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I love Summertime , rainbows, splatter,cute stuff,peace,the beach and being...RANDOM!!!!:)<3

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Name:   ~*.♥summ3r.☮.l0v3r.♥.*~
Birthday:   1992-10-14
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Hi my name is Payton. I blow candles on Oct 14th.I'm {9 + 8 - 1} years young.i♥u i♥u i♥u i♥u i♥u i♥u i♥uP
I like a lot of stuff. I'm obsessed with Lady GaGa and making aviis andi♥u i♥u i♥u i♥u i♥u i♥u i♥u i♥u i♥ua
graphics. Want one? Dude, just ask me! I don't usually put my watermarki♥u i♥u i♥u i♥u i♥u i♥u i♥u i♥u i♥uy
on anything because I think it just ruins pictures. But just because I do thati♥u i♥u i♥u i♥u i♥u i♥u i♥u i♥u i♥ut
doesn't mean you can steal my graphics and aviis that you don'ti♥u i♥u i♥u i♥u i♥u i♥u i♥u i♥u i♥ui♥u i♥u io
own! Please don't do that. I hate it when people steal graphics and claimi♥u i♥u i♥u i♥u i♥u i♥u i♥u i♥u i♥un
it as their own. Its just plain wrong and stupid. Make your own stuff people!i♥u i♥u i♥u i♥u i♥u i♥u i♥u i♥u
Don't steal other people's stuff they worked so hard on. Especially my stuff.i♥u i♥u i♥u i♥u i♥u i♥u i♥u i♥u i♥u
I'm a dancer cheerleader and gymnast. I love animals and peace signs! i♥u i♥u i♥u i♥u i♥u i♥u i♥u i♥u i♥u
I hate it when haters try to be all ugh you know.Lol,sorry.I hate haters. Andi♥u i♥u i♥u i♥u i♥u i♥u i♥u i♥u i♥u
don't be jealous of me and hate me. Now thats just plain dumb and stupid!i♥u i♥u i♥u i♥u i♥u i♥u i♥u i♥u i
Make your own stuff. And if you need help, feel free to ask me! I love helping i♥u i♥u i♥u i♥u i♥u i♥u i♥u i♥u♥
people. Ask me anything. I'll answer it. Ok, so back to the stuff I like. I like cats, i♥u i♥u i♥u i♥u i♥u i♥u i♥u i♥u♥
rainbows, swimming in the pool, and all my friends. But the people in my loversi♥u i♥u i♥u i♥u i♥u i♥u i♥u i♥u♥
mean the most to me. Because they all rock <3 Oh, and don't forget to add me!i♥u i♥u i♥u i♥u i♥u i♥u i♥u i♥u♥


Morgan waiting for her organs to fly to Children's hospital
WAYNESBURG - Morgan Yoney stepped out of her hospital bed three days following a double lung and liver transplant, showing her family, friends and her community that the strongest, bravest people can sometimes wear pink pajamas.

Yoney, 15, of Waynesburg was diagnosed with cystic fibrosis when she was 9 months old. Yoney remained healthy until a few years ago, when the disease began affecting her lungs and liver. She was placed on a transplant list in July, and after six months of waiting, the double lung and liver transplant was scheduled for Jan. 15.

Although Yoney said in November that she was afraid of facing the difficult surgery, she opted to undergo the operation.

"I figured that it would be the best thing to do because I won't be sick anymore," Yoney said, nearly two months before her surgery.

Now, three weeks following the transplants, Yoney's mother, Tammy Yoney, said her daughter isn't requiring oxygen during the day, and doctors said she is doing much better than expected.

"I'm excited and happy + overwhelmed," said Tammy Yoney. "It's been a roller coaster ride in the dark. You don't know what's coming."

Morgan Yoney, who was unable to be interviewed because of her feeding tube, told her mother that she is thankful for the continued support and prayers.

Tammy Yoney said the transplant has been a blessing and the Yoney family will be forever thankful to the donors, whom the family does not know. Eventually, Children's Hospital in Pittsburgh will offer Morgan Yoney the opportunity to write a "thank-you" letter to her donor's family. The donor's family will decide whether or not to contact her.

Although the new lungs and liver will not cure cystic fibrosis, the disease will not affect the transplanted organs because the new lungs and liver have different DNA.

