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Name:   akemi.
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Why hello there.I'm Akemi,I will be at your servise at all time.Just worrie about getting lost.Well me age is 15. I don't go to school cause I have no family,they died in a fire.I like the color blue, black, and white.But when I walk be school every one stares at me, Like i'm not suppost to be there.I did have a girlfriend but she died, she got hit by a car, right in front of my eyes.I know that someone is going to find me and take me to there home so I can like there for the rest of my life, and go to school of coures.But guess what that acutuly happend 1 time and they just let me go, but the girl there really like me and got mad and and she told me don't go I love you, then she KISSED me on the cheak.....and of coures her mother told her to let go of him and bye bye I went.I really liked her to as a sister because she was my family.Yeah but shes really rich so she gose to a rich school so did I, we where in the same grade 10th grade.All the girls there really like me, they would scream when I would walk by, talk about me, give me gifs, yeah it was the good life but....yea.

My story, hope you enjoy *bows*

Black.....all i see is balck.I open my eyes, fire, fire. No sine of my faimly i look around "What the....MOM...."I heard no one"Mom where are you...i'm scared.*Crash* Glass shatered above me."Mom?...."A man came in a yellow sute "Anyone there?!"I cought and then he found me.Took me into this car, he straped medown to were I couldn't move."I want me mom, where is she..WHERE!"I screamed.The man looked at me then looked at the house, with the flames you could see in his eyes."I'm sorry young man, no one was in there exeped you."My eyes widend, the man graped a mask to put me to sleep untill the fire when out.I started to move my head, the man put his hand over my head to where I couldn't moved.Then black.....just black.I woke up in this white room with another child was lieing in the bed.Probbly the same age as me,4 years old.He looked just like my brother, and i noticesed that it was my brother, but the man that saved me said there was no one in there."He lied to me!" I thought.I looked over t my brother and he looked back at me."Brother,i-is that y-you?"He asked quietly. I moved my head to where i could shake my head yes.I started to cry, tears of joy."Brother, I have to tell you something...."I said with a tear running down my face."Mother's dead! Dad's dead all of them."My brothers eyes opened wide, he turned away from me and said "You know that we are going to live in a foster home, no one is going to like us."I turned away from him to show that I was not crying "You always asume that no one is going to like us!Never say that to my face you understand!I'm the one whos going to be in the foster home, not you!
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Posted on: Jul 15th 2011, 1:48:39am

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