaiiyuna writes:

dont worry about that Lu Chan~
i know i know, GOOD LUCK ...ajaajaaa fightingggg!!!

we all look bad when we are tired and good when we are happy xD
but you are GOREGEOUS!!!! like all the time, i like all ur pics <3
Larisa!!! is so beautiful!! i love her name XD

i loved those tumblers <3 i followed "maddielocket"and"fallingstars" <3 and i told them u recommended them XD
asian luv is nice as well <3

>< you are smart honey you will do well, just focus...dont think of tumblr!! lol just kidding
but you will Do great im sure <3
im fine kkkkk, the wedding was wonderfulll...n more <3
ppl said im pretty <<<its what i care about most ** loll kidding
but i did have fun n danced friends werent i was with my cousin n met new ppl
i missed you so much more darling, hows you???
BEST LUCK AT your exams <3
have a lovely day and a wonderful sweet night~

Posted on: Nov 8th 2010, 3:58:00pm

~°•.ღ.kawaiiღ.•°~ writes:
Yea.. yes of course..
Busy busy busy.. D=

Posted on: Nov 8th 2010, 12:32:18pm

kawaiiyuna writes:


awwwwwie soooooooo cute~ both are sooo pretty
i wish im her too <3 hahaha you will be even prettier hun <3
awwwwww how cute <3 and i would love to take a pic with you wearing mickey shirt
Lala what a lovely kawaiii name <3 sounds more like a nickname though..
yeah nutela is really good <3 my fav next to Galaxy <3
true <3 i spend most of my time on tumblr, everything is fun i dont really know those ppl but they are all NiCe <3
XD i used the cute themes was fun at first then i wasnt really used to it so i turned it off Loll
your class weak in what?? in general u mean?? Good luck you can make it!
hahaha sooo cute, the hat must be pretty ..what kind of magazine was it???
oh i see, must be tiring.....n of course boring -_- *hugs*
yeah i know ...i might stay at gramma's house i dont really feel like tired ><
im fine though....
love yaaah more
have a super wonderful day bb <3 saranghae

Posted on: Nov 2nd 2010, 2:46:49pm

~°•.ღ.kawaiiღ.•°~ writes:
I'm good... I guess~

Maybe I need some rest. I got so many assignment in few days latest.. That's make me feel little bit tired, well, I'm tired~
Anyway, I love your blog =3

Posted on: Nov 2nd 2010, 5:43:46am

~°•.ღ.kawaiiღ.•°~ writes:
how are you, dear?

Posted on: Nov 1st 2010, 6:39:25am

kawaiiyuna writes:

Happy Halloween to you too <3 and i dont celebrate too loll
its ok hun, oh i seee...ur friend seems to be very talented..wish i was there hahaha
glad u enjoyed ur time there , who cares about her anywayz..yup true!
ur beach is much it wasnt hot and not cold but there was alot of winds
so refreshing <3 yeah i enjoyed it, hahaha thanx hun yeah dw im back to normal again
me too i dont really feel like eating when i wake up...but sometimes i eat!
uknow breakfast is the most important meal <3 u better have it!! at least a chocolate if u dont feel like eating
yeah i thought so too...se7en have over 100,000 follower loll they all msg him but the fact he replied the same girl twice :/
aigoooo! i followed ki kwang from B2st today lol i like him <3

oh i see, i think the theme is hiding the notes XD 300 im sure there is notes
i dunno though, no i dont...i noticed some ppl have it pink and so..ok i searched n here u go
omg it worked!!

yeah i will download it, i loved "mean" and "Enchanted" soooo much
yeah im fine and getting ready for my cousin wedding loll i dont have any gifts for them loll
it will be after 3 days >< hows you hun? n hows everything??
love ya toooo bb
Have a wonderfull day sweety
<3 <3 <3 <3
gonna miss you alotttt <3

awwwwwwwww i love the kitty in ur profile soo so so much
Hello kitty Helllooo~ *waves*

Posted on: Oct 31st 2010, 5:18:15am

kawaiiyuna writes:

i dont watch Gossip Girl...but i think blair prettier <3
hahaha you are so cute, really try to do so.....i wish you the best
wohaaaa thats great....can she do make-up to ppl??
maybe she can make mine someday <3 i love make up
but im not that only good at the eyeliners!
i see, im fine....yesterday i was down + depressed cuz of se7en.. both me n my friend
i didnt eat yesterday or when i woke up...i went to the beach
now im fine n i dont care about him....he never reply our msgs but he replied to another girl from here too
:/ hate him!!! im more into Rain now <3<3

wow 100 in 30mins ..congratz!!!!!
which one ill reblog too <3

awwwwie thank you for the song....ill listen to it
its going to be wonderfull no doubt!
i love ur taste <3 <3

love ya sooooo muchie

btw is "Enchanted" from the same taylor swift's album of the songs u told me to listen to before?
im thinking of downloading the album if so..

Posted on: Oct 28th 2010, 12:49:52pm

kawaiiyuna writes:

Haaayyyy dongseang Hayyyyy!!!!!
hahaha, yeah i can see that you are super busy!! 29th october! enjoy your prom then and have fun.
LOL what a major mistake...i thought you wrote a book
you are smart and loves books, so its not hard to believe ...loll
why not? you can write a novel...try it as a hobby now...if u dont grow this talent u will lose it
but u barley have a free time now ><
oh i see, Mircea Eliade!! i wish you got known like him oneday...
i see..i love Maybelline..their gloss are pretty
my fav is eyeliners & gloss speically MAC eyeliner <3
hahahaha im happy to hear that , that cuz you are very lovely n everyone loves you!
im fine hun, yesterday was pretty tiring so i couldnt reply anyone msgs ><
now im fine hehe.....yeah i know <3
loll at the song name...Ill check it now
yeah im sure its cuteXD

i love you my shining Star ★

Posted on: Oct 26th 2010, 11:07:16am

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