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Hey everyone! It's me, Ashley. My other account is ashiie_bby. =)

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Birthday:   1996-10-04Country:   Australia
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Name:   â™¥Ashley♥
Birthday:   1996-10-04
Joined:   2008-09-09
Location:   Sydney

Once upon a time, there lived a girl named Ashley. On October 4, she was born into a loving family; she had a kind mother, a fun father, an inspiring sister, and two lovely grandparents. She also had a cute dog name Coco.

She is now twelve years old and in year six. (High school next year!!) She has brown eyes and black hair (with red streaks). She is half Aussie and half asian. Proud to be both!

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New Account; this one! =D
My other one is this one.
Add me on both! This is just a second account. Ashiie_bby is still active! =)
Today, at school, was so much fun! See, at the end of each school year, we have this year six farewell. Year five and year six attend and today, me and my friends were hooking eachother up with some guy to go with.
I ended up hooking one of my friends up. Yes!

OMG,omg,omg!!! Apparently a rumour at my school was true! One of my best friends, Yosemite, likes this really pupular guy. He likes her back, so there's no problem there- but this other guy likes her too. Now she has to decide who to go to the year six farewell to.
As if things couldn't get any worse for her, the teachers found out and there's gossip all over the school! I'm glad i'm not her, but I feel soo sorry for her!

Okay, okay.. long time since last update on this blog. But seriously, who has the time anymore?
Year six farewell. Like any other year, it was: dancing, then food, then more dancing, then dessert. But as always, the girls looked amazing! And the boys were pretty good too.
And, thanks to me, my friends, and some of the teachers time and patience, we ended up making some beautiful table decorations. But that only lasted for about three hours.

So on the last week of school on monday, there was this talent show. Pretty boring. I would say it was a talent show, minus the 'talent' part. Not being mean or anything, but it was pretty ordinary. I only had a little laugh at the hosts part where they tried to be funny. Little success.

So yesterday was the end of school year and end of my time at primary school. So we had this party- and by 'we' i just mean two senior classes- and there wasnt much to it. Sitting, eating, unfortunatly, thats your average party at primary school.
Last day was a blast. We did absolutely nothing all day; except for playing games. But to tell you the truth, it was pretty boring after a while. Having fun all the time, isnt really that fun.But, as we proved, mischief makes everything all better. =P
And then the part we all hoped would never come, came. the year six clap off. The part when all the year sixes walk down a small aisle and the rest of the school, obviously, claps you off. This happens at the end of school, when the bell rings. It's the school's extra nice way of saying 'Yes! Finally! Get out of here!' So i might have exageratted a little. But that's basically the idea.. And even thought they won't admit it, all the year sixes know that the teachers will miss us. =)
But, surprisingly, this year, not many people cried- at least not the people you would expect to cry. Girls, not many. Only saw about three girls cry. But boys? Well, i can honestly say OMFG!! Okay, i feel bad for swearing, even if i did just use the first letter, but you would swear too if you saw the number of boys that cried! But sorry to dissapoint you, im not telling.
And then, when the bell rang and everyone started leaving, me, and about 10-20 other people went to park close to our school. We all hung out there for another two hours and then we really said goodbye and left. Already this missing my friends.

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