According to the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation Web site,, cystic fibrosis is caused by a defective gene causes the body to produce unusually thick, sticky mucus. The mucus clogs the lungs and obstructs the pancreas, affecting how the body breaks down and absorbs food. In a small percentage of cases, like Morgan Yoney's, the disease also affects the liver.

"Her biggest problems were her lungs and her liver," Tammy Yoney said. "Now, she should be able to live like a healthy child who takes a few medications."

Prior to the surgery, the teen was home-schooled. She was on oxygen 24 hours a day, and attending school increased her chances of becoming ill. Last fall, Morgan Yoney was hospitalized for both the H1N1 virus and pneumonia.
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Although Morgan Yoney is making a quick recovery, Tammy Yoney does not know how long her daughter will remain in the hospital. Morgan Yoney will be released to the Ronald McDonald House in Pittsburgh, where Tammy Yoney expects she will stay for at least four weeks.

Although Morgan Yoney has had several visitors, including four of her friends and many family members, visitations are limited to avoid infection. Tammy Yoney said her daughter has made friends at the hospital, some of whom are transplant patients.

Morgan Yoney may be contacted at Children's Hospital by letter at 4401 Penn Ave., Pittsburgh, Pa. 15224. She and her family also are communicating on Facebook. Search "Morgan Yoney" to visit her Facebook group.

Tammy Yoney said insurance has covered the transplant surgery and the hospital stay, but the family is responsible for any additional costs such as lodging in Pittsburgh. To help the Yoney family, Jason Renner and Courtney Long, who are both stylists at the Eye Candy Salon in Waynesburg, organized a spaghetti dinner for today.

The dinner will be held at First Christian Church on Morris Street in Waynesburg.

The spaghetti dinner is $6 and includes a salad and a dessert. Dinners also will available for takeout. The dinner will be held from 4 to 7 p.m.

"No matter what (Morgan Yoney) goes through, she just fights the battle and gets through it," Renner said. "You would never know she's going through such a journey."

Renner, who has known Morgan Yoney for nearly a year, said she is strong, bright girl with an amazing personality.

"Nothing can get her down," Renner said.

Anyone interested in showing his or her support for Morgan Yoney also may purchase a T-shirt, long-sleeve T-shirt or hooded sweatshirt with the purple rose.

Order forms are available at the Eye Candy Salon.

The salon, which is owned by Candy Lapping, also is accepting donations.

Lapping, Morgan's aunt, placed a sign in front of the salon, which is located on the intersection of Greene Street and South Maiden Street.

"People are coming in who don't know Morgan," Lapping said.

"It's amazing. You won't believe all the people who stopped in and said they are praying for Morgan. They're donating money and donating dinners to people who may not be able to afford them."


I am the Bella Swan Of Glitter-Graphics!!!

Do you remember when...
getting high meant swinging on the playground..
the worst thing boys could do to you was give you cooties..
mom was your hero & you were marrying daddy..
wearing skirts didn't mean you were a slut..
and war was just a card game..
only skinned knees hurt &toys were broken..
& we only smoked bike tires?
life was so carefree.
its CRAZY thinking back
on all of this,and how I
had always just wanted to grow up.

The competition was a great success!!!! Here were the final results:


Payton-High Gold-Cruella Devil
Dominique-High Gold-Show Off
Taylor-Gold-My Philosophy
Hailee-High Gold-Don't Rain On My Parade
Katie-High Gold-Music In Me
Cierrah-Gold-If My Friends Could See Me Now
Haleigh-Gold-Little Me


Payton & Dominique-High Gold-Wickeder
Taylor & Preston-Gold-Moses
Haleigh and Katie-Gold-Me And My Shadow

Overall Solos:

Haleigh-6th overall
Katie-5th overall
Hailee-4th overall
Dominique-3rd overall
Payton-Se. overall

Overall Duos:

Dominique & Payton-1st overall
Haleigh & Katie-2nd overall
Taylor & Preston-3rd overall

Special Awards:

Haleigh-Terrific Tricks Award
Taylor & Preston-Awesome Acro Award
Payton & Dominique-Awesome Acting Award
Payton & Dominique-$100.00 because we got 1st overall in the Starbound Dance Competition!!!

GREAT JOB EVERYBODY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Watcha doin?Eatin
Current song: Naturally-Selena GOmez
Lyric:U r da thunder and I am the lighning!

