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Birthday:   1990-08-12Country:   Philippines
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Name:   zomg graphics
Birthday:   1990-08-12
Joined:   2010-06-12
Uploads:   60 graphics 
under construction~
Just a heads up; zomg graphics is a brand new graphics making based account here in glitter graphics who hopes to bring joy to each and every glitter graphics user. Won't you check out my galley and see what I have so far? Trust me, you're bound to fall in love with at least one online icon. It's not me, it's the people who write those lyrics and say those inspiring quotes. I just re-write them and upload them here that's all. You may use them all you want. By the way, there's a HUGE difference between use, and STEAL. If you didn't know, re-uploading my graphics IS stealing. Vote thumbs up if you will? I hope you do leave a comment anyways. If you don't, I'm just sorry if you don't appreciate my uploads as much as I do. I won't stop you for posting a nasty comment either(I won't be a brat, I promise ;D). They'e all open for interpretation. I don't really mind if you criticize my work, I take no offense at all. In other words, I don't give a shit ;)

frequently asked questions:
Q: Why zomg graphics? Why the hell "zomg"?
A: zomg stands for " my god" or even "zoe's many graphics" because my name is zoe and I'm just lame like that XD

Q: Do you take requests? Online icons, avvis, and banners?
A: From time to time I will take requests but I will say so when I do. However, I only take online icon requests or those words with the pictures instead of colors on 'em like this one. IMPORTANT: I will only make quotes, sayings or lyrics. I cannot make personalized ones like "Nikki is online!" sorry. I also cannot make graphics that promote suicide or boycotting something especially politics. I might make something for a cause like "eating disorder awareness" or "obesity awareness", etc. right now, requests are OPEN/closed. Don't mean to be rude but all requests made while closed will be deleted because if YOU were polite enough, you would have read this before demanding me a graphic.

Q: Define "STEAL"?
A: No one asked this, but I bet you're thinking it! It's when you take my graphic and tell your friends you made it. that's so wrong. It's also stealing when you take my graphic, save it, then re-upload it to your account. you cannot save my graphics to your computer. never do that. you can, however, set them as your online icons, place them on your page, but that's all. But when you do place them on your page, you must NEVER take off the credit. If there is no credit, then you just leave it as it is. Just tell people I made it when they ask you who made it, if you please.

Q: Will you teach me how to make graphics?
A: Sadly, I don't have that kind of knowledge. Believe it or not, I make them without thinking. I listen to music then when I hear something I like, I type it down and make them a graphic like an online icon or something. I don't have the kind of ability to explain to you thoroughly how I make them. I can in person, but I can assure you not here. I might make tutorials but I'll only put them up when I get the chance. If you wan't you can still lookup other tutorials I'm sure there are thousands out there. You know, don't you?

Q: What programs do you use?
A: Well, to make it simple. GIMP. I update my version whenever I get the chance. Right now I got 2.6.6 but I think they have a newer one I don't really have the time to download. I don't use anything else at all. Not even photoshop or photofilter. Just plain GIMP. But I love it anyways. It's just so convenient for me.

Q: What is GIMP? How do I download it?
GIMP. GNU Image Manipulation Program. Don't ask me what GNU means, I don't know either. To put it simply, it's like photoshop only free. I'm not saying it looks like photoshop but I can make graphics with it the same way. Got the picture? You download it the same way I did. Google it, then look for somewhere to download it. Then obviously, you click "Download" The free version. I don't think they have a non-free one.

The Girl Behind the Computer:
Yes, FYI, I'm a girl. And straight, thank you very much. Currently 14 turning 15 on February the 26th. I'm not a racist who hates gay though! I actually love love love Adam Lambert! lol, I'm getting carried away again xD -ahem- now.. My name is Zoe and I'm from the Philippines and I'm a full Filipino. I can speak Tagalog fluently. You decide if my English is fluent enough for you ;) I have dark, pitch black hair that reaches bellow my shoulders. No trace of brown at all. Except my eyes. Which are dark brown that look black but in direct sunlight, appear in a caramel color. I'm no lyricist. I'll make quotes when I come across them in my daily life, but I don't think I would be taking that up as a career. I rarely get inspiration enough for them. And I'm also no professional graphics maker as you can tell in my amateurish graphics. I just make graphics for fun when I'm bored. And I get bored. ALOT. so you'll be seeing a lot from me on weekends xD But on a serious note, It's kind of like a hobby for me too. It's something I really love to do, like I love listening to music. Like it's a passion for me :)
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alovernotafighter. writes:
hey could you mind making me a surprise online icons please. :) thx

Posted on: Dec 23rd 2010, 3:51:43am

alovernotafighter. writes:
hi there! i love your graphicss. :)
do you accept adds?

Posted on: Dec 23rd 2010, 3:34:54am

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