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Name:   semi - hiatus
Birthday:   1920-01-01
Joined:   2011-02-27
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bridgeisbroken.. writes:
adds? c;

Posted on: Apr 8th 2012, 6:15:49pm

-namstar. writes:
no omg i don't know.
it took me like 5 minutes to take up the courage to comment you. T T
that shows how awkward i am :c but its okay we can be awkward together~~~~**~

Posted on: Apr 8th 2012, 12:11:39am

-namstar. writes:
this is random butttTtt
we follow each other on tumblr and i think youre are a qt ok
if i'm bothering you delete this comment ok um okgrgdgmnjn
sorry i'm awkward and creepy ok cries

Posted on: Apr 7th 2012, 12:16:22am

$asuke uchiha writes:

hello imma
~missed chu~
Have u heard of EXO?
their pretty good^^
sry 4 gone gone for a really long time!

<--- lookout yoseob is gonna get chu~

Posted on: Apr 3rd 2012, 4:21:16am

chocolatemoo writes:
Don't worry about it, haha.
I reply late sometimes as well.
I'm in a fabulous mood rn.
My parents got me SHINee's new album.
What's the project about?
Like, what is it?
Powerpoint? Speech? Something else?

Posted on: Apr 1st 2012, 12:51:17am

chocolatemoo writes:
I shall reply late to you! mwuhahaaha
I like 'Touch' alot.
My bias in MissA is probably...Min.
She's so cool. c:
how have you been lately?

Posted on: Mar 23rd 2012, 11:26:08pm

ニーナ writes:
I'm good. You?
Just busy, busy, bee.
And yes, I LOVED it.

Posted on: Mar 23rd 2012, 4:53:11pm

homy writes:
sry , i just dont have time to reply T__T
how r u???????????????? i misssssed uuu
tommorow is our new yeaaar *clap clap*! not that happy & i dont know why... xD

i dont know i love all of them!!!!!!

nomu nomu saranghaee~

Posted on: Mar 19th 2012, 3:21:08pm

kawaiiyuna writes:

omo , chinjaaaaa gomawoooo *hugs u*
one of the pics is not showing ! :O ?
haha they are all cute...i liked jooon with hair clips XD
thank you <3 i love them.

Posted on: Mar 19th 2012, 2:00:27pm

kawaiiyuna writes:

its okay ^^ how are you ??? im fine XD our weather is really.... Dusty!! lol its all in my FACE :|
its cold though :/ and the sky and everything is orange/yellow...really different XD
omg seobie XD soooo cute XD

whats with the reporting on edits ~ so annoying :/ she is talking about the photographers pics? they are the ones who have rights on it.
lol owners didnt say anything why she cares when we express our love like that! OTL so frustrating..i have no idea what i edited lol
my lovely edits OTL .....ahh watever..ppl reblogged and had fun XD

lol XD you will get to go next time <3
omg you are so lucky !!!!!!!! no i havent seen it yet ..... lol in french XD
i saw B2ST winwin ep before yesterday <3 i teared up while watching was really hard on them T^T
yoseobe and boa 75% ...? i can't see it ...maybe im bad at finding alikes XD but no not alike XD

i love you much more darling <3

Posted on: Mar 19th 2012, 1:59:42pm

ラブレス~♥ writes:
hehe ur welcome (:

Posted on: Mar 16th 2012, 8:31:56pm

ニーナ writes:
Sorry im late. Dx
Missed you!

Posted on: Mar 15th 2012, 10:08:04pm

kawaiiyuna writes:

im glad you like them <3 hahaha i understand bb
you have the 9days break XD

GOOD luck~ have fun and do your best!! *nomu saranghae*

Posted on: Mar 14th 2012, 5:25:47pm

kawaiiyuna writes:

lol they are both adorable XD ..yeah its junhyung!
*hugs you back*
i only bought cases for my bb..and bought lots of chocolate + candy! <like always lol + couple of stuff for home~

lol your weather is awesome XD you get all the seasons in a week!
oh...even if B2st are not would be fun to be in some kpop concert XD
lol why iphone sucks ?XD i think its cool...all mblaq but joon have iphone <3
my bro have iphone 4S its awesome and the apps are cool!
aigoooo...unni is the same...when im alone at home i hear noises *it doesnt make sense*
like something fell...water drops...some car outside...and id be like omg someone here O_O
if im busy then im okay XD

wow, fantastic baby~ i saw RM part2 ...but not dream high >.< my internet was off for a day and half
omg happy birthday to your lovely and beautiful mom...i love her so much cuz she brought you to this world <3
she deserves better than this....get her an awesome gift <3 anything from the heart <3
but whats more awesome if you give her a gift on no occasion ^^

i love you dongseang ....nomu saranghae~~
my bro is talking to me XD i took so long to reply even though its short~

Posted on: Mar 14th 2012, 5:19:37pm

take a hint writes:
ooh talking to you on tumblr. :3

Posted on: Mar 13th 2012, 3:22:02pm

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