Take a Picture It'll last longer.
Paytonn||Straightt||Takenn||One less lonely girl||Twilight<33
The name bee Payton. Im 14 ι вlow candlєs on October 14. ι ‘м vєry нypєr and нappy and uттєrly sincєrє. I love bubbles :3 idk why.And Im A fan of rainbows. They r awesome! Lovє mє haтє mє i rєally don'т carє. I'vє lєarned a loт from lifє and my misтakєs. Lifє's тoo shorт тo live iт borєd тo i pracтically do whaтєvєr i fєєl like doin'.Im vєry weird in a way.Yes. I'm not a slut because I do wear mini skirts. And tank-tops. And mini shorts. And tube tops. And bikinis. The haters think i'm a slut...I hate labels. Im rєally obsєssєd with тwιlιgнт.I have tons and tons of bestiez...Dancing is my LIFE.I friggen love peace signs more than life itself. LOL jk.I love the Jonas Brothers. Joe is hott!:)Anyways, Dancin iz mii life and its very close to me.I take dance,gymnastics,n cheerleading. They ROCK.I love mii stuff. But if i list it all, it prob wont fit in GG.Im taken By a boy named Tyler! he reminds me of JUstin Bieber.... JB is freakkinggg hott!!!I have pets.I love animals...they are like my babies.I HATE animal abuse.My Fave colors r Purple,Pink,Limegreen,turquoise,orange,black,Rainbow.My Fave animals r Cats,Dogs,Penguins,Turtles,Dolphins,Monkeys,ALL!Eyes are hazel:)Hair is strawberry blonde dirty blondeishhh:) oh ya and highlights!!!!:)I ♥ writing,drawing,dance,glitter,twilight,rainbows,gymnastics,cheer,the beach,peace signs,converse,and relaxing!!:)♥♥♥I have BEST friends! Heres to name alot: (and btw, u probly think "She can NOT have that many best friends" Well my friends are my life, I would seriously do anything for them. Here you go: My best friends are: Cierah (CoCo),Sam (Curly Q),Nadia (Strawberry Pimp),Alie (BBOrange),Avverie (Spiderman),Maggie (Bad Spiderman),Taylor (Shocky) ,Dominique (Sunshine), Hailee (Cupcake or Shortstack),Katie (Kisses), Terra,Max,Jade,Edward,Rosalina,Kaname,Justin,Zero,Kate,
James,Yuki,Demein,Jennifer,Chad,Yasmine,Amy,Kurt,LEwis,Hannah (Sexy Hobo),Catelyn,Alexa,Alexis,Emily,Jordan,Jared,Alyssa (Breezy),Alyson (Pluto),Allison,Kaycee,Amber,McKenna,Imari, Destiny,Destinee,Destiny,Skylar,Tommy,Samantha F,Jamie,Bobby Joe,Cierrah,Haleigh,Preston,Emma,Nicholas,Maria,Alyssa, Pookie,Ally,Rachel,Lex,Jenna,Joei,Jeanaycia,Alivia (Zzzzzip),Lauryn (Fleen),Angel,Bobby,Rihannon,Jessie,Jacob,Danny,Duane,And Casey!! I LOVE U GUYS!!!!. I love being IMPERFECT.Thatz enuff bout mee,tell me about yhuu luff:)Commentz!IM me xXxStArBuRsTsXxX Text! Message! Comment!]

I'm not Famous but those backstabbers talk about me like I am.
I always tell my girls to never take it seriously,if u never take it seriously,u never get hurt,if u never get hurt u always have fun
-Almost Famous-

This is me!!!<3

Peace signs
Mini things
Making things
Making Friends
The earth

Here's my videos of the week!

I am at the beginning on the bed and through the rest of the dance!
Look belowwwww!

Proud Falcon Cheerleader!

Go Falcons!

Friends-Friends I met:)
Enemies-People I met that are mean and or inappropriate for some members of g-g...oh ya!And g-g haters!
Lovers-My clubs/adoption centers/doll maker.
IdolsReally good friends/clubs I joined!

