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Name:   â™¥Sora♥Ranking:   --
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Joined:   2007-08-29Location:   â™¥In the anime's world♥
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Name:   â™¥Sora♥
Birthday:   1992-12-05
Joined:   2007-08-29
Location:   â™¥In the anime's world♥

Name:my real name is sora and iam a girl i just have a boy name & also queen of izoce kingdom and also Shamaro wife
Location:in the anime world
Gender:girl duh
Eyes color:green & sum times it turns blue & brown
Hair color:i always change my hair style
Best friend:Shamaro tenten & Yuiko
Tenten is one funni friend she likes to bother Yuiko alot and she is so out going she's really into ramen hehe & she's into changing her hairstyle but she can get pretti mad sum times
Yuiko is one shy girl but shes really smart and athletic she speaks 2 languge and have a heart of joy but she's not a out going person like tenten she's really in to singing

im the one with the short hair and have green eyes Tenten is the one in the middle and Yuiko is the one with blue eyes

Yuiko & Tenten

Me & Yuiko Playing Dress up

Yuiko & Tenten in Yuiko's 12th birthday

At first Yuiko had trouble in athletic class but now she's a prow

This is Chibi

Chibi is one of the shortest girl in are skool she's into poeams & boys she is very brave and a staright B+ student she likes to study in a quiet place & like to go swimming in the beach she likes to go to the carnival and hang out with her friend her best friend is tenten because they both have sumthing in comen they both like to have fun

This is Roxy

She's one of the naughtest girl u will ever meet all the boys like her she is really nice and mean at the same time she has a soft side 4 sasi she thinks that sasi is a softy and really shy she knows everthing about sasi she's into boy bands & shopping roxy is afriad of spiders hehe but she doesnt like any boy in her skool & she likes the attention

This is Sasi

Sasi is one happi girl she's into acting she likes boys but she is shy over them she loves boys at first sight she has one crush but she doesnt like 2 tell anyone not even her friendz so thats her little secret tenten always bags her 2 tell whos her crush but sasi always says no she doesnt like my friend roxy very much roxy is always taking all the boys that she likes and sumtimes roxy tell her 2 change her style but sasi knows that her and roxy will be best friendz

This is Renne

Renne is one of the suspishes girl u will ever meet at first she was very werid and have these werid thoughts she never had reall friends before & her family dont know much about her but me and her are really cool friendz she tells me all about her and tell me her hopes & dreams and secrets at first she can be tuff 2 talk 2 but she can be a cool person

This is Riku

Riku is related 2 Renne & the youngest he's into misc stuff he is not really the talkive type he is more the seris type he's not really into skool or his family or his friendz he likes 2 be alone sumtimes he as feeling 4 Shikamro but he doesnt want to edmit it and also hes into mystery books & poetry

Hi iam Shikamaro

Hi there iam Shikamaro iam a top student in my class u can call me the strong silent type evertime my friendz have a talk in there group i always dissaper into my hide out which is the garden iam also into magic and i also have a crush on renne's brother shh dont tell anyone the things that most bother me is boys they always say a rose that decribes my beauty

This is Witchy

Witchy is my other half she is one funni little pixie she is way diffrent from her friendz and family she always wanted 2 be a witch not a pixie she can get very strick sumtimes she get's mad easily shes into spells and fighting bad guys she comes with me everywere on my jorney why not a little magic would not hert she's also into making & finding new spells but let me tell you shes not really good at it but she's still trying

This is M3 queen of izoce kingdom and also Shamaro wife

This is me the queen of izoce kingdom and shamaro wife and here is my story it was a normal boring skool day and before skool it was my 15th birthday my mom gave me a neclaces that been passed on to my family and now its passed on to me she told me my aunt sisters was worriers and my great great grandmother was the chosen one as well then thats when i met shamaro he came out of my neclace without me relizing it i got out of the shower and told him were he came from he said my neclace i was like your joking ight and he said i dont joke and he told me about his kingdom that he was going to be king that his brother is searching for him and that he was sent here to protect me and make me his queen so he said he had to stay with me for a few weeks and wait when its the time to go back home we didnt get along at first we were always fighting and disagree on alot of stuff but sumthing about him made me a women and made me change so the time came we had to go to his kingdom and become a queen being a queen wasn't easi its alot of hard work well thats half my story let the games begin

Hey iam Shamaro

Hey there iam Shamaro the great king of izoce kingdom and sora's husband i was sent two sora to protect her from my evil brother sasko and make her my queen.At first sora and i didnt get along but when the first time i lay eyes on her she was the beatfuil human i ever seen.I love her so much and i promise her and myself that i will protect her til the day i die.My secret is to make a wonderful baby with sora i hope when i ask her she will say yes ill ask her when iam ready

Sasko Shamaro's evil brother

Sasko is evil and yet mean he been trying to kill his brother Shamaro since he was born because he was jelous of him because Shamaro was going to be the king and hold the sword of his kingdom he killed everone in the castle except Shamaro because he dissapear at that time so me and Shamaro have to be careful because he's searing for him to kill and searching me to be his wife and be king


I have no idea who is this young worrier but he seems fimilar like i saw him from some were well he saved me from these 3 wizard that was trying to get my sword he just appear from a tree and toke them out he faced me and looked at me in a seris face i didnt say nothing because i was thinking "this young worrier looks fimilar but were" then he got closer 2 my face and kiss me on the cheek and told me a kiss on the cheek means friendship and we will meet agian but there is one thing i want to know was his name

This is V

V is Shamaro bestfriend and his protecter he goes with shamaro in his journey he is the one that tooke shamaro when sasko was attacking the castle he resed him well and teach him sum fighting move.V is very quiet and very colm he takes his job seriesly its his duddy to protect shamaro at all cost but there is one thing i want to know about him were did he come from and y did he saved shamaro? Shamaro was thinking the same thing?

This is Leeon

He also goes with shamaro and V to the journey as well he is very strong and powerful he does everthing that Shamaro tells him to do but sometimes he disagree with Shamaro's plans and orders he can get very stric and very mean but he is a good guy he is always nice to me but i have a feeling he likes me more than a friend i feel really uncomfortable being alone with him

This is Aladin

Aladin is a wonderful guy he is sweet and charming we met at his village in the desert its called Roumon Desert he told me that we use to fight evil together but i told him I dont remember he was really dissapointed lol he is also the King of his village he told me he is looking for his father people in his village said he died but Aladin doesnt belive it, now he comes with me on my journey but sumthing about him wants me to know more about his life

This is Ami

Ami also comes with me and Aldian to are journey she is really outgoing and very funni she is the most coolest worrier i ever now she is sweet and knows her way of her arrow we found her in the forrest hurt she told us she was looking for a spear that worths so much money if she can save her family she also said she was the chosen one to find the spear and use it how she likes

Sora's Dream what does it mean?

And who is this boy and gilr? And why does Sora having dreams about them?
Sora drew this because sumthing was telling her to?
sora has so many questions
and sora wants an answer for all of them

LOVE is the key to everthing♥

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