©Profile Copyrighted By Payton™


People on this site have no originality. Be yourself and don't copy people. <3
According to him~I'm beautiful incredible,he cant get me out of his head. According to him~I'm funny irresistible & everything he ever wanted<3

The day I was born I was given the name "Payton"
Give me cake && sing to me on 1O.14.97
I have been taken by Tyler since 1O.O7.O9
I don't care what people think of me.
I hate it when someone is UNORIGINAL.
I hate copycats fake friends & unoriginal people.
I sing in the shower && talk in my sleep.
I can guarantee that you'll find no one else like me.
I can be real sweet but at times I can be a bitch.
I have my own style. I am me. That's it.
I have dark bonde hair with light blonde highlights.
My eyes change color from bluegreen,to hazel,to green.
I do dance,gymnastics,cheer,basketball,softball && volleyball.
Taylor Lautner is soooo hawtt.
I get violent when I watch Monday Night Raw.
My favorite wrestler is John Cena.
I drink peach mango Aquafina flavored water&& Fiji water daily.
I love peace && rainbows.
I love to write smiley faces. See? --> :)
I am crazy for Justin Bieber. He's effing amazing.
I get annoyed easily && if you do, I'll bitch you out.
I love animals &&I have animals,too.
Please request a graphic. It'd be greatly appreciated.
I'm the most random,weird,fun,and colorful person u will meet.

Once upon a time...
There was this girl. She had these 4 friends. So, they all liked this guy. Turns out he only liked 3 of them. So the girl was relieved because she was one of the girls he liked. So,one day, one of the other girls asked him out. He said yes. The other two were bummed and asked two other guys out. They said yes. And to this day, the one girl has someone that is everything she ever wanted. <3

Please read this touching story <3

One of my kittens, Dusty,has recently passed on. I am sad that she is gone,but happy she is in a better place. Here is a poem I found that is my Favorite, and It is very heart-touching.

"Just this side of heaven is a place called Rainbow Bridge. When an animal dies that has been especially close to someone here, that pet goes to Rainbow Bridge. There are meadows and hills for all of our special friends so they can run and play together. There is plenty of food, water and sunshine, and our friends are warm and comfortable. All the animals who had been ill and old are restored to health and vigor. Those who were hurt or maimed are made whole and strong again, just as we remember them in our dreams of days and times gone by. The animals are happy and content, except for one small thing; they each miss someone very special to them, who had to be left behind.

They all run and play together, but the day comes when one suddenly stops and looks into the distance. His bright eyes are intent. His eager body quivers. Suddenly he begins to run from the group, flying over the green grass, his legs carrying him faster and faster.

You have been spotted, and when you and your special friend finally meet, you cling together in joyous reunion, never to be parted again. The happy kisses rain upon your face; your hands again caress the beloved head, and you look once more into the trusting eyes of your pet, so long gone from your life but never absent from your heart.

Then you cross Rainbow Bridge together."

This is me(: I'm not that gorgeous so BARE w/ me!!:)

My name bee Payton.My bday is 10.14.97.I am a dancer,gymnast,cheerleader,volleyball player,basketball player,&& a softball player.I love my family,friends,and boyfriend!I have all kinds of pets!My closest friends are:Hailee,Katie,Cierah,Sammy,Nique,Taylor,Terra,Alie,Nadia.Dance is my CFDS!Brownsville Falcon Cheerleader!Dyn-a-star && Falcon Gymnast.B-ville for the rest:)I love to make friends.I have a boyfriend named Tyler.
I love peace and colors!My life is...PEACE.LOVE.DANCE.FAMILY.FRIENDS.I also play the flute.I am in 6th grade.I love music.BROWNSVILLE FALCONS ARE THE BEST!Lol. Sorriee!My family is the most important thing to me~besides God && Jesus!I am religious && I believe that peace on earth will happen someday.I love scary movies && ghost hunting!I love the computer...ESPECIALLY GG!
I have a black laptop!W/a pink case!I love fashion!I love my stuff..but if I end up listing it all, it wouldn't fit in GG.I'm athletic && love sports!Anyways,I am AGAINST animal abuse!I love animals SOOO much!I love to make graphics!I am taking requests!Please request WHATEVER!I hate chainmail!But sometimes I dont.I'm the most weird , RANDOM, colorful person you'll probably EVER meet!I love haters...they are my motivators!I hate when haters think they are all better than you..UGH!I have learned alot in life..Especially that if someone hates you...they wanna be just like you!Also,I love life!I have a Voyager (phone).I love all colors!I love the beach && vacations!I'm addicted to texting!That's all you have to know about me!PEace out gangster!Don't sniff the fruit salad...LOL!BYE!MORE ABOUT ME TO COME!

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